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  1. ibdevil666

    aming is way off

    since last update my aim has been way off single or savo missing targets by several feet even with target lock engaged??? I am lucky to get 1 shell to hit out of 6 shoots full savo??? getting about 3 hits per battle and nothing has changed in settings?? last battle replay uploaded 20190220_181236_PJSB007-Kongo-1942_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  2. ibdevil666

    How Not To Suck - Two Bad Player Types

    I feel your pain the pair in the video is what I call ridge runners and are useless as tits on a teddy bear..And even worse is the ones that chase the carrier and don't think about why it a team game. or the best one is lets go to say A and the go a whole different direction and leave a couple of players hanging in the wind.
  3. ibdevil666

    What the hell is going on with lag

    LAG isn't the word it is down right terrible every night for the last 2 weeks lag is so bad that most off the battles are half over and i just get going the pings are any where from 30 to start then bang up to over 300 that is not and issue here not with a 150 meg line on fibre to much crapgoing on with the NA server naybe you should have the premiun shop not on the same server as the game server just my opinion?? and still getting the fps thing even after the fix can only get the max of maybe 30fps never had an issue until you move server to Texas here is a file for FPS Unigine_Heaven_Benchmark_4.0_20180812_1451.html