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  1. gbgentry

    Top Gun tie-in

    Wouldn’t need voice-overs, just likenesses. It’s not like Brad Pitt did voices for the WoT’s Fury.
  2. gbgentry

    Top Gun tie-in

    With all of the special commanders that we get, was anyone else kinda hoping to get Iceman and Maverick as captains..?
  3. Does he come with the penalty of the ship not being able to turn left? 😼
  4. gbgentry

    "Best of" Unique ship upgrades

    I like the ones that I have for my Midway and Yamato
  5. gbgentry

    Will Lowenhardt ever be purchaseable again?

    You’d be surprised how many players make no effort to turn and then will scream about it.
  6. gbgentry

    Does this mean I'm a CV main now?

    Welcome to #CVLife One of us…one of us…one of us…
  7. gbgentry

    Bring back Teamkilling

    I wouldn’t mind seeing something like in WoT where if a pink teamkills, you can kill them without repercussions.
  8. How has this changed to what it is currently?
  9. gbgentry

    Video card replacement

    Thank you, WG Community! I’ve been offered a gpu at no charge! Greatly appreciated, gang!
  10. gbgentry

    Video card replacement

    Called a few & they’re out (except for the 1030 which got terrible reviews on the DDR4 version that they have in-stock). Actually seeing a decent selection online at Walmart but not sure on their quality yet.
  11. gbgentry

    Video card replacement

    That would actually be fine. Looked at a GT1030 in that range until I saw that it was a DDR4.
  12. gbgentry

    Video card replacement

    Doesn’t necessarily have to be “new”. My old one was a Radeon 200 Series from 2017 & played games just fine. Would just like a step-or-two up from there.
  13. Video card is dead. Anyone have any low-cost recommendations?
  14. gbgentry

    Give me a way to catch a submarine.

    Had a barely-submerged sub the other day not think that my DBs were a threat…