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  1. While I agree spotting should be rewarded, there isn't nearly as much terrain occlusion in WoWs, and no real speccing into viewrange and camouflage, which is further compounded by the fact that as soon as any ship opens fire, spotting damage ceases as their concealment blooms.
  2. HP_Lovesauce

    Suggestion for the game

    That was the case way back in the day and led to excessive line riding to juke shots.
  3. HP_Lovesauce

    Jean Bart battle carrier conversion.

    It would have been a fairly limited impact, if any. France was never going to hold the place after the mess that was WWII, the Viet Minh were simply too entrenched into the public consciousness, and independence from European overlords was a worldwide sentiment. Even if it did yield something utterly outlandish like a 'victory' in the Indochinese war, you'd have gotten something like Algeria, where although the main uprisings were suppressed, guerilla warfare would have continued, and the frail 4th Republic might have toppled a few years early.
  4. HP_Lovesauce

    PSA to WG about radar!

    Le Terrible has to be the most fitting as of right now.
  5. HP_Lovesauce

    PSA to WG about radar!

    I'm still waiting for any full chrome skin.
  6. HP_Lovesauce

    Regular Clan Battles Long Overdue

    I'm not sure you can make the claim all those online were playing CBs or even what percentage did, all you can do is look at the overall number of clans who at least participated.
  7. HP_Lovesauce

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    I've yet to hear anyone propose a way to make them stand out beyond the vague "Wargaming could do something." without ever specifying.
  8. HP_Lovesauce

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    It doesn't take that much thought to understand that slow, squishy ships with no way to directly impact the game around them beyond being a passive heal/buff buoy wouldn't be fun for the majority of players.
  9. HP_Lovesauce

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    It's more of accepting that certain playstyles are inherently unfun with no realistic way of making them engaging and accessible. But sure, be the kettle that calls the pot black.
  10. HP_Lovesauce

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    Except healers in WoW always have damage options and aren't pure passive healers, unless you really aren't playing optimally. I'm also going to have to doubt that WoWs is anything close to WoW beyond a superficial comparison of "there are classes".
  11. HP_Lovesauce

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    That won't change how passive they are to play, and there isn't really a way to do so without introducing something divorced from the rest of the game like current CV mechanics.
  12. HP_Lovesauce

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    Again, I have to question the willingness to play something so passive on a hull so utterly ill suited for being under fire.
  13. HP_Lovesauce

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    New classes sure, as long as you make sure the gameplay would be engaging and not necessitate a major rework of core mechanics.
  14. HP_Lovesauce

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    And thus make the entire purpose of a repairship a dangerous concept? Brilliant.
  15. HP_Lovesauce

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    Preposterous, they surely would want to just sit there and passively heal while going half the speed of everyone around them and have no means of even damaging the majority of their enemies. I'm just waiting for someone to bring up TF2's medic again so they can explain to me how a class that requires great positional play and still has damage dealing duties of their own from time to time would compare to an 18knot ship with 2 5" guns.