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  1. Alabama, Lexington, Texas, Midway.
  2. Ranked AFK's?

    For those wondering, AFKs and bots are why the last irrevocable rank is 12. It's possible to AFK your way to rank 12, but you'll basically never see them at rank 10 and up since they get kicked back out.
  3. Allow me to summarize. Cartoon ships and characters for several years: totally relevant and appropriate you anime-hating bigots. Awesome explosions: Out of place and detracts from the realism of this warship simulator.
  4. As was already stated, service costs are fixed and have nothing to do with damage taken. On a more general level, repair costs at tiers 9 and 10 are already too low, especially with prem camos. It should not be a guaranteed 300k+ profit every game for my GK with prem camo. The result of this excessively cheap tier 10 economy is the abundance of tier 10 ships in the game. Playing tier 8 is heavily punished since you're usually bottom tier.
  5. Just stopping by to voice concern for any change to smoke mechanics. It is fine the way it is. Nerfing smoke will render the entire RN CL line useless as well as many USN DD's. There are already many counters to smoke.
  6. Best Ranked Tier?

    Tier VII or VIII until rank 10, then tier X.
  7. Ranked Help

    Yeah I agree that's a real thing as well. There is kind of a sweet spot about 2 weeks into the ranked season where the best players have ranked out but the real taters haven't made their way into the rank 5 queue yet. I think this is the best time to play if your goal is to get to rank 1 with as little frustration as possible.
  8. Ranked Help

    You are playing in the R10-6 queue before all the best players have ranked out. The likely result (unless you're really good) is to slide back into the previous queue due to stiff competition at those ranks. Give it a week or two and the skill level will be considerably lower.
  9. NA server Lag

    Was having this same issue, also on AT&T. Read this thread and started using my VPN service. Problem solved. Hope WG fixes it so I don't have to use a VPN to play the game..
  10. New Ranked Season Details

    If ranks had nothing to do with individual skill, we wouldn't see the same cast of characters at the top every single season. It's pretty simple to understand -- the more irrevocable ranks, the easier it is for players and bots to fail their way to the top through pure endurance. The goal of the top ranks isn't "reduced queue times" or "increased diversity" (what??), it's higher quality games, which it has certainly produced for the past few seasons. Some bad players do make it to rank 5 by playing a lot of games. More would make it if there were more irrevocable ranks.
  11. You get the Bismarck camos when you complete the collection. You get the Bismarck (or credits) when you complete the campaign. Edit: The text box you saw was probably 10,000 credits, not 10,000,000. You get 10k credits for each duplicate collection item.
  12. Irrevocable ranks are perfect as they are. Putting more in will only make it easier for potatos to spud their way to the next irrevocable. Don't change a thing!
  13. It was me! This guy was a blast to torpedo would sink again!