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  1. i dont think its anything to get worked up about. dont think many people care what rank people are unless they are in a ranked battle.
  2. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Black ships... No thanks!

    i guess im on the outside i like it. just as i like the takoa (?) and the atago
  3. got my ticket . it'll be a little bit of a drive but why not .
  4. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Atlanta Burns Them All... well 6 of them.

    yea fits your playstyle, I guess since im more of an open water guy I can kite 1 ship shooting at me but really need to know when that 2nd one starts looking at me .
  5. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Atlanta Burns Them All... well 6 of them.

    love seeing a Atlanta with rpf imo best way to do it ( i use it with hydro to push into caps). whats your captain build? i see you dont have PT, brave. but it is a fun ship anytime i feel down i jump on it. i go for A on that map , but im more open water fighter.
  6. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Tier 8 ships for Tier 10 battles in random

    i enjoy being bottom tiered as a T8 but not as a T5. maybe cause there are more competitive ships. i think its just about protecting the broadside more then anything and think the Cleveland Baltimore, NC do pretty good , i dont perform as well in the german or u.k T8's but can hold my own. to me germans are more brawlers and doing that bottom tiered is tough,
  7. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    I like these awarded emblems!

    i like a couple of them but anyone know why you have to op in to get them?
  8. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Epic Three Ship Division Ideas

    atlanta , belfast, scharnhorst. even though the flint would be awesome and want one myself dont see many around.
  9. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Are ships to scale in WoWs?

    all i know is the 2 ships in the dunkirk port drydock dwarf any ship i have .
  10. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Manual Fire Control for Secondaries?

    I think manual secondary's with ifhe on the mass for sure , as a bonus put that captain on secondary build Indianapolis (don't charge in to use it but if they get close enough...) . its a kick in the pants every once in a while. full secondary builds on French BB's don't work out so well for me . I think I averaged 17k damage with the T10 not worth giving up CE as you get torched pretty easy . I did put a French full secondary captain on the t5 BB cause I think it had the best secondary's in that tier, again rather have CE then manual sec. pretty sure it does as they get more focused like AA but shots still go everywhere .
  11. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Hero of Dunkirk + Raptor Rescue = Pain

    raptor is ok . if you see a CV or more then 1 dd in que , leave. seems to work out
  12. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    POLL - Deal Or No Deal - Kobayashi Combo Pack

    i dont have any of those ships and only think i really want the roma really. I can afford it but thats just seems like to much money for pixel dust. Im way under my $1 per hour played this year so i could find a reason to purchase . . .
  13. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    T5 Ranked Recommendations

    the french t5 BB with full secondary build . a lot of fun to push caps with that playing it like a usn CA.
  14. ive never used amazon pay and its been showing up .(only use pp) Would have purchased some but too lazy to setup another payment system.
  15. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Tier 10 Premium Cammo

    in the many years ive been playing that was the only time ive seen them on sale too. So rarely is a understatement .