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  1. spectre977

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    I like the historical aspect of the game and I can even get into some of the hypothetical ships and the Kitakami was a Kuma class cruiser which did fight in WW2. But, when you compare it to any of the tier 8-10 cruisers in game, it is sorely outclassed.
  2. spectre977

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    The sad part about all of this is, we the WOWS community see this as a "meme" ship, WG is serious and thinks this "Kuma" should be a tier 10 ship. They will put it in the premium shop, people will buy it, play it a few times and after they get tired of getting blasted back to port, because it will get focused hard, it will become a port queen.
  3. spectre977

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    This ship was weak at tier 8, so what's the thinking at putting essentially a Kuma with a ton of torpedoes at tier 10?
  4. spectre977

    Call [edited] in game play

    Not all ships are created equally in this game, even the same ship classes in the same tier do not perform equally. Some are just better than others, and that's not even factoring in Captain's skills and ship optimization. Now adjusting tactics such as not being so close to the first volleys of enemy fire in case of the Italian line might help you, because you are going to be spotted first because of the Italian lines bad concealment. And, I don't mean spotted by destroyers, you are out spotted at tier 6 by cruisers you will never see who will get off first shot at you, i.e. Furitakas, Aoba, Myoko and Atago just to name a few. They can obliterate you before you realize where they were. Not meaning to bash the Italian cruiser line, BUT, with that particular line I would say the only ship which can hold it's own in the Italian cruiser line without driving you crazy is the tier 10 Venezia. Just some lines are not worth the headache to pursue.
  5. spectre977

    Call [edited] in game play

    Training room is a good area to check out what is happening. Cue up a training room and load in the ships you frequently encounter and shoot them from different ranges and angles with what ever type ammo. I play destroyers most of the time, and I did this with the destroyers I usually play against the destroyers and light cruisers I would likely encounter first in game.
  6. Navy, there's a notice on the WOWS website saying the Anchors Away tour to the USS NC has been postponed. Hopefully it will be rescheduled for later this year.
  7. I had purchased my ticket and saw today I received a refund and the event had been postponed. A sad reality, but necessary. Everyone stay safe.
  8. I had a great time meeting cool people who share the same passion for this wonderful game! I would definitely recommend attending one of these ship meet ups. Thank you Wargaming for having us...GG! spectre977
  9. spectre977

    Error with Replays

    What has been working for me (so far keeping fingers crossed) is an old way to get a good replay. By dropping your replay file onto the current and matching WOWS executable in your Games folder. That seems to work for now, although I have purchased an Elgato HD60 S and use it also.
  10. spectre977

    Error with Replays

    I am having the same issue with replays not working. I even created a separate partition running only the Wargaming Game Center and OBS just so I can record the replays and they are not working. No mods or anything else extra runs on this partition. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. spectre977
  11. You don't have to "run them down". But, a cruiser can screen for and detect them. Open water cruisers like Zao, Takao, Henry, do this very well.
  12. Unfortunately, too many cruiser players think their job is just to farm damage off the enemy BBs and they don't actively look for the enemy destroyers. So, I look for the enemy destroyers first and try to take them out. That just makes your job as a DD a bit easier. The caveat, is if you play a "gunboat" destroyer, it makes that job a lot easier than if you are playing a "torp boat."
  13. They are just jokes dude, relax.
  14. IJN DDs are the tastiest...lol
  15. I agree, same play style here, except I'll enter the cap the enemy DD can contest if they like, but you better bring some help. Z-Boats are life...!