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  1. Georgia is also coming out reportedly as a coal ship. This is my next want, hopefully it won't get nerfed.
  2. I don't care either way about the cyclones or storms except for the effects. The ocean stays flat calm, ships don't pitch and roll, dd's don't capsize....have you every been on a ship in a Tropical Storm let alone a Hurricane. Not very fun.
  3. Everything in the premium shop should be half the price it is now.
  4. gatorken

    Who has gotten a Russian BB mission?

    WG does not know the meaning of customer loyalty. Every other business on this planet has some kind of rewards system based on what you spend on their service or products.
  5. Played the Midway and the planes land gear did not retract after take off. Also can you fix in 8.4 the "Your clan can participate in Clan Battle's at 1900 to 2300 hours" banner that pops up repeatedly while in port. (at least for me)
  6. gatorken

    Georgia 2.0 - The Ship is a Blast...

    I don't, I used it to get the Salem. I want to just pay cash and be done with it. And everyone quit hinting it might be OP, god forbid there might be an actual OP US Navy ship in this game.
  7. I was in a battle yesterday and a Montana shot 105 planes down. He was chasing down the Enterprise at end of game and wave after wave of Tier 7 planes were sent at him. They actually got him in the end but we still won.
  8. gatorken

    Fix CVs awful autopilot already

    Also, i'd like to be able to switch my AA focus or secondaries focus for that matter without having to F key recall.
  9. gatorken

    DDs who hunt carriers...

    The only advantage is the time the CV is concentrating on the DD and not the rest of the team. Late game this is especially good since the CV's effectiveness is greater at the end game. Early game, however, the DD that sneaks that far in back would be better served harassing the enemy BB's,CA's etc. from the rear.
  10. Where is the Karma number? I went to check under service record and all that is there are links to the game tutorials? Not sure how to undo this or what it's insinuating....
  11. gatorken


    The premium carriers have a specific mission, stages 3 and 4, in the Fly Strike Win. I don't know if they'll go up for rent like the Boise or not so we can complete them. I am hopeful this is the case because i wanted to rent the Enterprise to try it out.
  12. gatorken

    Hmmm, Exeter is not bad

    I shot down 20 planes last night in a 2 carrier battle without the AA mod, so I don't think it's necessary. I used the Aiming System Mod. I like a tight salvo.
  13. gatorken

    Weekend spree

    Finish Exeter and it got me to 1million free XP so bought the Alaska. Yippee.
  14. gatorken

    Exeter 3-Kill Mission

    I finished last night - the 3 kill is easiest in a DD in Co-op. I used the Cossack. The 20 citadels was pretty easy in Co-op also using the Hood. The Hood is quick enough to flank cruisers and broadside them. I actually got 6 cits in one game and multiple 3 cit games doing this. The worst for me was getting the historical accomplishments. Multiple games as top exp but nothing spectacular. The nelson is you best bet with getting the fire proof accomplishment with it's monster heal.
  15. gatorken

    Incompetence, Greed, and Obliviousness

    It looks to me the bombs are falling the opposite direction of the planes forward motion but I am not sure that's the complaint.