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  1. Hello! Recently, I am really frustrated of so many dd captains that will not get into cap or scouting but sticking behind friendly battleships. I know that getting spotted early game can be dangerous but you are a destroyer, a ship with the lowest detection range and highly maneuverable, but most dd I've seen these days tends to stay back and lay low pushing CA or BB to cap instead. I mostly play my IJN CA escorting DD to cap and scare off enemy DD or CA away from cap and now I have bad times because dd players I team up refuse to get in cap to spot enemies but rather hiding behind friendly ships. I have seen a fletcher refused to get into cap because there is no CV's plane hovering there leaving me exposed to enemy fire when their DD arrived and spot me. Another example, is when a shimakaze abandoned me in Izumo (I know, it's BB) and another Moskva to be slaughtered by Enemy DDs and BBs fire while he is sailing 8km behind us provide no smoke or spotting and once we are dead, he badmouthing us for failing to protect a flank. My point is stop playing DD if you have no guts to fulfill your role as a DD which primary goal is to spot enemies, torp them, and cap objective, go play other class like CA/CL or BB if you want to stay behind because bad DD really drag the team down. Thanks you!