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  1. Red_Wedding_Planner

    Single Game Client

    Ok so when will you guys do another account transfer event? I missed it last year.
  2. Red_Wedding_Planner

    If War Gaming balanced stuff in real life...

    That's funny because that pic was actually taken in a building in St. Petersburg.
  3. Red_Wedding_Planner

    Fixing the woes of getting up-tiered

    mm has improved but far from a good place... You're thinking in a T10 perspective. My suggestion is not about making brainless gameplay. Since you mentioned the key word "Work" that is certainly not how I want to spend my time in any game. What is it with the player base when someone wants to share a suggestion for the good of the game and hoping WG starts making meaningful changes instead of throwing us more loot boxes in every patch and people sees it as a negative opinion? This game is at a point where it's not even fun to grind anymore. The lack of consideration for newcomers is really hurting this game every year. I saw a thread about player retention which is on point and yet I see comments in there that just argues the fact.
  4. Red_Wedding_Planner

    Fixing the woes of getting up-tiered

    So what about farming xp? That wouldn't change aside from it being less frustrating.
  5. Red_Wedding_Planner

    Fixing the woes of getting up-tiered

    The way I see it, these changes would make for a far more engaging gameplay and a diverse meta across all tiers. WG could then revert to the old match making which would in turn, reduce server costs. It would be a win-win for WG.
  6. Red_Wedding_Planner

    Fixing the woes of getting up-tiered

    Of course t4 and t6 would need a buff...
  7. Red_Wedding_Planner

    Fixing the woes of getting up-tiered

    WG will never do a -/+ 1 because there aren't enough players in this game.
  8. Red_Wedding_Planner

    Fixing the woes of getting up-tiered

    Some ships would still have equal or worse concealment than the higher tier ships and xp comes from farming high hp ships so that wouldn't change.
  9. Red_Wedding_Planner

    Fixing the woes of getting up-tiered

    So I've been doing a lot of planning (in my head) on a solution to help lower tier ships in battles to be a bit more effective. Here are my thots: 1. Temporary upgrade slots- If you're bottom tier, let's say a poor T6 Pensacola having to face T8 ships, by temporarily having access to T8 upgrades, even that ship would be a lot more comfortable as bottom tier. Same would go for all tiers. Examples (starting at tier 4): T4-->T6 upgrades T5-->T7 upgrades T6-->T8 upgrades T7-->T9 upgrades T8-->T10 upgrades I think it would enhance the overall experience of all tiers and would probably get those port queens out there again. 2. CV Tier restrictions- No tier lower than 5 should ever have to face CV as it discourages newer players. Example (starting at t4 CV): T4 CV only in T6 battles and slightly buff the plane's HP and damage. T6 CV only in T8 battles and slightly buff the plane's HP, speed and damage. T8 CV only in T8 and up. No Buff. What do you guys think?
  10. Ideally, a salvo of 510's should literally split a DD in half.
  11. Red_Wedding_Planner

    Infinite UK early access TOKEN bundles! Really?

    WG should just stop with this random gambling [edited]. Just sell the early access privilege straight up for doubloons or fxp. FFS
  12. Red_Wedding_Planner

    Server transfers

    Yea... No, I've already invested more than I wanted to (plus I have a kamikaze and a GC)
  13. Red_Wedding_Planner

    Server transfers

  14. Red_Wedding_Planner

    Server transfers

    Does anyone know if WG will be doing another server transfer to other regions in the future?