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  1. How do I turn off the taunt screen?

    Hmm i guess a lot of snowflakes came from FPS were they didn't appreciate a good teabagging . remember if your close to the enemy ship when you sink it , use your horn for the extra salt .....
  2. The most humiliating way to die...

    ive beached myself in the atlanta more then every other ship i have combined . For some reason people like to focus the atlanta and beaching yourself while multiple ships target you is shameful as you watch yourself melt. . my wasd fu is good my map vision not so much.
  3. Thanks WG (SC)

    thats not how it works. you'll get the super container soon as you collect them so you'd know. No need to stockpile containers for that. stockpiling is good for counting between Sc's and as a little bank of resupply . id guess if you try really hard not to pay attention you might, just might miss the fact you collected a SC.
  4. Doesn't bother me a bit. however with this information i can keep an eye out in future sells doubt ill take advantage as i dont want to deal with the whole steam thing .
  5. Kronshtadt

    so is it like a higher tier graf spee? dont remember its reload but i know it was pretty slow.
  6. Yeah, Seems a Little OP

    first im hearing about this tell me more.
  7. Post Turtles

    levels are not defined by skill. you know exactly how they got there how can they be post turtles?
  8. when was your last SC ? if it was recent ill go with 98 TYL. btw im at 39 currently .
  9. Historical Ammunition Levels

    implement a replenishing ship and have it in the back of map . you know where the BB's spend most of there time . How many shells do ships like the Atlanta carry?
  10. Why only earn Emblems Tier 8-10?

    im confused what do emblems have to do with spamming BB's? I dont think its hard to figure out its a structured reward . I dont think i ran into someone actually playing to get a emblem. its possible though . I think i unlocked a couple 1 for sure dont really pay attention to it. Cant you get emblems from playing co-op and wouldn't be easier to get it that way?
  11. atlanta costs to much

    save up some money and buy it. in the meantime get yourself a highpoint captain. cause if you buy it and put a 10 point captain in it your probably going to be disappointed in spending so much.
  12. If I can do this - so can you - Rank 10

    jeez 40 to 10 . think it took me 90. I'm guessing for most of the games you did lose you must of been top scorer .
  13. 7 day return policy

    im on board with this 7 day return policy . i could've bought the ranked trio bundle , ranked to 10 and return them in 7 days as those ships weren't anything special. even better bought 2 of those bundles used the slots and gold for the second bundle and returned the 1 st bundle for my money back. Get on this pronto wargaming ...
  14. Does anyone have any ranked tips?

    For ranked all you have to do is buy a tier 8 premium and jump in , youll be carried to Rank 10 eventually . Seen A rank 14 with 140 ranked battles and 190 random. he did nothing on the team in the lo yang. and i mean nothing not even as a shooting target . The only reason i know is i ran into him 2x . Its even easier if you many tier 8's , play , die , take a new ship out and repeat.