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  1. Sorry for the vagueness......... WoWs told me my card needs replaced, not compatible with new system requirements. I know crap about computers. I play on a win10 PC with an Nvidea GEForce GTS 250 card that, WoWs, says wont work now because of Direct11 limitations. It still runs other Wargaming games. Hate to be a pain in the [edited]but if you need more info please let me know, Thanks All
  2. I need a new graphics card to continue playing WOWS, any recommendations? Thanks
  3. Mauler_2

    Stuck on "Loggin In"

    Well crap....................... not sure I want to get a new graphics card for a game that can really piss me off. lol
  4. Mauler_2

    Zoom out mod

    Thanks all for the info.
  5. Mauler_2

    Zoom out mod

    Is there a legal zoom-out mod available? Thanks
  6. What is the reference to "Torpedo Protection Hit" included in the post game analysis? Thanks much.
  7. How do I turn on target ship direction indicator in mini map? Thanks
  8. Mauler_2

    Ships Captain

    What do you do with a tier 4 capt. at his max development?
  9. Mauler_2

    key strokes

    Thanks all.
  10. Mauler_2

    key strokes

    Hello...……….what are the keystrokes to show shells/torpedoes after firing? Thanks
  11. I have been having an issue where on some maps the sky and ocean are the same red color with a narrow grayish band of color separating them. Any thoughts anyone?
  12. Hello All, I can not join a battle. Select ship and accessories, click join battle and it returns me to the start screen. Any suggestions? Thanks
  13. Mauler_2

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Hi Aslain, I cannot get any player panel to work in the last two mod updates. Any ideas? Thanks for all your efforts you are appreciated!
  14. Thank you! This is a great collection of info greatly needed by us new captains.