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    Linux computer user, World of Warships and World of Warplanes player along with the classic arcade games. You Tube content creator focused on World of Warships replays and World of Warplanes replays. Drop in at spectre977 Gaming on You Tube.

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  1. spectre977

    Anchors Away Tour Stop 3: USS Yorktown on July 13th!

    I had a great time meeting cool people who share the same passion for this wonderful game! I would definitely recommend attending one of these ship meet ups. Thank you Wargaming for having us...GG! spectre977
  2. spectre977

    Error with Replays

    What has been working for me (so far keeping fingers crossed) is an old way to get a good replay. By dropping your replay file onto the current and matching WOWS executable in your Games folder. That seems to work for now, although I have purchased an Elgato HD60 S and use it also.
  3. spectre977

    Error with Replays

    I am having the same issue with replays not working. I even created a separate partition running only the Wargaming Game Center and OBS just so I can record the replays and they are not working. No mods or anything else extra runs on this partition. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. spectre977
  4. You don't have to "run them down". But, a cruiser can screen for and detect them. Open water cruisers like Zao, Takao, Henry, do this very well.
  5. Unfortunately, too many cruiser players think their job is just to farm damage off the enemy BBs and they don't actively look for the enemy destroyers. So, I look for the enemy destroyers first and try to take them out. That just makes your job as a DD a bit easier. The caveat, is if you play a "gunboat" destroyer, it makes that job a lot easier than if you are playing a "torp boat."
  6. They are just jokes dude, relax.
  7. IJN DDs are the tastiest...lol
  8. I agree, same play style here, except I'll enter the cap the enemy DD can contest if they like, but you better bring some help. Z-Boats are life...!
  9. BB Mafia member...Confirmed...lol All BBs to A...What do you mean the enemy is at C???
  10. spectre977

    Calling all YouTubers! NA only

  11. spectre977

    Calling all YouTubers! NA only

    Throwing my hat in the ring! Come check me out on You Tube at spectre977 Gaming!
  12. Mino is a good ship, but it gets so focused. And, now, even the greenest player knows to shoot and torp smoke. With cruisers, I prefer the open water cruisers, at least you have a chance to evade and "go dark". With the RN cruisers, you know they are somewhere within that 2-3 puffs of smoke.
  13. True, was gonna say same, but got distracted by this plate of spaghetti...lol
  14. You do know that is the creepiest freaking avatar I think I have seen on this site ever...Not sleeping tonight...lol
  15. Exactly, a good destroyer seems to control the flow of the match. You can keep things moving by spotting, capping and contesting, whereas the other classes don't dictate the flow of battle.