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  1. I submitted a ticket and finally got my last crate. Some crates that I didn’t get last week are likely just gone, however. With luck, I won’t have this problem (often) again.
  2. gbgentry

    Alternative Region Account

    Depends if you want to regrind certain ships or not. Plus you wouldn’t have any of your Captains, prior purchases, special flags, etc.
  3. Tell me, what good is a non-German hull if they can’t launch planes because they don’t have planes to launch. What other class is in danger of losing their ammo? Can a DD ever not launch a full torp spread? A Yamato ever not be able to load a full volley?
  4. Not toxic. Just a lot of people fed-up with constant CV nerfs for the benefit of the average DD who can’t be bothered to not show broadside or actually look at the mini-map and avoid engagement.
  5. No, they don’t. Torp aim assist tells you exactly where you should aim & is available on basically every ship in the class. Moreover, quite a few of the rely on torpedos as a main weapon. Unless you’re counting the odd Cruiser or Battleship with torps, they don’t have anything like this. At best, it’s a small segment and overwhelmingly secondary weapons. Beyond that, they don’t have anything that tells them exactly where to aim like DDs do. CVs? Nope. They don’t have “Aim here” either ...unless you want to count a DD who has his AA in well outside his detection range.
  6. That’s just it. It’s very clear that DDs (the only class with aim assist) want to eliminate all risk to themselves.
  7. WG Twitch chat is wrapping up and they just dropped in a game...in DDs. No wonder they want to continue to make things easier...
  8. More DD coddling. Once upon a time, DDs were the most impactful class by a far margin & still are in non-CV environments. Then, CVs came and forced DDs to develop map awareness...or at least try to. Even though planes can be spotted at 10 and DDs 3-4, most DDs still ignored them & didn’t make attempts to evade or avoid notice, instead choosing to wave a “Here I Am!!!” sign. ...WHACK! DDs - “Waaaa! The big, mean CV hit me while I was trying to hit his teammate.” WG - “Ok, we’ll nerf their dispersion and make it so that they have to hit you broadside. We’ll even lower your detection range”. Problem solved! ...No? No. Most DDs, even though they could see planes now WAY before they could be spotted themselves, chose to keep sailing along without changing course. Angle away so that you’re not broadside? No. Angle so that you’re never spotted? “He doesn’t know I’m here. Better shoot AA at him so he can locate me “. ...Whack! DDs - “It’s unfair! We can’t counter!” WG - “There’s a huge difference between when you can see them and when they can see you. We made it so that they have to hit you almost perfectly side-on to do anything. We even made German CVs overpen if they happen to hit you. I mean, your torps can be launched from twice what you spot the CV planes at, aren’t seen until they’re right on top of the target, & we give you the only aiming guide in the game. That’s still not enough?” DDs - “...Unfair!” So, now we potentially have where CVs can’t spot DDs until nearly on top of them despite DDs seeing them at range 10, needing to attack broadside, and ...if that’s not enough... we’re going to tell them exactly where the rockets will land by using something that won’t itself cause damage & will delay the attack. ...Wow. What’s next for DDs to complain about? “I wasn’t paying attention until the tracers landed so I still got hit. Unfair! “
  9. gbgentry

    CV tips and some Dark Side points

    Actually, I’m fairly sure this is illegal...
  10. gbgentry

    Fires prevent fun gameplay

    Him (& his division mates) being able to destroy everything with no need for map awareness & no worries about taking damage
  11. gbgentry

    Meet the Max Immelmann~

    Have had a couple try to snipe me the past few times I’m seen them.
  12. gbgentry

    Ship Repairs upon return to port

    We need port to be like dockyard where you see battle damage being repaired, restocking taking place, ect.
  13. gbgentry

    Limit 1 CV per team

    ...This could be taken SO many different ways...
  14. gbgentry

    Russian Navy

    Looking forward to Russian CVs.