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  1. Ahh I see you too slept at a holiday in express ......
  2. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Low tier is for learning.

    i spend time in those lower tiers regrinding and saw no such thing not saying its nonexistent just not as rampant as its made out to be . the only thing new people are going to learn in those lower tiers is how to gang banged by cv's which is a lot more toxic then the chat window that they can ignore .
  3. I suspect that it too will be hit by the player skill nerf , as more and more players are getting it. The thunderer that one is still hard to decipher i think .
  4. I dont know but ill explian it to them again ...... Also you guys keep talking about the nerf to the kleber and henri. I Like to think of it as a buff to the kremlin make it harder for klebers to yolo rush and make it harder for henris to farm .
  5. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Shootin' the Ship Podcast Ep. 2

    will you release the episode that was supposed to be #2?
  6. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Infinite UK early access TOKEN bundles! Really?

    Dude your lucky . your odds are getting better and better of getting a ship with the next pull . i can guarantee you'll get at least 1 ship in the next 58 pulls Seems like a good value.
  7. OK Boomer btw i agree
  8. In the same vein i would like it so i can make my patch larger .
  9. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Clan Battle: PR, Stalingrad, Moskva

    i figure the moskva over stalin for the dpm specially due to cyclones. I think pr for meme's only, i think yoshino would be better but why take either . Radar on missouri was always a secondary thing and i think the pr is worse?
  10. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    Maybe you dont spend anytime looking at armor schemes in port but other people do . how about that?
  11. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    i think it can be explained further . i mean they explained a shadow missing in port . would like to know whats up with the hermes armor layout .
  12. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Puerto Rico Build

    i fail to to see the analogy to the PR event but how does knowing the amount of bundles effect anything? I think its crying about un-spilled milk . At the very least if people care that much they can speculate but surely you know its at least 11 for tokens and 13 for dubs if your pessimistic multiple it by 4 for the four available ships.
  13. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Puerto Rico Build

    wrong the vocal player base has a comprehension problem and nothing is going to change that . They'll keep throwing their temper tantrums and Wg will keep trucking along .
  14. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Unique upgrades on RB - make the game p2w

    Arguably most of those legendary upgrades make their ship "worse" so actually if anything its p2l. Plus if they keep challenges and combat missions maybe you dont need to reset the lines to get them . They also said the would be changing the upgrades themselves so theyll be getting balanced themselves . whatever the case may be i dont think its p2w besides the last ranked sprint .
  15. AP is so 2018 . you know what solves overpens ? High Explosive . Throw on some IFHE for that "extra, feels good" and you got yourself something .