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  1. PotatoMD

    Is AA Really that bad?

    Actually, they have the same HP as stock Shokaku planes (they are stock Shokaku planes), and the total HP of a squadron is the highest of the tier. And to the OP, I can't see the photo, there seems to be some problem with the forums, I haven't been able to see photos, videos, or avatars for a while now. But I can tell we don't have the full picture. How many were fighters? Were you near other ships? Was the CV going after you? And most importantly, did it actually impede the CV? I'm betting the answer to that last one is no.
  2. I've been advocating for this ever since the CV rework, and every time the same apologists crawl out of the wood works to whine: And they have the tendency to ignore the explanation that no, having a way to actively deter strikes, especially one that has a long cool-down and limited uses, is not the same as wanting an "I win" button. You'd get more progress talking to a brick wall.
  3. PotatoMD


    So I have the Friesland, and I know that very soon it's being transferred to the Dutch line. But the thing is, I got the Friesland for a high tier EU captain trainer, not a Dutch captain trainer. I have no problem with the Friesland changing nations, but that's not what I paid FXP for. Can I expect a refund in FXP? I don't think it's too outrageous of a demand, but I can't shake the feeling they'll treat this like they did with the Moskva camo.
  4. PotatoMD

    Any chance WG will add new Operations?

    WG have stated they won't because they aren't popular. But they aren't popular because half of them have been removed and the other half has had their profitability gutted. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy, really.
  5. You're thinking of the priority sector. I'm talking about the consumable, DFAA. ??? Are you saying that DFAA is useful? Laughable.
  6. You didn't answer my question. And DFAA doesn't do anything useful. It has a long cooldown, and all it does is increase continuous damage (not enough to matter) and flak damage. But flak can be dodged, and if you eat flak the planes are going to die anyways. So functionally, nothing.
  7. That's clearly not the only reason why. When suggesting that DFAA actually do something or that fighters spread out attacks, you said the same exact thing.
  8. Why is asking for a way to actually reduce damage from a CV always "I want to be invulnerable to a CV" for you? Nothing stops a CV from getting through, not grouping up, not fighters, not flak. Even if they can't get more than one strike what does it matter when they can pre-drop and save planes? I can disengage from every other class, why shouldn't I be able to disengage from a CV?
  9. PotatoMD

    This is not ok.

    That's not where I was going when I said this game isn't like chess. What I was saying is that the classes should have some sort of balance in their capabilities, when one class can do things so much better than the others with minimal risk to themselves, how is that fair to all the other players? I don't care that they play differently. I care that they can do their job so much better and easily. No other class can spot like them, no other class can finish off low HP ships like them, no other class can create cross-fires like them. This is just another thing that CVs can do that no other ship can. The only thing they can't do is cap, but that's like saying a BB can't cap because it will be constantly reset. Obviously, if no one sees them then they can cap just fine, it just rarely happens because they don't need to be near the engagement zone. And I wouldn't care as much if CVs could only do minimap spotting or if their action time after death wasn't so long. Piecemeal damage? My 15k Midway dive-bomber attacks disagree. Even so, plane attacks are so much more accurate because you control the attack until the very last second. As for map influence, constant plane attacks on a flank will make it stall, I've seen it happen, I'm sure you have as well. As a side note, most CVs aren't fast, but they aren't exactly slow. The only slow one is the Langley at T4. Because when every other ship does something, it risks it's ability to stay in the game. A CV risks it's damage potential, if it messes up it's not sent back to port. The CV is independent. A battleship can load HE but that's useless unless they can actually see the DD. But a CV spots for itself. It can deal with every class equally, no other ship type can do that. But that spotting is localized to where the shima is, a CV can cover the whole map if it wants. Are you serious? The shima can only actually hit you when you round the island. A CV does not need to do that. But the Yuguumo has to actually be in the area, and is impeded by islands. A CV doesn't even to be anywhere close to kill you.
  10. PotatoMD

    Well WG shows more scummyness

    I agree that caveat emptor is important, but trusting some random you find in the street and a "reputable" company are two very different things. If the claims of false advertising are true then it stands that a refund should be issued. Are you honestly saying WG is blameless in this situation? Because it sure sounds like it. And if you watch the video, then the reason WG gives for not issuing a refund is that they were literally unable to, whatever that means. Why they can't just take away the camo/commander and refund the doubloons is beyond me. Especially with this disclaimer: Flamu played one game with the Kong camo equipped. One.
  11. PotatoMD

    This is not ok.

