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  1. Dave12w

    Santa Crates

    Well I held of till the last week then decided to get 20 medium crates. 5k gold, 7.5 k coal, the California battleship, tier 8 European destroyer, 90 days premium and the rest camo’s and signals, would have like the Massaachuestts or a tier 9 but it’s an ok haul for one set, I’ll need to learn to love the California:)
  2. Dave12w

    no zoup for you was absolutely correct

    I rarely look at the stats but when I do I reakon the co-op stats are the most relevant over 95% win rate, after all it’s a team game and where all in this together Your right stats are pointless even if everybody played this game no one in real life could put a face to a player, or impress a girl with a computer game win rate
  3. Dave12w

    Puerto Rico Refund Drama

    Thank You all, that clears up the mud. I had a similar issue of lack of information prior to purchase with a wot blitz Black Friday gold crate event (scam) where I spent $80 and got half the gold value. This event was not to the same degree. will certainly have to be a lot more careful with any WG purchases cheers David
  4. Dave12w

    Puerto Rico Refund Drama

    There were crates incorporated in the PR progress, do you mean there were three mega crates in addition to the those received freely in the PR progress? Thanks
  5. Hello Fellow Shipmates, I jumped the gun and bought all the boosters for the Puerto Rico event when it started, then releasing the required grind requested a refund, which was given (24000 doubloons minus 3750 for rewards given with the booster progress). The progress bar was reset, when I passed the previous positions achieved with the boostersr I did not receive any rewards again as it stated rewards where already received, I've now reached the same point without the booster progression as I had when the progress was reset, but for the life of me can't seem to explain this to wargaming support to get a refund on my final 3750 doubloons. (see below , maybe I need some support getting some support:).
  6. Dave12w

    Buy the Missouri and other ships

    Ok, thanks rumble
  7. Dave12w

    Buy the Missouri and other ships

    I didn't see where it mentioned limited quantities, is this stated do you know, I had a look, you seem to make the donation then select the reward, though there is a time frame on the reward, I don't know if this mean its 5 days till the ship is received or 5 days till you can make the donation to claim the ship. I'm considering anyway either the Imperitor Nickoli, or Gulio Ceasor, does anyone know which is the better ship
  8. For all those wanting to spread some christmas chear, Wargaming is being very generous and on the homepage you can buy the MIssouri for $200 and "all" the money goes to save the children, other rare ships are available for $100. Great gesture for the Season