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  1. Aurora_7

    Disappearing Ships

    I hate this more than anything else in the game (much more than CVs). particularly when it comes to DDs. At times It feels like I'm playing a Star Trek game with cloaked ships.
  2. Aurora_7

    Which Coal Ship

    I took the Salem. It's radar range is disappointing at 8.5km, a bit on the weak side for CA armor but big repair invokes and pretty good rapid firing guns. I find the credit earning to be rather generous for a T10 ship.
  3. Aurora_7

    Your shortest games

    Heh. It can get wild and wooly in TI matches too.
  4. Aurora_7

    Your shortest games

    Just a few minutes ago was my shortest game yet -6 minutes, 12 seconds. I thought it was a game glitch at first. I looked at the game report and we had lost 6 out of 12 ships in that time. It felt like we had barely started. Myself in an Izumo with a Yamato and a Conqueror had 3 red battleships seemingly on the run from a territory when the game suddenly ended in defeat for us. Anybody have a 5 minute or less game?
  5. Aurora_7


    If I'm in the zone with my Atago, when I fire off a full broadside of HE and turn sharply away to get into concealment, I've been known to say out loud 'Ninja Vanish!'
  6. Aurora_7


  7. Aurora_7

    Try Something New!

    I wanted to fill my yard with French boats just because of being from a French family history but the DDs never worked out for me. No DD from any nation ever did. I thought I'd give the French tin cans a try since they don't have smoke and I never got the hang of using smoke anyway and they're very fast. I bought a Le Terrible to be my third premium TVIII purchase but was miserable at working it. I think I just can't think like a DD captain to use it's strengths properly and not patient enough to learn. Bonne chasse, mon ami.
  8. Aurora_7

    Ranked brawl is just CV circle jerk

    Only met flat tops in two brawls with my Eugen and they were pretty easy to dispatch - A Shokaku and Graf Zepplin. A ship with good AA is key, I guess.
  9. Aurora_7

    CV's in Brawl

    Wow, with a Cleveland no less. It's got good AA but those bombs and torpedoes can hit her hard.
  10. Aurora_7

    CV's in Brawl

    I've only faced CVs twice in a Brawl and won handily both times (and I'm not a great player). I use my Prinz Eugen which is very adept at plane killing and just constantly move and swerve to avoid targeting by torpedo and dive bombers. I thought it was ludicrous for anyone wanting to use a CV in a Brawl unless THEY wanted to try a challenge.
  11. Yeah, this. I've seen players in chat blatantly say that's all their interested in matches.
  12. I start each session without having much expectations for team play. I usually see it from at least a few and occasionally see it in an entire team but very inconsistently. As a cruiser player I tend to stick within range of another ship or two to at least have the opportunity for mutual support. What I tend to notice more than anything else are BBs hanging WAY OUT in the back using their range and seem more than willing to let other boats duke it out while they move in towards the end. Not a fun way to play, I'd think.
  13. Aurora_7

    Most Dangerous Ship to Play?

    Wow, wasn't expecting so many Colbert citations. I've been working towards getting access to the Research Bureau to get one but now I'll have to rethink that.
  14. Aurora_7

    Most Dangerous Ship to Play?

    Maybe because they're light cruisers, then. I've done T9 and T10 heavy cruisers and they've been way more robust. My pre-T8 light cruisers never seemed this fragile but maybe it the guns in T9 and T10 that make the difference.
  15. What's been the most dangerous or riskiest ship for you to play in matches? I nominate the Seattle and/or Neptune. Both ships have paper armor and everyone knows it. I've never been fired on by so many ships on so regularly as when sortieing with these. You really have to lean on other ships to get by a match in them unless you want to hide behind islands and lob shells which I find boring. I'm grinding through with the Seattle (sold the Neptune) just so I can research my 5th T10 ship and get access to the Research Bureau but it's a real slog.