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  1. Aurora_7

    A message to all CV-haters

    Here's another. I get attacked by CV aircraft all the time. Multiple torpedo squadrons at the same time but it makes a difference on how to react to them and if your in the company of another ship. I get targeted a lot by all CV aircraft and my experience with it is if you're a lone ship, the odds are against you. The argument for the game without CVs is just to make it a guns only and then you might as well just fight in turn of the century warships and I'd find that less interesting. "....but perhaps such folks shouldn't presume that their opinion on game balance is a truly comprehensive one? " Well I certainly agree with that.
  2. Aurora_7

    T9 is the sweet spot

    I'm at the point I can play T9 without loosing credits (in non premium mode) and that's a sweet spot for me.
  3. Aurora_7

    A message to all CV-haters

    Pffft! Stat shaming. You're making an assumption I can't tell what sinks me. My stats reflect a lot of what I've done in the beginning playing but not more recent matches where I've been in winning matches more and surviving to the end in Tier VIII to Tier X matches. I know when I sink what does it and it's not been rare in a year's time. I still think it's a matter of tactics you choose to use in matches with CVs.
  4. Aurora_7

    A message to all CV-haters

    I hate DDs in WoWs much more than CVs. They come out of know where at times and some can launch a wall of torps at you where it's not possible to avoid all and you have to angle you're ship for the least damage. More thank half the time they wink in and out of visibility and if you are in a slow maneuvering BB, you have to hope you secondaries are up to their best to get them because your main guns just splash around them.
  5. Aurora_7

    italian cruisers

    I had won the Raimondo Montecuccoli and kept it mostly because I though the name was cool. I played it a few times and thought it was ok but sold it for credits to get another ship. I've since bought it back because I want at least one cruiser form each nation and I find she's fairly typical as a CL in the sense that you don't want to get too close to a heavy slugger but with her semi armor piercing HE shells she can be a good DD killer.
  6. I've neglected mine ever since I got the Bayard a month or so ago. I've just tried getting back to it again and have gotten better results after developing some skill using the Bayard more properly and found those skills help me with Charlie.
  7. Aurora_7

    Blaming the cat in WoWs

    My cat's Anya and O'Malley often pull or push at my WASDF hand for petting when I play WOS from our love seat, sitting the right hand side.
  8. Aurora_7

    A message to all CV-haters

    I just step over the CV whiner posts, both here and in the games chat. It's just endless now. It's rare that when I get sink it's by the actions of carrier's aircraft. Maybe it's because I try to get my AA optimized, particularly for higher tier ships and when I do get targeted I employ maneuvers to optimize my AA affect. I keep an eye out for aircraft and where they're headed. Plus I make it a point to sail with at least on other ship for extra coverage. If you lone-wolf it, you're just making yourself and target for aircraft. I hope they never get rid of CVs because I like the extra challenge they provide. Tried playing them once and couldn't see the appeal. I'd rather play a flight sim with control over a single aircraft (which I did back in the day and loved!). Directing squadrons at a target wasn't as fun for me as firing a shell or torpedo at it.
  9. Was there a sinking that reached deep in you that made you feel 'I love this game'? For me it was early on when I started playing and I made my first premium purchase. I got the Atago and had a few matches with her. One match in particular had the Read Team with a Big Mo'. They must have been a new player with a premium ship because they had presented me with a target I'll always remember. Perhaps it was fog of war or not realizing my ship had torpedoes but this Missouri slowly crept our from behind an island, presenting me with a perfect broadside target for me torpedo. Every torpedo from my spread hit home -it was a religious experience. The Missouri had been at full health and I couldn't believe I took it out with one salvo. I've never taken out a full health BB since with a cruiser.
  10. Aurora_7


    Just when I was loosing faith in the forums, humanity prevails......
  11. That reads a bit paranoid.
  12. Aurora_7

    First Kraken Unleashed !!

    Congrats. Great feeling, isn't it? And wow, you did it with a lot bigger score than I did.
  13. Aurora_7

    Your First Kraken?

    Oops! Thanks for the note!
  14. Aurora_7

    Your First Kraken?

    Mine was today with my Alsace, a ship I had sold and twice and won't be selling again. Took me better part of a year to earn this award.
  15. Aurora_7

    Alsace — French Tier IX battleship.

    Sold my Buffalo to get my Alsace back (see two posts above). Should never had sold the Alsace. I was intimidated by the tier IX level of play and was always loosing credits in my battles. Well I've had my Alsace back a few weeks and have done some occasional play and just got my first ever Kraken (5 ships sunk) with her. I think I was too cruiser oriented the first time I got her and spending more time with my Richelieu helped home my BB skills.