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    Santa Crate Saturday - Best Prize

    Got a Krondshtadt and a Missouri from the last few I bought.
  2. Decided to get one last pack of Santa crates. Something or someone smiled upon me as it dropped a Krondshtadt and a Missouri.
  3. In some cases this may be a problem, but dont forget that the planes do have to travel all the way back to the carrier, and then new planes have to get where they need to go, so there is downtime in terms of travel. Also, it wouldn't really be fair to most players in an instance of, say, seeing a better target that may require different planes. If I have torp bombers out going after a BB, and see a DD sneaking up on me, I'm most definitely recalling to get rocket planes out and maybe deter him for a bit.

    PE Freddy Missions Part IV

    You guys have this week and next week to work on the last directive. So 2 weeks total before the 8.0 patch.

    Rented Graf Spee

    If you return to the game after not logging in for a while, they'll give you premium ship rentals along with some other goodies to get you to actually stay and maybe make a premium shop purchase

    What is the pro and con of each nation Cruiser line?

    USN: High shell arcs, radar at higher tiers. Super heavy Ap shells with increased auto bounce angles and amazing AA suites. No torpedoes like every other line IJN: Good HE, quick and stealthy, but poorly armored USSR: Best shell ballistics in game, great AP and HE, but extremely fragile when broadside German: have only gotten to Yorck, but they get access to a good hydro consumable. Good armor when compared to other counterparts and I believe they also get super heavy shells, dont quote me on that. RN: only fires AP rounds with high shell arcs and fast fire rates. Gets a smoke consumable along with good heals and radar at higher tiers but lightly armored. French: I cant answer anything here but they usually perform ok when I see them in game
  7. This was my first 1mil game. Considering it was a loss, I can only imagine what I would have really earned. Also ignore the graphics quality, as I was playing on a potato of a laptop at the time.
  8. Stay away from IJN premium BBs. The atago is always a good choice. Alabama and Kidd are good as well. Tipritz and scharnhorst are great. Any Battleship is a good choice really as they are the least punishing. Go on YouTube and look up reviews on the ships you're interested in. I like watching flamu, although other people have different preferences.

    Biggest premium ship regret!

    Bruh I just pulled one out of a santa crate yesterday and I just about screamed. As for my biggest regret, it would definitely be the roma.

    Should I get Salem?

    Already have Jean bart. Got it with that 30% off coupon wargaming handed out for anniversaries.

    Should I get Salem?

    This is why I wish wargaming would tell us in advance what new reward ships will be purchased with. If they said azuma would be bought with coal, I would save for that instead, but they are as tightlipped as possible.

    Should I get Salem?

    The problem here is that regular ranked has been put on the back burner for right now in favor of the sprint format, and that only rewards more coal.

    Should I get Salem?

    I don't plan on playing clan wars anytime soon to get enough for stalingrad or bourgoune, and the flint and black dont appeal to me very much, so the steel is really just convertable coal to me.

    Should I get Salem?

    So as of today I have enough to get the Salem in the arsenal. I have a little under 130k coal and I'm still collecting steel(should have a little over 10.5k when I'm done). I'm looking for personal opinions if I should get her or not, or keep saving the steel for something later down the line. I just got Des Moines and I love her too to add that in.

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Yours is coming @mixmkz! Merry Christmas!