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  1. not sure if its a better choice then the Colbert in general but there it is
  2. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Tier III against 3 CVs equals NO FUN

    wasnt it neat that they added the 2nd torp to t4 cv's ? BB's have it bad but cruisers aren't much better . I can understand why people would fxp through that garbage in the research bureau regrind .
  3. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Payard for Bayard?

    where did you buy it from? i havent seen it in the shop since shortly after release. did it make the armory ?
  4. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Smolensk and impending nerf

    true and the biggest nerf you'll see a Russian ship take . the old potato factor nerf ..... i will single handily bring down colberts stats for you guys
  5. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Smolensk and impending nerf

    Ship is not OP everyone else is just under performing against it. wg say smolensk is doing fine , they also admitted that the Kremlin and another bb are overperforming , nothings happened yet . my guess is youll have a while.
  6. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Reset #2 Underway

    that RB to fxp conversion seem way off to me specially if you run premium. (if you dont it may be better i guess) on tier 8 of my third lap to the DM also did the Worcester with the fxp earned from them i fxp /play up the haragumo . Have to say the lower tiers absolutely suck cause of carriers and can see why new players would get discouraged . facing 4 /6 cv in a omaha /phoenix is brutal cant imagine in a BB.
  7. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Research Bureau & "Veteran Players"

    these post pretty much sums up thread . I blame Oprah and everyone gets a car just for potatoing on chair ......
  8. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Colbert vs Smolensk

    Its only a grind if your bad at it . otherwise it just a playthrough
  9. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Research Bureau & "Veteran Players"

    "You're projecting what you want me to be in order to justify your behavior"
  10. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Colbert vs Smolensk

    If your a cruiser main get the Colbert it plays just like the Atlanta , If you like that your golden . If your a BB main get the ohio if your split and have the small's get the ohio i guess .
  11. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Sprint 7 - Ranked out in Leander

    it depends on the tier really , we had other rank seasons without cv's and dd's weren't any more prevalent in them . it was just tier 9 is so "unbalanced" it was almost mandatory bb/dd meta if the next sprint is t8 we shall see if cv's are allowed . On 6v6 or 7v7 its just broken . not sure why there weren't ok with cv's in clan battles but were ok with them in sprint that has much worse aa ships .
  12. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Sprint 7 - Ranked out in Leander

    with all the cv's around thats not bad. God help you if you try and support a flank on your own in a BB vs cv. either take the mandatory torp damage or the broadside damage while "just dodging" . if next sprint is t8 thats going to be brilliant .
  13. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    Georgia Secondaries Nerfed?

    thats all well and good but did you mount the Mike Yankee Soxsix signal?
  14. EyE_dYe_QuIck

    When does WG expect me to regrind ship lines?

    season is three months , you have ~12k games im sure you'll find the time no need to ask other people.