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  1. PotatoMD

    Making Femennenly a in-game captain.

    That's cool and all but I'm still waiting for sub_octavian to be added as a unique submarine captain
  2. PotatoMD

    Leave Luigi Italy tracers as they are

    Huh, I always though Luigi's tracers were yellow. I guess it was my eyes mixing the colors
  3. PotatoMD

    Santa Containers Contents Details

    Wait... If i have the kamikaze R, would I still get the kamikaze? I hope not, but I'm doubtful
  4. This is a fun topic Generalizations are fun, aren't they? On their own citizens
  5. PotatoMD

    Tired of all the water on the maps

    Might as well. This game is already a massive RNG-fest
  6. Oho! You forget tovarisch, that Lutjens will give you a heal if you spot three enemy ships! Perfectly balans -WG Balansing department
  7. PotatoMD

    Stupid Question about AA sector reinforcement..

    It activates whatever side you are looking at. Just point and press the button. Although it does get wonky if you try to aim straight ahead or behind your ship
  8. PotatoMD

    Belle Epoque Collection

    I would like to know as well. I'm literally one duplicate away from completing it
  9. Damn, that last directive looks tough! Even if I get the Friesland, I still would only be able to do 4/5 of them. What's the prize for the finishing it anyways? Is it just more shipbuilding tokens?
  10. PotatoMD

    Are CVs Lines Worth Resetting?

    Any specific ship type? I don't have any t10 DDs
  11. There's no point in debate. All it does is further entrench each side in their own dillusions. That's why every CV debate blows up.
  12. PotatoMD

    Jingles' misidentification - joke is on me

    Yup. And when you sink an ally, he says, "We destroyed an enemy battleship," or something to that effect
  13. PotatoMD

    About updates.

    The amount of versions isn't restricted by a certain number. The next major update (ie 9.0) is probably something big, so whenever subs comes out would be my guess
  14. PotatoMD


    Nice. I knew WG couldn't keep their hand out of the gimmick jar
  15. PotatoMD


    A quick google search showed me a former USSR ship of the Skoryy class (a derivative of the Ognevoi class) turned Indonesian. It looks like an Ognevoi, with two main turrets and two torpedo launchers (4 per launcher?). Being Pan Asian, I assume it's going to have DW torps and maybe some gimmick, like hydro. Take this with a heap of salt though, this info came from Wikipedia