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  1. ankerclanker

    The Raid for the Filth Begins!

    thanks for the info.
  2. ankerclanker

    The Raid for the Filth Begins!

    Im curious about redeeming your filth. if you get the 500 bundle, do you have to unlock ALL the 500 bundles before going to the 2000 bundles?
  3. ankerclanker

    OSIMA clan is lookingW

    We are the OSIMA clan and we are looking for new members. Want members that enjoy playing all the versions WOWs, co-op, random, ranked, clan battles, naval battles, and even some of the rage/rogue wave games. Players at all repeat all levels of play and ship tiers 1 thru 10. We have a couple of requirements to become a member 1. Have access to and be willing to use Discord for clan communications, this would require you to have some sort of microphone/speaker/headset setup. 2. We do not require that you participate in every game, But we do feel that if you are going to be in the clan that you should contribute in battles with other member of the clan, such as clan battles(if you are qualified). Being in a clan will get you some perks, such as discounts on ships and other valuable in game assets. 3. We do have an age limitation, you must be at least 18 years or older.most of us are older, if you are a young-un, respect is given and returned. We are looking for men and women to join us, so ladies feel free to apply. We as a clan are pretty laid back and enjoy the game, AND the social aspect of using Discord. All members of OSIMA are willing to help you in moving up the ladder in the game of WOWs, grinding, information, advice and sometimes bedevilment. When joining our clan, we as a clan expect you to comply with above requirements and will hold you accountable. Clan leaders are always willing to listen and give you assistance. Above all is the requirement that you have fun and enjoy blowing stuff up, DD, CC, BB and CV players welcome So give OSIMA a shout.
  4. So out of curiosity, what do we do with all the "duplicates" we get in the containers. Really like the cruiser split

    1. cecill611


      If you already have the old US ships in your port when they add the new ones I was told you will get over 20m credits.