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  1. Quick idea for a new, tier 3 or 4 premium ship for the US Navy cruiser line: USS Olympia. She was laid down in 1891 and wasn't struck from the naval registry until 1957. She's currently a museum ship at Independence Port here in Philadelphia, PA and she has a lot of history. She was Admiral Dewey's flagship during the Spanish American War and she also brought home the Unknown Soldier from World War 1 home to the US in 1921. Thus far y'all have added many Russian cruisers with great history to the game a that tier range, as well as Japan and Germany, yet only the USS Albany (tier 2) to the USA (though I could have missed previous ones due to my being an over-the-road truck driver since retiring from the US Navy). At any rate, it's just a thought that I would like to see one day.
  2. I was excited to see the addition of something for we skippers that prefer co-op over random battles. However, I wasn't very impressed with the way it was working. Most were just as "Call of Duty" like during the battle and just refused to work with the team for the victory. There also seemed to be NO time to hit a supply ship between waves since they spawned so damn fast. If you have an entire team of tier 5 ships, and you're facing a third wave of all tier 7 ships where you're outnumbered 3-1....well, you get the picture.You wanted us to voice our concerns, so I hope that this might be addressed before this patch release. If not, try to get an entire team of friends so that you can have a better chance of success shipmates!
  3. You REALLY need to fix the insane crit percentages of the AI in co-op matches because it's becoming ridiculous! It's as if you gave the AI EVERY skill in the tree and their hitting us from 15-20km away and penetrating the citadel regardless of the angle of our ships. Not to mention the insane rate at which they start fires with their HE compared to we human players. Talking to the majority of the players that PREFER (AND ONLY PLAY) co-op, we feel it's as if you're trying to force us into abandoning it altogether. We can't stand random battles since most of the players we meet in there are arrogant, talk with nothing but profanity, don't care about the team win (just their own stats or K/D ratio), or rush in and die like it's call of Duty or some other stupid FPS game. We will play ranked battles since those we meet there actually DO work together to win (if they speak English on the North American server and we can communicate). Hell, we don't even have any form of campaign to do in co-op save for some special event (sometimes) or holiday. WTH WG?!?!?!?
  4. So, that explains why bots in co-op are CONSTANTLY getting citadel hits this morning......This is the one game you have that has been enjoyable until this morning when this patch went live. I just pray that you don't ruin it like the other ones by caving to the little snowflakes. Thanks for the link to the notes.
  5. First, why aren't the patch notes posted as of yet? Second, what in the heck did you folks do to the armor of the BB's?!?!?!? We're getting penetrated constantly regardless of the angles we're at, and we all are noticing that our bow armor has shrunk to 25-32mm????? Hell, the Arizona is 25mm all the way around now! The armor of my Fuso is like wet paper save for the secondary and main armament sections. Please tell me you people didn't cave to the little whining snowflakes that complained about BB's being too hard to damage simply because they didn't take the time to learn how to aim or hit their targets in the right spots. You completely ruined WoT by caving to these same snowflakes by doing this to heavy tanks and German TD's like the Jagdtiger. You have ALOT of pissed off BB drivers out there, so please don't give us some stupid automated response. All we ask is that you be honest with us as to whether you all screwed the pooch on this one and will fix it; or that you did it on purpose so the little snowflakes will have it easier...you know, giving them a trophy even though they didn't earn it.
  6. First, this +2 MM for most of the Tier 5 ships is becoming a real pain in the [edited]and needs to be addressed. I've been playing their (Wargaming's) games for quite awhile now and this has ALWAYS been an issue (not to mention the constant language barrier with the flood of non-english speaking foreigners on the North American server). Regardless of how cautious you play, it seems that the bots in a room tier 7 or higher ALWAYS hit for a crit regardless of how angled your armor is and that's pathetic! Another thing is with the USS Marblehead. There's no way that premium ship should have a +2 in MM with it's paper mache armor and the outlandish accuracy and damage bots in tier 7 rooms have. When you add bot teammates to the mix, it's even more of a disaster with their suicidal tendencies. It's bad enough that you forced the 30 second que time down our throats like Obama forced Obama Care down our throats, but this has to be addressed. You already ruined World of Tanks and Warplanes with your stupid premium ammo, please don't ruin this game as well.
  7. Are you playing as a premium member? I play in high tier battles as a premium member and earn over 100K in those matches and never have an issue with repairs and resupply.
  8. Being retired Navy and having served on surface ships, you have to understand that if you're aiming at the opposing ships bow from a frontal or broadside attack, it's angled and hard to penetrate. Even if you aim at the enemy's bow from a frontal or broadside attack, and you're looking at their full profile, that part of the ship is STILL angled and will sometimes ricochet a round. So no, I don't believe it has to be "nerfed".
  9. I completely disagree. If you learn how to aim your guns/torpedoes, and if you are careful when firing instead of just spraying rounds everywhere to improve your K/D ratio, you won't have that problem. If you're careless and kill a friendly or cause damage to a friendly, you SHOULD be penalized. However, with the ignorance of bot teammates in CO-OP, I agree there should be NO team kill penalty since they just shoot blindly and perform the "CoD" rush to death maneuver. Yet if the bots damage/kill you, you should be reimbursed.
  10. You can fly the flag, but you have to replace one of the other flags to do so. I'm hoping that they will make the Arizona's personal flag able to fly always without having to choose one.
  11. My fiancee purchased the USS Arizona $75 USD bundle for me since I'm retired from the Navy and that ships memorial is important to me. I was wondering if it is possible to allow players that have that ship to be able to fly the Arizona flag along with the National flag instead of having to choose between Justland, Memorial Day, etc...? Also, would it be possible to add an actual English (British) voice for the British line? You've done a great job with the other nations. It just sounds ridiculous to me hearing an American voice on a British warship.
  12. Retired Navy Veteran LFC

    Greetings! I retired from the Navy in 2007 and have 20 ships from T2 - T7. I mainly play Co-op since there are far too many lone wolf/CoD types in the Random matches. I'd like the clan I join to understand Naval tactics and what each ships role is, working together to achieve victory! From my personal experiences in the game, most of the tactics I was trained to perform and know in the Navy will work in this game. I look forward to hearing from you all!
  13. Getting into matches quickly is great, but not at the cost of enjoyment. I'd rather wait the full 90 seconds or que again to get rid of the damn bots. My last match last night with my Kongo - 6 damn bots on our team! talk about a pathetic match.
  14. We play co-op because we can't stand the lack of teamwork in Random matches...nor the CoD rush in and die mentality of mot players in random matches.
  15. Is it just me or have others noticed how bad the co-op battles have become with this latest update where you have bot's as teammates? sometimes with as many as 5? They rush in like CoD style players and die almost instantly leaving 3 real players to fight off the remaining 5 or 6 enemy ships. It's bad enough that they can't hit the side of a barn, but come on now. Wargaming, are you trying to force those of us that prefer playing co-op to random battles to play random battles? I'd rather wait the full 90 seconds for a team full of humans or a match that's 4 on 4 with with all human teammates.