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  1. Original poll here: https://goo.gl/forms/X71tjFIXY1AHEzj93 Disclaimer The following results are the results of a player-run poll distributed among the NA forums, Asia forums, and r/worldofwarships. The results are not endorsed by any other party except for myself, including Wargaming, Reddit, or any of the developers. As this was a player run poll, I open up my results to any analysis that any players, developers, and/or outside observers would like to make. I expect to be accused of vote manipulation. These results are not guaranteed to influence Wargaming in any way. I am also not an AP Stats student. If you spot an incorrect assumption, please show mercy. Thank you. Introduction and Methodology The following results are compiled from the poll linked above, which ran from 17-11-17 to 22-11-17. The poll collected 387 responses. One of these responses was by a player who exclusively played on the CN server; as a result, their result was removed. This was response number 121. In case you're wondering, I did have to go through 121 responses to find the one person who played only CN. Thus, with the singular response thrown out, there were 386 responses from RU, EU, NA, SEA, and CN. Results were compiled into an Excel doc and analyzed. An asterisk (*) indicates that I lumped similar responses together. For example, if one response was that they didn't care, and another response was that it didn't really matter, I would lump both together. In addition, all of the "other" responses are marked as "Other" in the pie charts. Data Results Do note the data can be accessed at: https://goo.gl/forms/X71tjFIXY1AHEzj93 Analysis The poll results point to an overwhelming majority of people who want the flag changes to be reverted back to the original situation (IE all ships fly national flags by default). This poll proves that not all people dislike the national flags, with the majority of the comments pointing to either historical accuracy or pride in their own nations such as Indonesia. Although a supposed 1.4 billion people from the CN server preferred the generic Pan Asia flag for all of the ships, their results will not be counted in this poll because either way, the result does not affect those on the CN server. It can be said that Wargaming should not bow to the CN server demands because they are not affected by the flag appearance either way, but I do not necessarily endorse these views. However, it can be argued that WG should, in fact, keep the generic flags in order to keep with consistency throughout the line. Either way, the majority of those surveyed who actually play on the main servers believe that Pan Asian DDs should have their national flags back for a multitude of reasons. I am allowing the use of this survey to be used in other letters, topics, threads, or any other communication akin to the above. I do not necessarily endorse the views of those who use this poll. This poll is strictly neutral, with the author attempting to remove as much personal bias as possible.
  2. TAE is definitely useful for IJN DDs. SI is great, but not as good as TAE. Fire torpedoes staggered, the 3 launcher setup is very useful for that. You can stagger launches around the white indicator line to get hits off in case they dodge. Always try to stay away from DDs and closer to enemy BBs. You can't fight out a Mahan. Other than that, I'd just say stealthtorp and pray for the best.
  3. So a while back, @Pigeon_of_War made a post about bringing newer players into the game. It was a competition to see ways we can improve the new player experience. He mentioned that a brand new ship that wasn't implemented yet would be in the reward. Does this mean we're looking at another possible premium, or do you guys think it'll be something like the Kidd? Also, when will the competition end?
  4. This really doesn't affect anything except for the seasonal lootboxes (Christmas, Halloween). I'd say watch how CSGO reacts to this though. Skins and opening cases are a big part of GabeN's paycheck.
  5. Problem is, with 2-2-2, after dropping bombs, the Midway can have up to 4 fighters in the sky.
  6. Anon, the Umikaze has literally the best torpedo range compared to the tier 3 and tier 4. Your guns are kinda okish, but the main offensive work, and what makes the line unique, should be done with torpedoes. And don't bring "muh game count" [edited] into this, what the other guy is saying is that we shouldn't trust the person who spams the tier 2 as a clubing bote because they will always advocate for buffs to make clubbing seals easier.
  7. So... You want to... See Torpedo DD nerfs (Even though the Shima underperforms out of all of the DDs) See BBs able to push w/o fearing anything (since cruisers fighting BBs is just a good meme) More AP cits (again, screw cruisers) BB smoke firing Torpedoes killing concealment (not sure what balance or even historical relevance this has, last time i checked dropping a metal rod into the ocean doesn't look as bright as firing 356 mm cannons, also screws torp DD even more) Overall BB buffs? You realize DDs are meant to counter out BBs, right? Edit: top 3 most played ships are BBs, and there's only one DD in the top 5. So yeah, world of DDs amirite?
  8. Yes anon, we should fire our guns on an IJN DD.
  9. Will Altanta be sold again possibly part of Black Friday or Christmas? If so, for how much? I'm thinking around $40.
  10. 1. Brit BB is blatantly OP. But that's the only really bad HE spam thing. The rest is fine, since they have lower fire chance. 2. USN CVs are getting buff, 2-2-2 Midway
  11. When I hit launch, the process shows up in my Task manager, but I never actually see the game client itself. Did it break?
  12. >while i sat still in smoke you would have died anyways by torpedoes.
  13. Not today for some reason. But every other day, yes. I just wish it would be more BBs today so I can do Kagero.
  14. I can make a detailed analysis if you want, however I'm pretty scrub at the Midway.
  15. I'd give rep, but I ran out for the day. Here's a happy Yuudachi instead.