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  1. The 510s dont even cross any threshold in overmatch either, dont forget. They can overmatch 35mm of armor, that's it, but yamato could already do 32. The next milestone is 50mm, but that will never be reached. All we can do is wait and see right now.

    Results of Hayate resource voting

    12500 Research Points for 250k free XP.

    PSA: PR Harassment Needs to Stop

    I've had a couple people do the same with the gorizia. I've only played it in COOP but even there, people harass you for anything related to the PR grind.

    Anybody else received this coupon?

    Yes, If you buy a $50 item, you will receive $100 worth of doubloons. This is a good deal, especially now since you can buy most premium ships in the armory as well as christmas crates for doubloons there as well. P.S. - there is a discount coupon in the armory for doubloon ships as well so extra win

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    I'm just going to drop my 2 cents here: There is a 99.9999999% chance I'm wrong here, but all these directives and missions inside of each may be retroactive, but the progress isnt being tracked yet. XP I earn for say the 1st directive, may also count for the 7th when it finally unlocks. Once again, I'm probably wrong and even if this is the case, it's still one hell of a grind, but that's my proposal. We wont know until monday when the next directive opens up, but we can hope.

    More info required for PT Grind

    You start with 125 points per minutes. The free booster you need to go any higher with more boosters is an extra 6, so technically 131.
  7. Is it just me or does it seem someone at WG fat-fingered some numbers while typing up these directive requirements?

    PSA: Direct access to your Dockyard.

    Just let him be happy. If he wanted the ship he got it. Yeah, it's one thing hes bragging, but him owning the ship has zero effect on you.
  9. All the steel with the snowflakes and a coupon renewal on the 26th mean I'm getting a Stalingrad for Christmas.
  10. @Blorgh2017 I'd go with doubloons or georgia. The 30% off makes it cost as much as a tier 8 premium and you save your coal for something else; a tier 10 coal ship or another ship you're interested in later on. Or, if you go with doubloons, you'll be able to buy a ship from the "Ships for doubloons" category in the armory. Add in the 25% coupon for that section as well, and you got a pretty good deal.

    PSA - Sound Settings

    Just gonna ask, anyone's sounds sound reverberated and off in the distance like it's not coming from their ship? Since the 8.8 patch, the quality seems to have gone down, not up.

    Update 0.8.8 - Sound Engine: Bug Reports

    @Gneisenau013 from my personal experience, the sounds after 8.8 and 8.8.1 sound reverberated and like they are way in the background. I dont know if this is how it should be, but the sounds prior to 8.8 were much clearer and sounded like they came from my ship. I've done everything I can in terms of settings, but any variation sounds the same.

    Smolensk- well worth the coal

    Couldn't buy a win last night with thing. Its east to break 100k damage and with range mods, means your out of harm's way most of the time. I really want to like it but its gonna get my conqueror treatment and sit in port if I cant win with it.

    Anyone else having fun with their Bayard???

    Absolutely broken if you have french cruiser kiting experience.
  15. Missouri, Musashi/Yoshino, Krondshtadt/Stalingrad, and Jean Bart are gonna the ships to have for the 3 million credit missions. Slap some credit flags on and farm some damage.