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  1. gbgentry

    Future Premium? Combo US/UK CV

    Nah, just give her the prop Avengers she used (or something similar) and she’s an easy fit.
  2. USS Robin British carrier that received US refit including radar & AA upgrades and featured Avenger aircraft for use in the Pacific.
  3. Yes, because when going in to combat, you should be allowed to tell the enemy what they can & can’t use...
  4. Just got 1,200 coal
  5. gbgentry

    Weekend Spree 29-31 May 2020

    LOL. That sounds like me with my Audacious. I had my first match go the 20m and I was able to DoT my way to a Top 5% score. Since then, though, I’ve had a huge amount of quick 8-12m matches that have absolutely destroyed my average.
  6. gbgentry

    Map Grid dimensions

  7. gbgentry

    Map Grid dimensions

    When you pull the map up, is each square a certain dimension (2km x 2km, for example)? Do these change depending on the map?
  8. I love my Audacious. First game with her, I got a Top 5% score & still felt like I’d left damage on the table. My next few battles ended quickly, however, and weren’t nearly as good; She definitely relies on DoT. I feel that people who sell her short really aren’t paying attention. You get the most HPs, faster TBs & DBs than USN, great plane turn rates & torp spreads, fantastic fire & flood chances, the best CV deck armor, and just enough pen. To me, people that hate her have either never used her or don’t understand how.
  9. gbgentry

    How to hurt a Alabama?

    Upon reading the headline, my first thought was “Remind them that UCF finished undefeated, beat Auburn, & holds a win @ Bama the last time they met on the field”.
  10. gbgentry

    German Carriers, Essex and Enterprise

    Agreed. Welcome, new CV player. One of us... One of us... One of us...
  11. gbgentry

    British Carriers

    Loved my Implacable and loving my Audacious so far.
  12. gbgentry


    I’ll care about this once ships can run out of shells and DDs can run out of torps...
  13. gbgentry


    I’ve seen Saipans deplaned so...