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    Brazilian Navy Day

  2. Grand_Moff_Blarg

    Battle of Midway

  3. Grand_Moff_Blarg

    US Tenth Fleet

  4. Grand_Moff_Blarg

    Directive 1 tokens...

    bought them before I got the free boxes. but you're right, dumb idea to get them
  5. Grand_Moff_Blarg

    Directive 1 tokens...

    my first 8 boxes were all 5s I bought a few of the 500 doubloon things but they were all fives too
  6. Grand_Moff_Blarg

    What is your goal?

  7. Grand_Moff_Blarg

    EU DDs

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    The Doolittle Raid

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    Unity, Service, and Navigation

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    Full Broadside