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  1. Azuriell

    USN Cruiser Split - USS Dallas?

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search One commissioned ship and one commissioned submarine of the United States Navy have been named USS Dallas. The ship was named after Alexander J. Dallas and the submarine after Dallas, Texas. Two other ships to honor the city were planned, but never completed. USS Dallas (DD-199), was a Clemson-class destroyer commissioned in 1920, in service during World War II, and scrapped 1946. A Des Moines-class heavy cruiser to be named Dallas (CA-140) was cancelled during construction in 1946. It was the only ship of her class to be so cancelled (three others were built and launched). Another intended Des Moines-class heavy cruiser Dallas (CA-150), was cancelled before start of construction in 1945. She was one of five ships in the batch cancelled before building began. USS Dallas (SSN-700), is a Los Angeles-class nuclear attack submarine commissioned in 1981 and currently in active service. Only ships named Dallas or were going to be named Dallas.
  2. Azuriell

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Make radar damageable or able to take it out with HE rounds just like we can take out AA and Torpedo tubes. It can be repairable but if enough damage to it is done it's taken out of play. Same should be said for Hydro if hit with torpedos.