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  1. HP_Lovesauce

    Is the CV rework doing anything about AP bombers?

    Your AA is finite while CVs have theoretically infinite planes, so sacrificing something you excel at to patch up a weakness temporarily isn't exactly the greatest of ideas. The usual admonition against lone wolf BB play still applies.
  2. HP_Lovesauce

    Is the CV rework doing anything about AP bombers?

    New IJN AP DBs now can penetrate Yamato's citadel if dropped well.
  3. HP_Lovesauce


    Have you considered that this may simply be a player issue, rather than a game design issue? I'm able to make destroyers work just fine.
  4. HP_Lovesauce

    Well, well, well! The Alaska is real!

    Free XP inflation is normal, given that people who have reached engame accumulate free XP with nothing to spend it on.
  5. HP_Lovesauce

    Kelvin Timeline is dead. Long Live the Prime Timeline.

    Depending on how sneaky you want to be, consider getting a VPN to spoof your location, it might help you out.
  6. HP_Lovesauce

    Remove Torps from DD gun botes.

    Just remove any and all forms of damage, and finally, the game will achieve true balance.
  7. HP_Lovesauce

    Hatsuharu - Is she a worse Fubuki?

    If anything, I wish Hatsuharu had a slight RoF buff to make her feel a little more like a gunboat and somewhat reinforce the endgoal of the line.
  8. HP_Lovesauce

    Rework Citadel and AP Shells Mechanics

    This is some rather stale bait by now.
  9. HP_Lovesauce

    Hamster wheel

    I've played nothing but Henri for the past month or so, please give me more Stalingrads enjoy.
  10. HP_Lovesauce

    Player Skill in Higher Tier Matches

    Sadly, too many players see the high tiers as an endgame of sorts, despite most of the actual competitive endgame content being gated behind a measure of skill that comes down to game knowledge and raw experience. I don't think limiting premium purchases would do much good beyond hurting potential sales, as those who shell out large amounts of money for ships they may not be ready for might just be as likely to double down and attempt to learn the game as outright quit it. Nobody really enjoys being mediocre, at least when they're aware of it. This is all from personal experience being one of the original Derpitzes when the game left beta, and subsequently doing my best to get good.
  11. HP_Lovesauce

    IFHE for Donskoi and Moskva?

    You don't shoot the deck, you shells never hit at angle where it would pen unless you're old Yorck at max range or AFT USN/RN DDs, and even then, superstructure will eat most of your shells and pen is iffy.
  12. HP_Lovesauce

    IFHE for Donskoi and Moskva?

    All it helped you with was Montana's central deck. Not nearly enough to justify 4 captain points in all honesty.
  13. HP_Lovesauce

    IFHE for Donskoi and Moskva?

    Even more niche, but yeah, also a 50mm plate you could run into.
  14. HP_Lovesauce

    IFHE for Donskoi and Moskva?

    Exactly what Lert said. The only guns above 180mm you should consider IFHE on are Henri's 240s if you're running into a lot of 50mm plating (GK central deck, Hotel fore and aft central deck, Moskva, Stalingrad.)
  15. HP_Lovesauce

    America's industry vs Japan

    The real question is, how does Japan logistically manage to get to Panama? They already overstretched themselves to make Pearl Harbor go through.