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  1. What if whales dont think there is anything wrong with the game .. Sounds like you want whales to act on your behalf glwt ....
  2. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Future Ranked Season Need to be Tiers 6,8,9, or 10.

    Tier7 on small maps is awesome . As much as i hate the t9 meta id take any tier without cv's .
  3. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Sims earns extra base XP. Other ships with special perks?!

    Assuming equal damage I think Sims is a bit better then Atlanta if it the calculations dont change from ranked to ranked sprint .
  4. EyE_dYe_QuIck


    dont see a issue with it when other ships easier and just as or more unbalanced to play like the thunderer exists
  5. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Will there be new Research Bureau

    or 3 lines if you just waited for the season bonus ... Id speculate the FDR might be the RB ship we just got the Marceau for coal and they said a german bb will be for coal next , yashima for steel . smaland was just released as fxp and they announced the Hayate is fxp .
  6. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Tier IX to Tier X Ranked Sprint

    Not only is the next real ranked going be tier 7, the [edited] ranked sprint has never been t9 or t10 so gives those players a opportunity at high tier div play Dont see a problem
  7. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Subs are getting interesting..............

    i found subs funish to play , got a couple of would be krakens . Unfortunately what really blows is if all the asw ships are dead and the red team only has subs and they stay submerged . Its sometimes 5 or more minutes of paint drying happened a few times i just left the battle winning or losing .
  8. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Please fix 3 man divisions.

    yes please fix 3 man divisions by allowing 4 Ship Divs .
  9. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Shikishima release patch

    Even if the Shikishima is released today you really cant wait a couple of months for the next coupon to get it?
  10. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Unique Upgrades and 9.3/9.5

    Cool story bro but you didn't answer his question or concern about needing to have five lines unlocked to start the rb
  11. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Unique Upgrades and 9.3/9.5

    I think this would be the shittiest part of it all . Some people are happy with there 1 nation of t10's or just a couple of t10s .
  12. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Ranked at T7 next month!

    T7 sucks now in randoms because of ifhe and armor changes , those same changes sort of rebalanced t7 within itself should be interesting.
  13. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Ranked at T7 next month!

    the seasons are getting shorter and shorter cant wait for the 24hr season
  14. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    More CVs on the way

    Don know about all the hate, cvs are working fine just look at this clan brawl. Its there time to shine . i for one cant want for clan battles with them .... s/
  15. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    YOSHINO New setting

    well they wouldn't give you 20km torps if they didnt want them used that way .