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  1. Aurora_7

    Do You Hate the WG MM at T8?

    Ditto for me. I also have the Atago and Prinz Eugen (have to look at the Kutuzov) and when I'm a minority T8, I tend to hook up with a couple of T10's (BBs or CAs) to support them with HE fire. You don't get to sink as any on you own with similar tiers but I do get a great feeling of statisfaction when I contribute to a Montana or Yamato going down, even occasionally dealing the final blow.
  2. Aurora_7

    Please do something about the chat ban abuse

    The amount of whinning about other players performance in the game is incredible. It's at it's best when a player dies in the first few minutes of a match and blames the rest of the team for lack of support. I largely ignore chat unless I joined a division and communicate with other division players. 
  3. Aurora_7

    Wargaming wake up!!

    For God's sakes, more whinning about CV's. Quite the game for good, that'll show em.
  4. Aurora_7

    Should I start grinding IJN Cruisers?

    I have an Atago and a Mogomi right now for IJN cruisers. I play the Atago more than any other of my ships. Good maneuverability, 10 8" guns, and great torpedo arcs. My goal is to get a Zao. If you like mixing gunplay with torpedos, grind through the IJN crusiers.
  5. Aurora_7

    How to play cruisers

    The engine boost in French cruisers can help a lot in getting out of situations but don't rely on it too much. Save it when you really need to get out of something.
  6. Pretty much the most successful method for me know. I justy aquired this ship about a week ago and about to get it's final hull level. In a more defensive role I find I get a better score and survive to the end of the match.
  7. Aurora_7

    Why so angry non cv drivers?

    Jeeze, there's been a bunch of whinning about this in the game chats. I find if you don't try to go solo and can share AA suport with at least one other ship there's been no real problem for me with being killed by planes anymore than before. I have noticed my plane kill tally's have gone up substantially and not even with my specially AA reinforced ships. If I see torpedo planes headed for me I'll try to steer directly towards their path to limit my profile and that's been working pretty good and can get a few down if I have a AA consumable to engage.
  8. Aurora_7

    I Don't Get It???

    That's been my experience since I started playing a year ago.
  9. Aurora_7

    People that have only played one class of ships. Why?

    Never found the game concept for playing CVs appealing Could never get the hang of DDs to maximize their strengths in maneuverability and stealth. I find BBs to be ponderous and slow and slow reload times. CAs seem to have the best balance in speed and armament to me.
  10. Aurora_7

    Mogami - I'm in love

    Just aquired the Mogami this past weekend and won my first bout with her on the first mission. You do have to be a more cautious player with her but I have no problem working in support roles for a Tier IX or X cruiser or BBs. You can really be an arsonist in this ship. If your looking for making more direct kills maybe you'd be better off in BBs.
  11. Aurora_7

    Atago now good only as a port queen?

    Still my go to ship when I want to play serious. I have no issue in hooking up with a tier IX or X cruiser or BB and act in support. Still plenty of opportunuties to finish off rivals in that role and even Tier X destroyers can't hold up long against the Atago's guns and torpedos.
  12. Aurora_7

    friendly fire penalty is stupid

    If you think it's too slow a game then maybe naval ware gaming isn't your thing. As it is we're timed 20 minutes for a battle when real sea battles go on for hours. Maybe World of Warplanes or even World of Tanks would be a better choice to play.
  13. Aurora_7

    Increase reporting day limit number.

    A troll of a post if ever I saw one.
  14. Aurora_7

    So I got the Atago, and she's kinda fun.

    My first premium and the ship I play the most. If i'm a minority T VIII ship I use HE except for DDs and play more support for the IX and X boats. Works out pretty well.