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  1. Nothing regarding secondary skills like better dispersion?
  2. gatorken

    Depressing Ships

    Belfast '43....over tiered, smoke is too short and reload too long. I just never have a good game in it.
  3. gatorken

    Weekend Spree 19-21 March 2021

    Nobody mentioned progress in the Big Hunt....I'm not either. Finished the grind of the Trashcan and bought the Khaba. Which seems to need some kind of concealment as the 9.7km base gets you spotted to early and often. I've started with double rudder shift...idk How's anyone else running this DD?
  4. gatorken

    Post Your Biggest Port Queen

    Belfast '43 I can't make it work and just when I think I can I'm dev. struck by any means possible.
  5. gatorken

    Leone is Garbage

    After buying the Belfast '43 and Fen Yang (mainly the Belfast '43), as unimpressive as they are I am skeptical about any new premium.
  6. gatorken

    Feedback on 1 vs 1 Brawls

    Yes I noticed, they seem to fire faster, further, light fires and can even finish of low health DD's especially.
  7. gatorken

    Feedback on 1 vs 1 Brawls

    I've been doing well in the Kii. I won 6 in row lost then won 4 more. The Japanese HE devastates DD's, the torps allow you to brawl in close with BB's, the AP is killer to most cruisers just wait for them to turn broadside to torp. It's also not a common ship and a lot of players are surprised when you torp them. As for the mode I like it. It's not a time sink like Ranked or even random battles and your not up against BOTS of PVE.
  8. gatorken

    Qualified for silver now im back in bronze?

    I think it's just some people are so hapless. They ask questions because it's the only thing their brain's or mouth's are setup to do. Me I feel like a moron if I have to ask a question of anyone. I mean it's actually almost admitting you are dumber than them. (I think i just had a psychological breakthrough or admitted I am moderately insane.)
  9. gatorken

    19 1/2 Hours ... 7 1/2 MPH

    It's going down to 52 tonight in central Florida. Might have to break out a sweat shirt again. I have lived in Florida all my life and i don't know how you deal with that much cold and snow.
  10. gatorken

    Weekend Spree, 5-7 Feb 2021.

    Had my first 200k damage game while playing Jean Bart. Killed 3 ships but we lost the battle. My Azuma team mate decide to hide behind and island instead of helping
  11. gatorken

    Feedback: Ranked rework 0.10.0

    Going back to the "Trap League" why not base it on your average end of battle team placement. Average place 1 thru 4 or maybe even 5 you move on. All others stay where they are or even go back to Bronze. Which will pollute the Bronze stage but ....
  12. gatorken

    Weekend Spree, 29-31 Jan 2021

    Finished the Hit Hard, Halsey campaign. So now I've finished all the campaign's what do I do next? Finished the Keiv on to the Tashkent (Do I use smoke or repair party???) Bought 10 Journey to the West crates - 7 were camo's, 2 were 8 days of premium to stack on the 90 I won in a Santa crate (So i have to play this game for at least 3 more months, LOL) and 1250 gold. No ships!
  13. gatorken

    super container luck????

    I received 15000 coal a week ago in one. I was happy with that. The ones before that (over a month ago) were 100 flags or 50 cammo's of some kind
  14. gatorken

    Killing the Cruiser Game

    How about instead of all the torpedo buff skills they do one that reduces the time for you to go dark after shooting or the 15 second dispersion skill the DD's get. I spent all weekend in USA cruisers trying to do the Halsey campaign and just got deleted by BB's anytime I was spotted. Then the last straw was getting focused by a Kaga while in a Cleveland and getting torped out of the game. I shot down 24 of his planes but still... The only USA cruiser that was worth a try was the Alaska.