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  1. HP_Lovesauce

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    You can have way more fun in operations tailored to a submarine's capabilities, and I'm not sure people enjoy playing utterly garbage ships, I don't see any Kawachi or Mutsuki fanatics around for the most part. I'm not afraid of subs, I'm afraid of how little they'd bring to randoms while sucking up dev time and money. As to that last little bit, I don't think that should even be dignified with a response, but feel free to disparage anyone who disagrees with you in whatever ways you choose.
  2. HP_Lovesauce

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    So you want to have almost no impact beyond a small damage number on ships you'd damage much more in any other class, as long as you don't get seen while doing it. Sub torpedo DPM would be paltry, short of truly ridiculous buffs, so I really fail to see any appeal at all, but you're entitled to you opinions.
  3. HP_Lovesauce

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    So where is the fun in playing a Submarine if they're so gimped? Why not play literally any DD with decent torps and good concealment?
  4. HP_Lovesauce

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    Short of massively overbuffing or introducing a lot of postwar submarines very early, you can't really do anything. They'd end up playing either like gimped or over gimmicky torpboats that can temporarily massively drop their detection and remove all sources of damage that aren't ASW. Planes were a major part of ASW efforts, I doubt they'll deny CVs the ability to spot and strike submarines, like they did irl.
  5. HP_Lovesauce

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    I fail to see subs adding anything meaningful to random battles. I fail to see destroyer escorts adding anything meaningful to random battles. I do see them working in operations built around their capabilities. This has probably been talked about to death, but I'd love to see submarines as their own little side project, with full grindable lines and premiums, just not introduced into randoms for them to fail spectacularly.
  6. Shoulda put Bourgogne at t8 instead obviously.
  7. HP_Lovesauce

    Premium Ship Review #128 - Hill

    And so we can agree to disagree, Hill vs Nicholas would be a bit of a toss up anyways in terms of which goes to what line.
  8. HP_Lovesauce

    Premium Ship Review #128 - Hill

    More concealment would be the proper wording, but they're not exactly amazingly usable, at least in my personal experience. It ends up being the same ambushing and prediction in Hill.
  9. HP_Lovesauce

    Premium Ship Review #128 - Hill

    Nicholas torpedoes are quite literally the same as Hill's, except Hill trades two wing mounts for one centerline, I don't see why it wouldn't work. Mahan moving over would make sense, as her design is more in line with the "DDL" line that could have ended up more torpedo focused, if Benham and Somers's current stats are anything to go by.
  10. HP_Lovesauce

    Premium Ship Review #128 - Hill

    Considering Nicholas and Fletcher somehow fit in the same line, sure. I'd also presume there'd be a slight reshuffling like they did with IJN DDs when the Akizuki was introduced.
  11. HP_Lovesauce

    Premium Ship Review #128 - Hill

    I can't say that I'm not disappointed Hill, Benham and Somers weren't taken into an alt USN DD line, but I'm happy with the ships themselves at least. Hill's rear firing angles are an absolute dream for kiting.
  12. HP_Lovesauce

    Moving Colorado to Tier 6

    Seattle and Buffalo too
  13. I invited @The_Chilton, a longtime friend who I also got into WoT, he's still stuck in perpetual co-op, but that's no so bad, maybe I can wean him off with operations and the Scharnhorst I got him. Give me the number 45.
  14. I'm guessing French DDs will bring the French collection.