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  1. PotatoMD

    PTS Operations Feedback

    I edited my original post: I spawned up north in a Richelieu next to a human Tirpitz; more testing needed to see what causes the bots to spawn there instead.
  2. PotatoMD

    PTS Operations Feedback

    Yes, you can just barely see it on the minimap in the south The two BBs in the base were bot Bismarcks Guess it was just a fluke. Strange.
  3. PotatoMD

    PTS Operations Feedback

    From what I recall, the CVs would either would spawn south with the rest or in the base with a few other ships. Maybe it was just a fluke that no one spawned north, but it's not ideal as it stands OTOH, a few bot Bismarcks did spawn in the base. And they almost immediately died.
  4. PotatoMD

    PTS Operations Feedback

    It honestly feels kinda underwhelming. For example, on Aegis, as a T6 the main flotilla guarding the convoys consists of mid tier CAs, like Aoba, Furutaka, and Myoko. But in a team full of T8s, it was still mostly Furutakas and a single Myoko. It seems despite the two tier increase, the bots only got a single tier increase. A better example is in the same op, the reinforcement BBs that come are Myogi and Kongo on one side, and a Fuso on the other. However, they were only upscaled to a Kongo, Fuso, and Nagato.
  5. I am very rarely positive about recent WG changes, but these operations are very nice. It's something many have been asking for years. One problem I could see is that most people will just spam T8s making it harder for the T6s to do much. Are there hidden limits to what ships can play on what operations? According to the select operation screen there are no limits (barring submarines) Also, a couple of problems I have specific to the operations I have played: On Cherry Blossom I stepped into an illumination bomb briefly and that extended my detection past my firing range. However, that effect stayed for the duration of the battle. I'm pretty sure that's not intended The CV spawn on Ultimate Frontier is outside the map border, and when the countdown reaches 0 you teleport inside the map. Very bizarre. So far I've only seen the CV spawn north, which means that the surface ships down south rarely come up and help with the bots that spawn here. Since you have to ensure the aircraft coming from the north have to survive, it's an insta-loss if they don't, so I propose that some surface ships spawn here as well. It seems you are actually able to spawn up north in a BB. I'm not sure exactly what conditions are required for the bot BBs to replace you instead, perhaps having a CV present in the match. Ruan (the bot Richelieu you need to escort) on Hermes seems to be affected by the map border slowing effect. It took a full minute for him to move 2km into the zone that triggers the victory condition. If he's burning, flooding, or otherwise taking damage, then it would be undoubtedly extremely frustrating. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the operations already in the game. However, I will say that tier scaling seems to be lackluster; For example, on Narai, despite all the ships on our team being T8 with the exception of one ship, there was no change in enemy ship composition. Well, I don't have any definitive proof, but when playing higher tiers on traditionally T6 ops, some things just feel like they are slow to spawn, such as the Saipan on Aegis and Dono on Killer Whale I will add more as I play more operations.
  6. PotatoMD

    After IJN light cruisers….

    It's pretty reasonable that Dutch DDs are soon, with HNLMS Donald Tromp being the template
  7. For those of you don't know, last year, WG came out with this dev blog: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/250 I even made a forum post about it; you can read more here: 7 months ago we were told that the devs were testing minimap-only spotting for CV planes. Since then we have heard absolutely nothing about it. In that topic I predicted that this would be quietly dropped like the first version was: Source: QnA on Discord roughly 11 months ago I think we're deserving of an update on this, as a change like this could alleviate a lot of pain when dealing with a CV, and because we were not informed that the first iteration was dropped until that QnA session, especially since the reasons they were dropped was basically because WG thought we were too stupid to understand what was going on. @Boggzy @Ahskance If it was dropped then we deserve to at least get an honest answer as to why, not the drivel we got in the QnA session.
  8. Basically as the title says. Periscope spotting from submarines use different mechanics to spot ships, currently equal to the air concealment instead of the standard concealment of surface vessels. All I am asking for is a dedicated icon when spotted from periscope by submarines (and only applicable to periscope, it would be the same as normal if the submarine is on the surface), something as simple as the submarine icon replacing the ! when your ship is spotted from a periscope. I don't think this is an outrageous request, considering that planes functionally use the same mechanic and they have their own icon. It would get rid of a lot of confusion on to who is spotting you and in turn, alleviate some of the frustration of submarine spotting.
  9. A problem I have is the fact that the consumable is being split into two in the first place. Yeah, I get that the hydrophone gets taxed heavily due to it being useful for several things. But so what? That's true for a lot of consumables in this game. The only logical explanation for this is the obvious: submarines are the next golden goose that WG wants to profit off of and is willing to do anything to make people play them more often.
  10. PotatoMD

    You've got to be kidding me

    That's kind of what I'm saying on how deceptively tank subs are. In my limited experience, they seem to take the most damage from DCs at max depth, in which case they are unspottable without an oil slick unless you are one of the few DDs to have hydro. It's how little damage they take, on top of being hard to track, plus their hull saturation gimmick when they are caught on the surface. I wasn't referring to myself, although 11 games is plenty to see just how hard WG has had to shoehorn these things into the game.
  11. PotatoMD

    You've got to be kidding me

    My problem is how tanky they are, on top of already being very hard to track and chase down. Recently I caught a Balao in my Z-52, and despite launching several DC attacks and shooting him when he got to periscope, he still managed to ram me. They just don't seem to get punished for their actions as hard as they should
  12. PotatoMD

    You've got to be kidding me

    Just something I thought was worthwhile to add to this topic: So... when are DCPs being split to a different consumable to neutralize pings?
  13. PotatoMD

    You've got to be kidding me

    Funny how you say this then turn around and ignore some of the best CV and submarine players saying how broken the two classes are
  14. PotatoMD

    Flamu has lost his mind.

    If WG really cared about this kind of thing they wouldn't allow stats to be publicly and easily available. As it stands there also is a way to hide it too.
  15. Oh no! Submarines accidently spot each other and get hit by enemy ASW! Seriously? That's like saying two torpedo DDs accidently spotting each other and getting into a gun duel is something that should never happen in this game. God I hope this change doesn't go through. But it seems WG really, really wants to prove that they have no clue what to do with subs.