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  1. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    2 things badly needed.

    that is interesting i prefer to open water with US ships specially the Atlanta and the DM with IFA . add rudder crapand legendary mod . mmm mmm mmm. Buf if theirs to many other cruisers specially rus/ijn it gets complicated . In WASD i trust too.
  2. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Space Battles What the hell ?

    Best thing since sliced bread except for the fact that you always have to go back to port . Imagine the seconds i can save but just clicking battle again. BTW is it just me ore is the start timer longer . Always get in a game fast but before it starts seems longer
  3. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    2 things badly needed.

    imo there are not enough BB's in the game . But as a cruiser i like open water boating and dont need to hump islands.
  4. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    suddenly in game communication not working

    thanks ill look into it . to be honest im not sure what up with the sound . through the 3.5mm jack (realtek) i get general game sounds and in the past without headset i would get the chat audio until i plugged in my usb headset. then it go through them. i know i have nvida sound it shows my asus rog monitor as nvidia sound but never get sound through that. there is another nvida sound that shows up in device manager not sure what thats for though. its getting tough to test this stuff out since i dont have regular div mates .
  5. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    suddenly in game communication not working

    thanks im willing to try anything at this point so any idea helps , but i did remove my avg antivirus so its not that.
  6. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    What is your highest number of citadel hits?

    28 in last clan battles with the DM i think 10 this season all on a Yamato and didnt sink him
  7. Im posting here in hopes that someone has some ideas i am working with tech support but am not making progress . its on windows 10 machine. I used to be able to chat talk/listen . then poof it went away couple of weeks ago and now nothing . Cant here voice with usb headsets (2 of them) or even through the 3.5 mm jack to logitech speakers. I can talk either . I believe this started when i had a internet issue where i couldn't get online due some dns thing . I changed from google dns back to find automatically and dont think ive had com's since . I have removed the router (cabled direct to modem) went back to google dns. I turned of windows defender firewall . still nothing . 1. discord works ???? 2. onlline mic check works 3 windows 10 mic and sound check work Tried all the in game audio settings , turning off firewall , resting to default in the audio in setting Any ideas would be appreciated .
  8. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    10 Air Supply = LOL

    OH come on AdmiralThunder dont kid anyone you wanted the cv's ..... Cause if you wanted flags there were other crates you could have bought
  9. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    20x Air Supply = Terrible

    lol id say you did pretty good with that loot crate rng . I really dont play Cv's specially post rework but ill some cash at it . Laways wanted the GZ myself .
  10. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Remove the Karma system from the game now.

    you can see someone else's karma? not sure why op cares don't you have to go search to find your karma?
  11. EyE_dYe_QuIck


    I did that method it and it cost me around $240 in santa containers to get the Belfast. As a side effect i also got like 31 of the other ships and a silly amount of camo / doubloons as well. Shortly after the crates they announced the GC re balance . That was interesting in the fact that maybe they would re-balance the belfast and re-release it.
  12. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Space Battles - Not a fan You?

    i preferred the original space battles , think it was 7v7. Currently it just feels like random battles with even less people knowing what they are doing . Also the visual's looked better in the OG
  13. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Le Terrible Update thoughts

    Nope dont like it , if you cant nerf premiums you shouldn't be able to buff them either , This way you get exactly what you pay for. everyone pretty much knew it was a terrible ship if you chose to purchase it in that iteration thats on the buyer.
  14. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Are disturbing playernames allowed?

    was it spud_killer or snowflake_assassin ? i can see that being reported from some of you
  15. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Ships cost to much

    Coming from other f2p/p2w games honestly I never thought these ships cost too much. Atlanta was the first one i got and it was even priced higher then normal per tier if i remember correctly. But you dont have to buy a ship when it first comes out. you can wait for it to go on sale or wait for a doubloon sale. The only reason i bought ships was since i had two accounts i spent time away from this one and they gave me some cool ships atago and gc i think . thought that was nice so i bought couple on my own. But then came the Christmas crates and a desire to have the belfast...... needless to say i now think i have all the ships on this account at like half of the cost (for more ships) then the black Friday armada bundle . All for less then $1 per hour . How can you beat that? even AAA games you have to buy dlc these days and theirs only few that can equal the time vs money entertainment ratio of wows.