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  1. Shouldn't you just turn the AA circle on in the mini map and use it. Eliminating the need to remember what ship has what AA aura? I think they even changed it to one circle that is the outer limit of the aura instead of the old 3 circles to distinguish long, mid and short range.
  2. gatorken

    Research Bureau Forces Seal Clubbing

    I thought you were supposed to have gallons of free exp and use it to skip to tier 6. Get with the program. LOL
  3. gatorken

    Le Fantasque is not Le Terrible

    Thanks never really bothered to look at it.
  4. Anyone else read this: Now Fighters perform rush to the main group of planes instead of the attacking one, when possible. the last item of the patch notes and think it's backwards of how it should work....unless of course you are the carrier.
  5. gatorken

    Le Fantasque is not Le Terrible

    I'm on the Kagero now and it's super fun without smoke and just a reload booster. I had my highest damage DD game in it and it was a 2 carrier game. It's hard for carriers to find if you leave the AA off and you maneuver to avoid them. It helps to have rudder shift mod and hopefully have engine boost going.
  6. gatorken

    Well, now WG's targeting me

    I'm beating a dead horse but did they ever reward/give you anything and say "This is a thank you for supporting the game by purchasing $2000.00 of our stuff over the past year or years!!!" The company I work for gets numerous gifts (cakes, tickets, etc.) from vendors we buy from. It's just good manners if nothing else. Any how GLHF!!
  7. gatorken

    Siroco missions are over??

    Along the lines of PSA - why doesn't warships send a PSA in game about event endings like the do to take a survey or remind about twitch content
  8. gatorken

    Well, now WG's targeting me

    I am talking about a reward for you continued monetary support of the game like every other retail or restaurant chain offers. If I buy 10 subs at Subway I'll earn a free sub or chips or something. Maybe it's just me that thinks WG's marketing is abnormal...
  9. gatorken

    Well, now WG's targeting me

    Nice of them to do such wonderful things for folks that aren't even playing. Yet if you spend $50 on this game for 12 month's in a row do you get anything extra?? On another note I am not so sure this game is doing so well financially. They are releasing new ships and different content (with different look boxes) in droves....or they have us suckers on a hook and are just maximizing profits while they can.
  10. gatorken

    Weekend Spree

    Unlocked Zao and I am grinding credits to buy her, only need 1.4 million. I actually got the Jaguar in a crate after opening umpteen of them. I most say that was a sad drop rate for me anyway.
  11. gatorken

    USN BB's - How Bad?

    Everyone has given valid responses but the one thing you need to be aware of is the more skills your captain has the better your ship will perform. So pay attention to getting skills applicable to your ship and the line you are going down. The wiki site is a good start for the captain skills but you may have to tweek them to work for you.
  12. Remember, player frustration is the number one method WG uses to make you keep playing...
  13. gatorken

    New Coal Ships

    How about a 1944 West Virginia for coal?
  14. I always want / try to win but I do start to give up when my team is failing miserably. I'll usually get to aggressive to try to make up for others then the RNG bat comes out and you can't hit anything to save you life, even a broadside Pensacola. Or worse realize the rest of your team is still behind an island reading Pat the Bunny and not aware of you plight.
  15. gatorken

    What ships do you plan to use in Rank?

    I am grinding Ibuki and actually like it and will give it a whirl along with Musashi, JB, Georgia, Benham, Jutland and why not Lion.