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  1. The token to credit conversion was announced in the patch notes, why would they stay around after the arsenal page was removed?
  2. Premium credit making

    It mostly depends on what playstyle you do best in. If you're a cruiser main who prefers open water kiting, Atago would be the go to, and so on.
  3. Farming damage is doable, but you can't be playing things that aren't Groz/Harugumo
  4. It's just a question of playing safely around objectives, not easy to keep your stars however, since you tend to do a lot of unrewarded spotting.
  5. Possible to blacklist players?

    I don't exactly see what the second and third paragraph really have to do with an MM black list. That being said, blacklisting particular players, especially top tier CVs currently, might just break matchmaking utterly.
  6. Alaska

    I did indeed mean CCs, sorry.
  7. Alaska

    Plenty of Supertesters are streaming her on twitch if you can catch them.
  8. Lost city of Atlantis found?

    That's the current top theory for what the Richat structure is, but like most out there conspiracies, anything that could be tangentially related to something will be co--opted to support the theory.
  9. Ranked what a joke

    Then you save a star and move on? Ranked is set up so that people with questionable play can just grind their way to rank 1 if they wish.
  10. Ranked what a joke

    You've still got a month to go, but remember, there is only one constant in all your games.
  11. Looking For Advice

    Better than I was, but I didn't rush one line and started playing in divs a lot more at the 1k mark. Results were pretty good in terms of picking up valuable experience.
  12. Helicopter for Republique

    Other contenders are the Sud Ouest Ariel and Djinn, but the Djinn was only used by the army, as well as the Abeilles Chobittsu suggested.
  13. Helicopter for Republique

    If we're going full experimental, might as well go all out.
  14. Helicopter for Republique

    Exactly so, but less Dutch writing on it. If anything, just a model in port would be cute.