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  1. I just sold the 4 Italian ships I had - a tier I destroyer, and IV, V and VI cruisers, all acquired in the Italian campaign missions. I had no real complaints with them but I find that since I haven't even started much with Russian, English and German cruisers much, my harbor was a bit too crowded. I know there are those here with literally dozens of ships but I could never see myself rotating around so many while I'm still trying to get the most of my own modest (in comparison) sized fleet). Does anyone have a preference for their fleet size or are you more a 'gimmee more ship!' fleet admiral?
  2. Thanks for this post. I always assumed it was a glitch or lag prevented the totals to appear on my screen correctly.
  3. Just recently (within the past hour) acquired my first Tier X ship, a Zao. It was my ultimate goal ship when I first started playing earlier this year. I have her fully fitted out and just did two co-op missions. First mission I died, no ships sunk and lost 92.000 credits. Second time I sank one heavy cruiser, survived the match and lost 69,000 credits. Boy, Tier X's a tough town....
  4. Aurora_7

    What is the attraction to Co-op?

    The one exclusive Co-op player I know is a casual player still in TIII and stays in co-op because he just doesn't play enough to get experience to go random. Since he's at TIII and only in CO-OP he doesn't earn much credit for new boats. I'm trying to get him to TV so he'll have more opportunity to at least to more naval missions.
  5. Aurora_7

    AA Ships

    I use to have a Baltimore CA fitted optimized for the AA role back in the time when CVs were on a hiatus. Since I had little opportunity to use her in the intended role I foolishly sold her and now with CVs back I'll need to get her again. So far my Prinz Eugen's been my best at AA and I'll need to take shots of her tallies.
  6. Do you have a ship in your yards that turned out to be a better performer or perhaps the best performer for you unexpectedly? I had gotten a Prinz Eugen about a year ago just to have another premium ship as a credit maker for me (I don't do premium subscriptions) and while I preferred going out with my Atago, my Eugen started becoming a more consistent earner and winner for me over the months. I know it's got better guns in AP but it's torpedoes are mediocre compared to the Atago but I've been able to get out of tough scrapes with it that I couldn't get out with my Atago. I find myself playing her more these days. How about you? What's been become a surprising principal player from your fleet?
  7. Aurora_7

    Why is everyone so negative?

    Well being a war game, I think that lends some aggression to it. Also, over time, as more players enter and game tweaks get introduced factions form of pro and con. Add anonymity for being a web based game and competitive nature of most players, ugliness is unavoidable. I think it's just basic human behavior, nothing specific to here itself.
  8. Aurora_7

    Spotting after sinking?

    Still happens with me as well. I thought at first i was seeing the achievements of allied ships I was following after I was sunk but saw it happen while still focused on my sinking ship.
  9. A strong urge in identifying with my French ancestry along with the French Revolution anniversary made me pursue in obtaining a line of French ships. I'm struggling with the Le Terrible, as mentioned in my opening post, but I learned to love my Algerie and currently my Charles Martel. Once I learned how to make the most of their HE and the speed boost capabilities, they proved to be my better non-premium ships to play with. I learned I did better supporting a stronger CA or BB and had a better accounting of myself for a battle that way. Defending ribbons counts for a lot in scoring.
  10. Aurora_7

    Just creamed an allied destroyer

    Absolutely. I usually end up sinking from it but it was the first time I sank an ally from it.
  11. Mine is for my Le Terrible. I'm Le Terrible in general at DD play but the smokeless LT makes it that much harder. But I've just started getting the hand of using the rapid reload ability of her guns and when I got it working right in the right sitauation, it's cool! But then I suck at maneuvring her and working the torpedos at the same time. I was ready to dump her until I got rapid fire to work better so I'll keep her to develope skills in using a DD -even though shes' more like a light CA posing as a DD.
  12. I'll be looking for you, Snargfargle! Not just for your bold statement but because I love the clip you used! I loved Heavy Metal and Tarna's story!
  13. No CV captain does that. He sends planes to sink you. If you want to play the game as a lone warrior then you best get something with good AA mountings else encourage a team play with another ship with such mountings and work together. So granted, if you want to go solo in your play, yeah, planes are going to be going to be a problem.
  14. Aurora_7

    Tired of battleships

    I don't know, while I personally find DDs difficult to play I think they are the ships that kill me more than any other ship. They seem to pop up out of thin air at times with their detectability and often send out a fish spread at me that is impossible for me to dodge every one. When I first started playing WOWS I hated planes with a passion but as I learned to deal with them with AA and maneuvering, DDs began to become more diffuclt to deal with. My only complaint for the games is the way detectability works for them.