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  1. Aurora_7

    can we please get a sub free mode ...

    It's hard to believe the 'real war' stuff sticks in you craw so much. It's a new element to the game that requires a change in how players play, just like CVs did and CVs are still here. Subs have a loud base of complainers but I don't see a special 'mode' to be made up for players who don't like new threats that require a change in game play.
  2. Aurora_7

    can we please get a sub free mode ...

    Why not, it's a game based on war. How easy do you want you're war game to be. People hate subs because it forces the necessity for team play.
  3. Aurora_7

    Coal and Research bureau questions....

    It can be addicting. I got the Salem with Coal, a Corbet with research and now a Siegfried, also with research. I too would like am Ohio so I reset be IJN Cruiser and BB lines and since I did them before I'm not getting double research points for doing them again -and I was awarded the 'Junior Researcher' award for resetting 10 ship lines (and I was not aware I had done it that many times).
  4. Aurora_7

    Hate subs with a burning passion

    I've used radar and sonar and I've taken out DDs. It's really fun when I take 'em out with aircraft. Still hate 'em. Sue me.
  5. Aurora_7

    Hate subs with a burning passion

    Doesn't mean I didn't and like 'em
  6. Aurora_7

    Hate subs with a burning passion

    The two things I hate most in this game are DDs and the concealment mechanics. DDs just wink out of existence as if with cloaking devices and nothing is maddening then a nicely lined up broadside shot vanish because the target ship faded away in a way as if it waited for you to get that perfect focus are for you target to emerge from behind and island.
  7. As a WWII scale modeler, I love the Mavis and Betty but I think they're bettered suited for a flight sim kind of game.
  8. Aurora_7


    Greetings and have fun. While you may see a lot of toxicity in forum posts there are plenty of people happy to help and offer advice. Take note of some of the repliers hear as some who offer great advice on the game mechanics. -Except for me. I'm a casual player despite my battle history count but there are those here who really offer great advice on how to get the most of a ship type. I've play cruisers mostly and never DDs because I can't get the hang of them. They're fast, nimble and while their guns are small their torps can be powerful. BBs are seductive because of their raw power. I have a few CVs but it's a different kind of play altogether because the vast majority of you time is controlling attack aircraft squadrons. Subs are a sore subject for a lot of people here, as you may have noticed, and I've tried them but can't get into their kind of play but, I find it very satisfying to sink them
  9. Never let the facts get in the way of feelings
  10. Aurora_7

    should i get a sub????

    You (and everyone) should give it a try to see if you like the play style. I tried a few of them and found I just couldn't get into them -but they freak'n fun and satisfying to take out.
  11. Aurora_7

    French Tier X Cruiser Marseille

    I see the Minotaur compared to the Marseille as apples to Oranges. One is a light rapid firing cruiser and the other is a battle cruiser. I don't have the Minotaur but I have the Marseille and the other forward main gun French BCs. I like the Marseille with the extra turret and I think because I've had the Izumo for some time that help prepare me to use the Marseille. I've been very happy with her.
  12. Aurora_7

    Buy a sub or no?

    I used to love playing Sub sim games years ago (Both WWII and contemporary) and they kind of ruined it for me for trying WOWS subs. They just feel too arcade-ish for me. I preferred the more realistic type of play and there's no way you can play that here.
  13. 98% who you know? How much of the entire membership is that? This is still mostly and opinion of 'If me and my friends don't like it than everybody doesn't'.
  14. Aurora_7

    I almost made money in a supership!

    Wow, a Kraken and still didn't break through to the profit side. Truly, super-ships are things for the wealthy.