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  1. spectre977

    Clan Battles: "Piranha" Season

    Remember when CVs were banned from Clan Battles? Incredible the lengths WG will go to alienate it's veteran player base.
  2. spectre977

    CVs need depth-charges.

    I think you are trying to over think this video game. Play CV if you want, but all ships have their limitations and can't do everything. CVs are already pretty OP because they can SPOT from afar. This game mimics reality to a point, destroyers counter battleships, cruisers counter destroyers, but CVs counter ALL types no matter what tier you are playing. If you are spotting, you are doing damage. Spotting might be boring, but dude a CV who spots for his team effectively is worth their weight in gold. The ones who are obviously farming damage off battleships are not helping their team. It's up to you what type of player you want to be, damage farmer or effective (and the damage farmer is not effective). Stop worrying so much about subs, they are not OP. As a CV player your number one threat is the enemy CV. And you don't have to take my word for it, take a look at this video. This is just one example and it sure don't involve any subs. I don't endorse this guy or anything, it is just funny. You're a new player, take your time to learn the ropes, tier 10 is not where you go to learn the ropes. And if you do get deleted by subs in the future, I will deny telling you any of this. GG!
  3. spectre977

    CVs need depth-charges.

    I have played the subs and can tell you CVs are not considered a free kill. BBs are the easiest kill for the sub. As long as you have aircraft and can spot you are safe. That's the advantage CVs have over all classes, spotting, not their direct damage dealing. If you want to deal direct artillery damage, than play another ship. The CV is too far to the rear for a sub to get to on a consistent basis without running into other enemy ships or the match just flat out timing out. And say the match goes badly for you and the sub does reach you, well the CV is FASTER than the subs, even with the sub surfaced. I tried catching a fleeing CV in a surfaced sub and quickly realized I was not going to catch it or get within torpedo range unless he stopped. The best I could do was keep him spotted so my team could finish him. And quite frankly a surfaced sub that far in the rear is a dead sub. Rocket planes still do a lot of damage to subs and with the current mechanic even a submerged sub has to come to a depth which you will detect him and can rocket him. If he dives to evade contact, he can no longer see you and you win again. You have to rely a bit on your team dude when playing CV, subs or no subs.
  4. spectre977

    PTS 0.10.7

    Probably in the next week or two, since 0.10.7 just dropped and looks like it is getting a patch to fix a bug sometime this week. I see content is downloading on my client.
  5. spectre977

    Submarine Testing

    The Public Test 10.7 ended.
  6. spectre977

    PTS 0.10.7

    You can play around with them in CO-OP to re-familiarize yourself with them.
  7. As long as you are spotting enemy ships, which is something all tier CV's can do effectively, even when up-tiered, you are helping your team 100% more than if you are out solely trying to do damage. As a DD main I am here to tell you, we HATE being spotted by the CV while trying to perform our duties as a destroyer player, no matter if it is gunboat or torpedo boat, with or without smoke no destroyer player wants to be spotted by the CV. It may be boring to effectively spot, but your team will appreciate you more than the CV players who waste a teams time early match farming battleships.
  8. spectre977

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    Good on you mate. At first I did not see many cruisers in these matches, then I started to see more and realized the cruiser players knew the battleship players were ignoring them to park way back and shoot across the map. Can't remember the last time I had seen an Azuma, but they have been showing up for this along with loads of Yoshinos. I saw one Satsuma who was ignoring a Minotaur so he could shoot across the map. The Minotaur realized this guy was not going to pay any attention to him, so he and a Tashkent closed within 8k in open water and farmed this guy to death. The Satsuma never even turned his main guns toward the Minotaur who was clearly the biggest threat.
  9. spectre977

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    Nothing "Grand" about this mode. It was fun and challenging on the PTS because we were fighting against mostly experienced players who knew the game. Now upon release, it's like playing a tier 2-3 match. Nothing fun about loading in with Super BB players who have no experience and watching your team melt all huddled up, parked behind the same island while they shoot across the map at another group of Super BB's doing the same thing, all while ignoring the high DPM cruiser who is just melting them.
  10. spectre977

    New German Destroyers Review

    You could see this coming a mile away, the new German destroyers are no match against their tech tree brethren, and fair much worse against other nations high DPM destroyers. This myth about them countering light cruisers is a joke. WG tried to sell them as second line destroyers, but when there is only one destroyer per side, the "new" German destroyers are pressed to contest the cap. I played trusty Z-52 today and destroyed two Elbings who were trying to cap, but they are out spotted and when they get close enough, they get hydro'ed and shot to pieces. I love the German destroyer line, but I am not wasting any resources researching and purchasing these new destroyers, they would just be port queens.
  11. spectre977

    Submarine Testing

    I think WG is caving in to all the complaints coming from the BB community. Now subs are "de-fanged" and their mission has been changed to now engage destroyers and cruisers, the two ships which have always dumpstered subs. Now subs are just sitting ducks.
  12. spectre977

    Submarine Testing

    I really don't get it. WG has been working hard to get submarines in the game and promoting their arrival, and now at the "finish line" they release the most unplayable version of their submarine yet. Now it's like WG is trying to discourage us from playing the subs. The other iterations were fun and playable, this "update" is AWFUL.
  13. spectre977

    PTS 0.10.5

    The PTS is only live Thursday through Monday. You usually get two weeks to test, second week starts tomorrow, times are on the website.
  14. spectre977

    PTS 0.10.5

    You just hit the nail on the head. WG wants this game to become a "simple clickfest firefight" so they can dig deep into those new inexperienced players who just want to buy a high tier battleship or CV and have at it. Gone are the days of this being called the "Thinking Man's Game."
  15. spectre977

    T-61 or Z-39 in 2021

    I have both the T-61 and Z-39. For overall general gameplay including ranked, if I could choose one I would take the T-61. It is such a powerful destroyer at tier 6 and it plays well even when up tiered "if" you are familiar with the play style of the German destroyer line. Z-39's play style takes a bit getting used to. It's 150mm canons reload at 7.5 seconds and no consumable or captain skill can change that. So you are not going to knife fight with the destroyers tiers 5-9 with better DPM and survive. Z-39 was supposed to come out at tier 8, but in testing it was not competitive at tier 8 if I recall, so they dropped it to tier 7, but it retains 5km hydro, smoke and a slot for concealment so its stealth is competitive! With a well trained captain you can get both T-61 and Z-39's detection down to 6.1km, which is not bad. The IJN boats with good captains will still out spot you, but not out gun you in either ship, but good Haida players with 5.7km detect will out spot you and hunt you. This ranked season, I have been playing Z-39 and it has performed well.