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  1. i bet the kidd was fun when it was a cv heavy meta as it stands i still enjoy it in the radar meta but its pure gunboat. not sure ill take it against a loyang in ranked as they're tricky buggers .
  2. one sided event since first day

    um, its not hard to get camo at all. if you want a camo from both teams then yea but that's not the point .
  3. yes the salem comes with camo and yes you could buy the go navy camo before you get the ships.
  4. one sided event since first day

    it should not have. and its crap if they did that on purpose. since now youll be able to grind the 10/25/50 loyalty point tokens over again.
  5. PSA Salem

    ive been thinking about getting it for a while as i have enough coal . Salem's appeal to me is that there are not many around . Downside being it may not perform as well which sucks and i already have issues playing T10 . I may still get it after we find out the method to acquire the Alaska .
  6. FreeXP conversion discount anytime?

    true kronstadt ftw . if the Alaska is fxp youll have plenty of time. its not even in testing yet. I figure jb first , maybe next update then the Alaska 2 or 3 updates away is what I think. would like to see it sooner since I have fxp and coal burning pixels on my monitor . I don't need fxp buy will partake if it comes up since I have so much .35 is better then .25
  7. the alaska should be like half life 3 just to keep peoples interest piqued i have the coal and the fxp to get it if it comes out those ways but dont really have the fortitude to hang on to em.
  8. Best Ship type for Halsey?

    was going to say the atlanta, but the WU might be best .
  9. T-61 Guaranteed?

    I would like them to try and pull it from regular sell , that'd be fun to watch .
  10. Jean Bart first Impressions

    so this will be out before Alaska right? since in play test already
  11. Biggest OP thing in the game

    it was the Atlanta on mountain range , would be my guess.
  12. WG we need some camo sales!

    i was thinking the same thing though i like that space camo , the one before it was horrendous leprechaun one . in my time here Ive only seen wg put the perma camo on sale once. dont see that happening anytime soon .
  13. Dasha's Eagles mission

    nope even if the top 100 scores from sharks went to eagles it wouldn't be nearly enough
  14. i think its pretty well thought out to make everyone happy. no way for people to legit max out loyalty for 4 more days . event runs for 6 -12 so they gave a 1 day buffer. i dont agree with this everyone wins if you complain enough, garbage