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  1. 1. I may not have strong hard evidence to back it up, but I have a lot of circumstantial evidence to back it up, with the most glaringly obvious one being the fact that it was modeled in game and was not given to exclusively STs. 2. I'm not a Canadian, and I don't really want the Haida personally, but hey, some people in this thread expressed wish to have it. However, the Canadians are nice and patient compared to us, and so I have faith that WeeGee will show good faith and release a finished, polished product that was not rushed through the development phase.
  2. I don't think we should see everything as something that needs to be conquered. We shouldn't see WeeGee as a tool and something that we can push around. We shouldn't act like angry people and demand everything from WeeGee all at once. I do agree they need a lot more communication, but I'd say this time around they communicated with the community well enough. They never said the Mass was going to get released, and then just now they confirmed that they are still testing it. There was no bamboozle this time around.
  3. It doesn't affect me personally, but I do wish to make sure that it doesn't affect other players. I want to see the Mass have a healthy development cycle that results in her being released as a nice, unique prem ship that has clear advantages and disadvantages over her counterparts. Thus I don't want to see her rushed through development because a couple salty players decided they wanted to kick up a fuss. And I don't want to see other players get teamkilled or flamed because the Mass is not being released right now.
  4. I get it; a lot of people like to claim that WeeGee has very little morals. I'm not an amateur to WeeGee, I was around for the Defender and Chrysler GF after all. But I'm not talking about WeeGee's lack of morals, I'm talking about OUR lack of morals as a community.
  5. I'll go down the list. 1. Mass was originally intended to be the "general public" ship that was to be sold in place of the Alabama. The Alabama was an ST ship, and the Mass was intended to be the ship that everyone else could get. 2. The reason why we need to appease Canadians is because they literally don't have crapin this game. I'm not joking, there isn't a single Commonwealth ship that the HMCS used. And how are they taking it? Quite nicely, in fact. 3. I never asked for ships to appease the rest of us; I merely stated that some variation in premium ships would be nice.
  6. The odd part is that it did happen, and what's even odder is that I'm not accusing the entire server of engaging in the activity. My aim is not to put blame on the NA server as a whole for everything terrible that has happened. But I am warning that if we aren't careful, we could all fall down the same slope and engage once again, in destroying server unity. Flamu is questionable at times, and he can be toxic. But is it any different from calling your team a bunch of idiots? I'm sure that you have called your team idiots, and I'm also sure that during those times, your entire team was not all made of 46% winrate players. But by calling your team a bunch of idiots, you generalize the team, no? Thus, it is clear that we all engage in this kind of rhetoric, regardless of whether we are talking about just our teams or an entire server.
  7. The reason why it was implied that a "bad group" of players on NA was the reason is because a bad group of players, mostly from NA, did in fact cause the big shitstorm. You can't just jump around the fact that it was primarily NA players who did stir up the shitstorm. And while I'm not outright accusing the entire NA server of killing our dream of the Mass, I'm saying some NA players did in contribute to the Mass not being released. So in part, NA did do this. And in part, we are to blame, primarily since people like you and I allowed those people to continue to whine, complain, and TK. I'm not saying that you are among those who [edited] everything up. But it's not like NA is some kind of magical angel server where everyone is happy with what they get. Go to SEA if you want that. I would love to see more DDs, although we have a little too many American/American knockoffs, we could always use special gimmicky USN DDs that serve no other purpose than to be fun. As for Haida, it would go a long way for appeasing the Canadians here. I wouldn't trust WeeGee with an IJN Prem though, but hey, it's hard to mess up Poi.
  8. The r/worldofwarships community is a combination of many CCs, supertesters, and players from all regions, not just NA. So it's not just made of random trolls who simply exist to wreak havoc. And while yes, they are at times trolls, I can think of far worse boards to post on (looking at you /pol/). So yes, Reddit has some valid points.
  9. I too love threatening people and implying some kind of attack on WG. That worked so well in the past, and because of our efforts, Reddit loves us, right guys?
  10. I really don't think you understand the point I'm making here. This is why the other servers hate us; it's because of our entitled attitude and lack of any morals whatsoever that we are despised as the worst server. From way back during the USN Citadel buffs that made the ships OP to now, NA has whined and thrown hissy fits. Because we have the money, NA calls the shots and other servers don't have a say, which deepens the divide. Yes, money speaks, but money makes us grow soft and greedy.
  11. I know business is all about the money, but goddamn NA has no morals, no reservations, and is incredibly entitled. I really don't like the "I hab money, gib everything" attitude that our server has, and unfortunately due to certain people in this thread it won't change at all.
  12. I charge you with the heinous crime of being honest and making sure that people know their place. You are to be sent to gulag. No, seriously, don't apologize. Don't let the kids in the thread win, because honestly NA has gone too far this time.
  13. This is the exact reason why Reddit hates us. It's because NA has the mentality that because they have enough money, they should be able to throw a hissy fit like a little kid and get whatever they want. No, you can't just not support WeeGee when you can't buy everything you want to be able to buy. That's not how it works around here. Reddit hates NA because of their entitled attitude and bitchiness. NA is possibly one of the most privileged servers, yet they feel the need to demand more. And at some point, WeeGee has to step in and not bend over. Versus you look at EU, who is repeatedly stiffed even though they are larger and pay more. And yes, it was NA's fault. I'm not gonna sugarcoat it and I don't think you should either. Or are you excusing the hitlists of STs and Devs who worked on the Aladrama?
  14. Do you know why your precious Massachusetts has not been released? You want a reason? It's because there's no uniqueness to the ship. We don't need another AMERICA F*CK YEAH BB and we certainly don't need more tier 8 prem BBs. In addition, the Aladrama would simply supersede the ship. Now, who was shouting at WeeGee to buff the Aladrama, and who is now going to face the consequences of not getting yet another USN Prem again? You. You only have yourselves to blame for this one. I am eagerly awaiting the Asashio to farm salty BB tears.
  15. Konigsberg Tips

    Ok, first reset your captain. You want to go for PT (so you can know when you need to start running for that island and dropping stealth) > AR (this skill is busted) > DE (more burn dmg) > CE. IFHE is useless on KM CL/CA HE, since it benefits from 1/4 HE pen.