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  1. Zaikadi

    BBs in Co-op

    It's a year after the last post in this thread, but I have to say that it's fristrating playing a BB in co-op. I'm grinding up the German BB line at Kaiser now. These things are powerful when they can get into battle, but there isn't much left by the time I do. My best games are when I went through narrow straits and rammed a DD. Then, I usually had time to sink one ship and damage another before my team torped them all. The best was when my team dissolved, leaving only the CV and me. Then I could attack the surviving bots. That as fun. The best ship I've ever played in co-op was the Kuma. It is fast, can take out DDs with its guns and it can take out everything else with its torps. I think the ideal ship is a fast cruiser with good torps. I wish my Mainz had the speed and agility of my Myoko.
  2. How do we get these super containers? Someone suggested you have to have a Tier X ship. If that's true, it makes no sense to me; it's the players that haven't reached Tier X that need them the most. I've been playing for many years, but I don't like any of the Tier X ships. Is that a reason to leave me out of the celebration? It's like "Thank you for grinding out a Tier X ship" but no "Thank you for playing WoWs for so many years, buying premium time, and buying premium ships/camo/commanders."
  3. I have those, but thanks for pointing it out. I was looking for something special. My Gadjah Mada's permacamo has only some wavy turquoise and azure bands, and it's 2000 doubloons! That's why I asked now. I didn't want to pay 2000 for the GM permacamo and find out the next day I could have spent a similar amount and gotten something more interesting. What shame WoWs is so stingy with decorations! In contrast, WoT has a flexible custom camo, insignia, and decal facility.
  4. Is this usually around special events and holidays? I haven't see any recently.
  5. I just saw that. Sadly, I have no Tier IXs.
  6. I'm a very aesthetic person, and I love to decorate my ships, especially a few favorites. I see players with a lot of great camos, some perhaps permanent. I read an older thread saying that it's impossible to buy permacamo with cash, the game currencies, and resources. It appears that WoWs is a lot stingier about camo than WoT. Is there a way to buy it now? I saw in chat someone mention "anniversary permacamo". How does one get that?
  7. Zaikadi

    Turning Off Collections

    The reason I asked is that I wondered if it would leave more slots open for valuable items in the containers.
  8. Zaikadi

    Turning Off Collections

    Understood, now, thank you.
  9. I keep getting items to collect for the German navy, such as airplanes and ship postcards. I don't know much about this, but I only have two German ships, and I noticed there is a "Don't Collect" toggle button. It must be available for a reason. What is the advantage of clicking this button? Thanks.
  10. Zaikadi

    anshan and fushun VS Gnevny 's GUN ?!

    I was sailing my Fushun, and I just had a knife fight with both a Kamikaze R and a Gaede in the B cap of Strait, and I destroyed both of them--and survived it, though I did get massive damage from a Kami torpedo. I have both Main Battery Mod 2 and Expert Marksman to improve that terrible gun traverse. and that can be enough to fight two DDs at the same time in close quarters. Obviously, I sank them both with my guns. I've had good experiences so far with the Fushun. It's a keeper for me. I'll get the Gadja Mada once I unlock it, and give it another commander. I can use my Anshan as an XP earner.
  11. Zaikadi

    some new ships on the horizon

    Sigh, still no Seydlitz battlecruiser.
  12. Fujin for the past few years. It used to be Isokaze, which I figured out early. The vast majority of my battles have been with IJN DDs. Lately, I've been experimenting with BBs and CAs. Although I'm not a big BB fan (at this point), I enjoy Guilio Cesare the most. I have new ships (Fuso, Anshan & Fushun, and Mainz) that look promising as continuous enjoyment, but I haven't had them long enough to evaluate.
  13. Zaikadi

    How many ships do you have?

    29. I only play 9 regularly. Five of the 9 are IJN.
  14. Zaikadi

    Best DD to carry in?

    I don't play Tier X, but at Tier V, Fujin!