    The chess example doesn't work because everyone controls one ship, not every single one. If this was an RTS and it was a 1v1 with a player controlling every ship, then I wouldn't care how much more powerful a CV is. But it isn't. None of those other things can be actively controlled, and are on a fixed path. Planes can fly around doing whatever they want for 3 minutes, and still relay information to the allied team. You are too fixated on one aspect when a CV gets so many other things others can't. Every other ship has some sort of draw back to their ship type, DDs get better concealment and stealth but in return have little HP and many don't have any means to recover it. Battleships get excellent health and armour but pay for it by being large, slow, and burn for much longer. Cruisers get excellent utility in the forms of radar, hydro, and so on but pay for it by being very vulnerable (well, most of them). But what exactly does a CV pay for it's advantages? It's large size, bad concealment (for most), bad armour (for everything not T10 or British), and sluggish nature are nullified by the fact the CV doesn't have to actually engage the hull in battle. Even a BB, which have most of the same drawbacks, gets spotted when firing, and can expect retaliation from long ranged cruisers and battleships. CVs also have unparalleled spotting and finishing potential. The class that has the next closest is DDs, which again actually risk their ability to stay in the game. Risking planes is not the same, because those come back automatically. And most CVs have 3 squadrons, which combined usually is an answer to every other class. Why does one class get to have counters to all the others? A battleship can load HE but will still struggle to actually find an enemy DD, a cruiser can burn down a BB but runs the risk of being overmatched and killed, and a destroyer can torpedo a CA but if caught will die very quickly. But a CV? All they have to do is change the type of squadron they send out. Even a bad CV can have a huge influence on a game, by spotting, either on purpose or accident. Most CVs have the luxury of having a team to go through first. And many have competitive speeds as well as not needing to expose broadside to bring all of their firepower onto the attacker. A stern chase is very difficult for a non-braindead CV, you have to constantly dodge his attacks and teammates all the while he gets farther and farther away. This doesn't even account for armoured CVs. A CV doesn't even need to be in direct LoS to kill you. They can be parked behind an island and farm you, you have to go all the way around the island to even have a chance, and it's too late by then. "But a US CA can do the same!" No, not really. They still need to be able to fire over the island, which invites retaliation. And they need to see you. A Des Moines can radar you, but that's a limited consumable. But a CV can be in a 100 m high box and still be able to kill you easily. You don't need to be good to play CVs. You don't even need to be actively going for anyone. Just the spotting is enough to get people killed. And yet you could have actually done something about that. You know where he is and you can avoid the area or angle. You also have superior concealment, in a 1v1 you choose when you want to engage, if at all. A CV however can attack from anywhere it wants, and always has the initiative. You can't run, you can't hide for long. The fact is that CVs are much more flexible than any other class, they are faster and have more tools to deal with you than you for him.
  12. PotatoMD

    This is not ok.

    Which regenerate, and losing them doesn't have an effect on the hull. Hence, it's leagues more forgiving. And these are barely comparable. You control the planes until the very last second, and launch from <3 km in most cases. Do shells and torpedoes get to be steered by players after death? Can they spot? Don't even try to retort with "but you can shoot down planes!" because we've established that AA will not stop a strike. And 3 minutes is 15% of a match. Up to a quarter if we assume the average match is 12 minutes. That's three minutes a CV can influence a battle, by spotting targets or finding and hunting down a DD that torped them or something. This would be true if regen is not a thing. Even then, it can still spot since it's pretty much a guarantee to have a plane left.
  13. PotatoMD

    This is not ok.

    You risk your HP in every other class. Not in a CV. A CV is leagues more forgiving than any other surface ship. Why does a class so forgiving also get to be so powerful and independent of the rest of the team? Why doesn't it detonate? Why doesn't it get set on fire for longer than 5 seconds? Why does it get to control a squadron for 3 minutes after death? You want to know the biggest issues with CVs? It's that it gets things that no other ship type gets, with basically no draw back. I don't know what bringing up my stats is supposed to do, it doesn't change the fact that CVs don't have to take the same level of risks to do anything that every one else has to, not to mention, doesn't change the fact that to be effective against them as so many CV defenders proclaim is a playstyle that is mind-numbingly boring. A CV player doesn't have to be good to ruin the game for everyone else, the early spotting and passive playstyle a CV forces is enough. You keep bringing this point up. Just because something may be worse in the past doesn't make the present all peachy.
  14. PotatoMD

    This is not ok.

    Adapting isn't the issue. It's the fact that playing to be remotely safe against a CV is not enjoyable for the 22 other players in the match. You want to live? You have to stay in the back as a blob. The bigger the better, because despite what CV apologists say small groups do not work in the slightest. You want to actually do something? Well prepare to get dumped on by the CV gods. At this point, just play another game.
  15. PotatoMD

    Is the Des Moines still good vs CVs?

    And to @Snargfargle, you chose one example, and try to present that as the norm. Same with the other thread you have up about CVs, and same with every single Massachusetts AA record games you posted in the past. You complain about Anti-CV players cherry picking examples and how they somehow misplayed, yet you do the same for the other side. That's what they call hypocrisy, and it's not a good look if you don't want your argument to be ignored.