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  1. Des Moines or Worcester?

    If you enjoy Atlanta, then go with Worcester. Same style of play, but at tier 10 instead. I don't have the DM, but the general consensus it a solid ship to have. As for Salem, from what I've personally seen in game, it's a dumbed down DM, so take that information how you want to.
  2. Who have you seen in game

    Yesterday ,played with @Lert in his jervis and just sunk @Femennenly in Lexington.
  3. Not to Midway yet, but I'm on Lexington. Try to be sneaky with your planes. Having one less fighter squadron, try to bait the enemy fighters then strafe them all at once, and use your larger squadron size to your advantage. Also, Worcester is broken with AA. I have it and having around 1600 dps that can fire 8.2km is stupid. But, as with most ships in this game, it has it's own special gimmick.
  4. You do nothing but focus broadside cruisers by spamming AP. You're almost guaranteed citadels when doing this. Once cruisers that are a threat have been dealt with, Switch to HE and start blazing battleships. Use that radar to find dd's so friendly dd's can take them out. Never sail alone, and if you do, make sure you're kiting towards your team.