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  1. BitPlayerCOH

    Langley/Hosho under the 8.x

    Whoooooa! Not that kind of party, man. Go back to sleep.
  2. BitPlayerCOH

    Langley/Hosho under the 8.x

    Speaking of penetrating... Do USN Divebombers ever get AP bombs? I'm picking CV's up again and those weren't even a thing when I stopped playing the line before. (Played up to the Indy before I slammed face first into the skill/nerf wall)
  3. BitPlayerCOH

    To all carrier players.

    I think you mean DRUM Roll (That's USS Drum)
  4. Why can't they just levelize the whole aircraft-versus-AA thing across the board? a 20mm Oerlikon does x amount of damage, a 40mm Bofors does x amount of damage, a 5"/38 does x amount of damage, etc. Maybe make it percentage based. By the same token, no aircraft gets more or less resistance to AA damage than others, regardless of tier. Maybe scale the tiers with torp/bomb damage or something, but make the planes vs AA thing uniform across the board.
  5. Just tossing ideas. If you keep it hands off, people gripe. If you make it too hands-on people gripe. No solution will satisfy the whole playerbase. The hotfix adjusted some things, but maybe shotgunned too much at once. Also, I wonder how much DD mains would scream if WG gave carrier drivers manual control of their large caliber DP secondaries for ship-to-ship defense. They (USN carriers at least) have an awful-lot of 5-inch mounts, heh.
  6. BitPlayerCOH

    CV nerf is a bad idea-Better Solution!

    I notice that it's always the Hakuryu shown doing this. Does this apply to any other carriers? Does this apply to the Ranger/Ryujo or the Lexington/Shokaku? Don't make every other CV in the game pay for the sins of the Hakuryu.
  7. It would also be interesting to maybe make AA a little more involved for the defending player. Maybe give them control of the large-caliber AA, let them aim the flak bursts... but also give the shells appropriate flight time, etc. For Destroyers and Cruisers with dual-purpose main batteries, make it a toggled mode- In order to use their main batteries as part of the AA they have to actually stop shooting at boats to shoot at planes. For Battleships and Cruisers with DP Secondaries, include the same toggle, only it just makes your DP secondaries ONLY fire at ships or ONLY fire at planes.
  8. Hilariously, EXACTLY what Destroyers of that era were purpose-built to do. My two cents here: Start with doing completely away ANY periods of invulnerability or boosted speed, to include post-attack and when F is pressed. See what effect that has, THEN make more changes. If you just shotgun a bunch of nerfs and buffs at everything, then you won't know what the actual problem/solution was.
  9. BitPlayerCOH

    Back burner UK CV's for now

    I'd like to know why HMS Argus isn't the T4 instead of HMS Hermes. That ship would be more in line with Langley and Hosho.
  10. BitPlayerCOH

    Make an Opt-Out Part of HotFix Please

    Only if we can also opt-out of having Destroyers in a match.
  11. BitPlayerCOH

    Buff or Nerf AA?

    Who are these people who are able to dodge flak bursts? Every time I try, either in Randoms or even in training rooms, if I evade one burst then the next one explodes right in the middle of my formation. THEN when I make my runs, the attack is wildly inaccurate due to maneuvering. Still more fun than RTS, though Note: This is in a Ranger. I understand that tier 4 CV play and Tier 10 CV play are apparently wildly differerent from 6/8.
  12. BitPlayerCOH

    CV nerf is a bad idea-Better Solution!

    The 'F' Key problem can be completely done away with just by removing aircraft invulnerability and getting rid of any speed boosts they may have during the return flight, as well as not replenishing that squadron until it's physically landed on the deck. Basically, once you expend your attack runs or hit 'F', You can't launch that plane type again 'till the planes land. (Or replenish after being shot down)
  13. BitPlayerCOH

    CV Rework Feedback

    I notice that most of the CV threads/complaints are aimed at the T10 environment. Below tier 10 carrier gameplay is wildly affected by tier differences. Sure, AA needs some adjustment and some CV functions need to be tweaked (I'm looking at you, 'F' Key invulnerability) That said, I'm having more fun now than I've had in years. 8.0 has broken the "DD / RN CL smoke party" meta.
  14. BitPlayerCOH

    CV nerf is a bad idea-Better Solution!

    Instead of that, why not just remove the immunity from AA/fighters during the return flight completely. F key still takes the player back to the CV, but that flight isn't replenished until the planes land, so you have to take up another bomber type.
  15. BitPlayerCOH

    CV nerf is a bad idea-Better Solution!

    This might make it interesting, too: For ships with Dual-Purpose main batteries, give them a mode switch so that you can manually aim as if you were shooting at a ship. The downside is that to do this, you'd have to stop shooting at boats to shoot a planes. For DP secondaries, have a selector- Your secondaries can shoot at ships or planes, but not both at once. If you have them set to shoot at ships, then you have no flak bursts.