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  1. Strafing allows a Japanese CV to outplay an American CV (unless they are Saipan, because lol xd belens). While I do not play high tier CVs myself, I have friends who do and they like it once they get past the learning curve. I do think manual drops should be available at low tiers tho. Would be interesting.
  2. What happened to the original Pan Paka Pan from SkyLagTV? I can't find it, did they close their account?
  3. I made not one, but two playlists
  4. What are we looking at?
  5. I want that free karma.
  6. Clearly WG needs more data. Thanks to Flamu and WoWs Reddit for this one.
  7. "Destroying World War II feel." Hmm Gearing, HSF Harekaze, Midway, pretty much half the tier 10s in game.
  8. Never the right eared one. It's evil! It tells you to be productive!
  9. Not out on Apple App store as of 8:14 PM West Coast time.
  10. It's pretty complicated, but the thing is, Taiwanese people are very proud of their self-seen independence from China. In fact, Taiwan (the nation-state) is buying weapons from the US in order to defend themselves. They're very [edited]serious about it all, and because they don't consider themselves a part of China, they'll get pissed very easily. It's like if you called South Korea a part of North Korea. People in South Korea consider themselves independent and are ready to fight anyone who says they aren't. Or like calling either Koreas a part of Japan because they were conquered by Japan in the 1900s. East Asia is a big boiling pot that's made of people who hate each other.
  11. Meh, things are going to crap. Everything political, environmental, geopolitical, and economical are all coming to a head. We'll see if this ends up ushering us into a new era. In the mean time, I'm going to play games and act like everything is fine.
  12. I mean, those all sound like really bad players, not bots.
  13. You forget we have Taiwan, Indonesia, Thai, and Korea. Yes, I will be picky. I have friends who would literally beat you unconscious if you called Taiwan "China." My grandfather would also beat the crapout of you if you forgot Korea.
  14. >Firing rockets at long range with no fear of retaliation >"Oh, Fritz is good, a long ranged missile that, even if it fails, the only thing you lose is the missile, not the plane!" >long range missile strikes that risk nothing >guided missile that you can't dodge Looking at guided artillery from WoT guys. Pack your bags, things will never be as cancerous as this.