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  1. With all the nerving going on how do you think that paying for a premium ship really lets you justify that you can Nerf the radar on that ship from 10km to 8.5 and considering that the money that was spent on it and the ALASKA loading time on shells from 17 sec to 20 is another thing. I think that all that matters is that you should return all the thing with PREMIUM SHIP BACK THE WAY THEY WHERE CONSIDERING THAT lots of players have spent money on them and then you screw them in the end!!!!!!
  2. Lately in every single battle random i get into battles with team that has less then 1000 battles and most haven't even surpassed 200 just played a battle and the other side only had 1player with 351 battles and my team had 5 players below 300 how do u call this fair where the rest of my team suffers with your MATCH MAKING [edited] this is fair far for the guys getting frustrated with the supper NEW BEE'S ...you stated a whole ago that players with less then 80 battles would not be put with players with more i think you should make that at least 1000 battles so many of us are not get so frustrated with the SUPER POTATOES players that run to the back of the maps and don't help the team !!!!!!! check the states of said game of all players and you will see AND a note to ranked battles what is with the AFK players all of a sudden getting involved in the battle with 2 min left my first five battles at least 1 AFK player for half the battle and even see 2 that come in half way though time to start banning people that would be the same as a clan battle have have of your team deciding to though the game some they can hurt there clan rating because they are leaving to go somewhere else 20201224_145845_PRSC606-Admiral-Makarov_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  3. ibdevil666

    0.9.9 PTS Bug Reports

    not a tester but have had same issue is the test server messing with live server somehow got the error as stated but others and also corrupted game client ...use wgc to fix is issue and here the is log file and I am using MODSTATION had high pings the last few days WorldOfWarships64-2020-09-18_00-05-03.crash
  4. ibdevil666

    New Maps!

    Here's a concept why doesn't WG let people make maps for them and test them out on the test servers to see if others would like them too... I use to make maps for different games years ago is there a map making program for WG that other can use and then upload them to WG to fine tune them?????
  5. ibdevil666

    [UPD] Server Desync Bug

    here we go again this is getting worst and worst broadside 2km and took the extra lead and hit 1/2 a ship behind this is getting ridiculous and the other thing you have to fix the match maker it is totally screwed t7 against t9 -10 really GET rid of the sub crapand get the real issues fixed first that would really be the better thing to get done first
  6. ibdevil666

    Update 0.9.1 - Bug Reports

    All the new stuff like torpedo detect and mostly the engine protecting thing isn't worth the time of effort you put into it 1 battle and engine knocked out with one shell 3 times remove this isn't worth the money you put into it
  7. ibdevil666

    Well, 1v1 ranked has started, what is it like?

    this is worst then the PUERTO RICO really have a dd with 88 concealment going up against a Battleship what the hell was WG thinking!!!!! it seems that they have really screwed the pooch again on ranked it is a waste of time and my opinion can they come up with a better idea OH wait lets put some t5 and t6 in a tier 9 and 10 battle you have not got the balance right yet so what is new ...OH wait again we have been down the dame silly road on that and still no fix for that instead of trying to rip games off with the PUERTO RICO lets make a one on one with mismatched ships
  8. since last update my aim has been way off single or savo missing targets by several feet even with target lock engaged??? I am lucky to get 1 shell to hit out of 6 shoots full savo??? getting about 3 hits per battle and nothing has changed in settings?? last battle replay uploaded 20190220_181236_PJSB007-Kongo-1942_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  9. ibdevil666

    How Not To Suck - Two Bad Player Types

    I feel your pain the pair in the video is what I call ridge runners and are useless as tits on a teddy bear..And even worse is the ones that chase the carrier and don't think about why it a team game. or the best one is lets go to say A and the go a whole different direction and leave a couple of players hanging in the wind.
  10. LAG isn't the word it is down right terrible every night for the last 2 weeks lag is so bad that most off the battles are half over and i just get going the pings are any where from 30 to start then bang up to over 300 that is not and issue here not with a 150 meg line on fibre to much crapgoing on with the NA server naybe you should have the premiun shop not on the same server as the game server just my opinion?? and still getting the fps thing even after the fix can only get the max of maybe 30fps never had an issue until you move server to Texas here is a file for FPS Unigine_Heaven_Benchmark_4.0_20180812_1451.html