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  1. PotatoMD

    How would you "counter play" me?

    If I were a DD, I would employ creative use of smokes, DFAA, and uhh... prayer. I'll have to use one of those much more than the others, of course
  2. PotatoMD

    Where are the subs??

    They'll be in a special game mode for testing. It will be available in about a week.
  3. PotatoMD

    Flambass Sends Mixed Messages

    Carriers are actually pretty hard to kill. Sure, they are large and clumsy, and most of them aren't armoured, but usually the times when you are engaging a CV it's from long range and in a stern chase. Not only that, but it's at the end of the game, so you aren't even guaranteed to kill him before the timer runs out. Not to mention, from long range, the armoured ones will bounce AP and shatter HE. Solution? Remove that ridiculous damage control. 5 second fires? Really? And a 60 second damage control party? I get that it's to lessen CV sniping, but the distance it takes to get there + CAP already do that. It should be: Fires last 30 seconds but prevent the CV from launching/landing planes (which shouldn't be a problem since you are flying the planes most of the time). Damage control is like a DD, 5 seconds action time but 40 second cooldown. A skill/consumable that allows CV to launch/land squadrons while on fire, but the max strength of the squad is halved (i.e. you have 12 bombers on deck, you can only launch 6 while on fire). Another main issue with CVs is the interaction of planes and AA. Shooting down planes means little because that won't prevent the first squadron from getting through. Repeat that over and over and any ship will be whittled away. The size of the attacking flight will be enlarged until a full squadron can make 2 strikes (i.e. A Midway squad of 3 attacks/9 planes will become 2 attacks/8 planes). The planes shot down will be from the attacking squadron, and will only be replaced when not on an attack run. If all planes on an attack run are shot down, the rest of the squad get a short window of immunity to try to set up another attack/retreat. This is not applied if the squad is able to get off an attack. This way, ships can still blunt attacks, and if all planes get shot down, that CV has no business attacking there anyways.
  4. I don't think so, I think you just took mine
  5. PotatoMD

    1M+ Elite Commander XP - Paralyzed by Indecision

    Of the captains that are closest to 19 points, which is the one you play most? Upgrade him to 19 points as you'll be able to accumulate more CXP. After that, keep it to make retraining easier
  6. PotatoMD

    Coming back after three years....

    Realistically, there is no effective way of balancing an automatic system versus a manual one.
  7. PotatoMD

    WG please create a ASW load out for planes.

    If they could switch to ASW they should only be able to do it before battle, like choosing between DFAA and hydro. Switch it out for rockets. Choosing between anti DD ams ASW. ... Not that anyone takes DFAA nowadays...
  8. The Germans still have the highest alpha on their torpedoes... Oddly enough, the Russian sub was the only one not to have its alpha nerfed significantly
  9. PotatoMD

    Russian Cruiser Line

    Apparently, you don't need Moskva in port, just have it researched. Kirov turns to a premium, so keep that. Sell Moskva, get credits, and get it back when the split happens Keep Donkey if you want to grind out the Nevsky And Chapayev doesn't have any use. Schors is when the split happens
  10. PotatoMD

    Subs: End of the Game?

    It seems every other new thing is "the straw that broke the game's back."
  11. I don't. Because of her poor armor and large size, she can do nothing besides spam HE at long range. Don't go for the concealment mod, go for double rudder shift. She's somewhat maneuverable then, and trust me, she needs it.
  12. Honestly, it's hardly noticeable in combat and barely makes a difference, especially if you have the captain skill that reduces time to aim
  13. PotatoMD

    Nevsky / Moskva

    Well, you can assign it to whatever ship and play it on the moskva. It will become a premium ship, after all.
  14. SI has always been important, even with premium consumables...
  15. Too bad AA isn't manual. Not purely manual, mind you. Remember Battlestations: Midway? It would work like that, where it would be purely automated until you switch to it with the "4" key or something. Maybe having the manual AA skill will turn off the automatic system but double the damage from the manual.