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  1. Hi there, tried to install the mod alongside my already Aslain modded install but couldn't get the model to change. I moved it into the highest numbered folder (5915585) and replaced the .py file already inside of the res_mods folder from my Aslains install. I also asked this on the Reddit thread but I figure you probably check that less. E: Managed to get it working by placing the Forrest Sherman folder into PnFMods.
  2. Slntreaper

    USN DD's needs BUFFS

    Grammar for that would be "I can confidently say that unofficial stats are ineffective for judging ships."
  3. Started a new YT channel, would like to see reception for this video.
  4. Slntreaper

    Puka Puka Fleet

    Madoka Magica was AOTY of 2011, and it had very cute girls. Homura did nothing wrong. I would not call it cheap trash, and yet according to your definitions it's just low quality content.
  5. Slntreaper

    Puka Puka Fleet

    Disclaimer: I'll be honest, I like anime. I think it's pretty damn clear here. Anime is a medium and a style of art, not a genre. I would love to see you equate Anno's masterpiece "Shin Seiki Evangelion" to White Fox's "Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka?" I love both of them, they're my top animes and I got a Chino table stand yesterday. But it's time to stop equating one to the other. I would bet you that if you gave me five minutes to show you a really well written anime with good plot development, strong characters, deep themes, and groundbreaking traits, I could find you one (Hint: look at my second sentence). Puka Puka Fleet in this context is a different way of drawing a comic, sort of like how Scandinavia and the World looks different from Cyanide and Happiness. Puka Puka Fleet has been an official WG comic for quite some time in other servers, and I don't see why you would just get angry at something you can quite frankly ignore. It's not like Wargaming completely ignores history either. TL;DR: Anime is an art form, don't hate it because of the way it looks. Besides, the SEA players watch a lot of anime and they beat our asses in cross-server competitions. Maybe we should consume more anime?
  6. Slntreaper

    Just bought the Minotaur and have a question

    >actually playing smoke mino in radar meta ok
  7. Slntreaper

    Got My Worcester Legendary Upgrade Today

    Congrats OP! I haven't gotten any special mods yet for my tier 10s...
  8. Slntreaper

    How is this possible?

    OP please deliver, I too am interested in this allegation. Perhaps he was using AP?
  9. Slntreaper

    Possible Solution to Radar

    It's better than your English.
  10. I have been reading your older posts. You give excellent advise is it permissible to follow you Mz.Slntraper? thank you for the consideration. 

    1. Slntreaper


      I'm still relatively new to this game, you should look at better players who actually know everything there is to know.  I guess it would be ok if you followed me, but a lot of my posts are just shitposts or memes.

    2. MzFortune2001


      Not sure I understand mems meaning pictures and the outer meaning teasing? correct. Sorry I try to be sure of context this has led to misunderstanding when I have not asked. But even then you are a kind person and I thank you. If you feel later that it is ok I would like to learn from all your experience, sir. 

  11. Hello, I want to play my own music in WoWs, and I put it in /res/userMusic. Yes the music is in .mp3 format, etc etc. It's still not working. I checked the box for "play your own music" and restarted. Still not working. Did they break music in WoWs?
  12. Slntreaper

    Phoenix gameplay tips?

    Alright, I kinda need help in Phoenix and light cruiser playstyles. I've been failing hard in it, and I really hate it. I'm only doing it for the Cleveland, so can anyone tell me how to play this ship and its class?