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  1. Totally regret this ship. It's just horrible. Any chance at giving even a tweak? Some sort of buff? Why create a ship that is horrible? Thanks. F
  2. In the early days of WoWS, cruisers could be wiped out with full health, sometimes eliminating a player after just a few minutes of battle. No one would play cruisers. WoWS adjusted the mechanics so that, and correct me if I am wrong, unless you had 25% damage (75% health), you would not detonate your entire ship. These homing sub torps are a joke, wiping out a DD using multiple evasive turns. They should get at least a chance at countermeasures. Ridiculous seeing multiple torpedoes turning on an exact course on hairpin.
  3. steelhealer

    Smolensk artillery range

    Was the artillery ranged changed with the last captain skills update. I used to have about 19K range with the main battery upgrade. it is now back down again to about 16. Thx. SH
  4. steelhealer

    IFHE, skill is inefficient

    Thanks. I was curious because recent Youtube by Flamu says he uses it but even on his screen it shows crossed out. Weird. Thanks for the replies.
  5. On Hindenburg, why can't IFHE skill be used? Why is it crossed out and 'inefficient' with the build? Thanks.
  6. Thanks. Probably minor question. Would you stay with priority target or switch to enhanced preventive maintenance at captain skill level 19? Thanks. SH
  7. steelhealer

    Chat messages disappear

    Hi and thanks in advance. Anyone know why my text/chat messages disappear? If I am on playing and a message comes in, I can see it. However, when I come back on, there can be several messages that came in and the message boxes are empty. Messages that people send me don't save. Is there a fix that anyone knows of ? Thanks. SH