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  1. steamrollerHD

    ST: Battleship Ohio

    i also hope that they use a 2x2 2x3 or five guns on the bow and five guns on the stern for a different feel compared the to the conqueror/thunderer and Georgia it probably won't happen but i would be happy if it did
  2. steamrollerHD

    ST: Battleship Ohio

    i really had idea for a tier X USN BB similar to this but first of all the guns would be in 2x2 2x3 or 5 guns on the bow and 5 guns on the stern for a unique design at tier X with 2.0 sigma and 243m disperison but with a slow shell velocity of 700mps second the guns would also have a improved version of the USN CA pen angles . third a unique feature for the secondaries is switching ammo types for certain occasions such as facing a broadsiding BB , CA , CL in close range . fourth the main belt would be improved to be between 420mm-440mm the upper and lower belt would be 100mm thick. the torpedo protection would 65% on the midsection of the ship the bow and stern would be unprotected as most USN BBs are