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  1. BadWolfz

    Nomogram Crosshair is gone?

    which is what the NG-Modern I think was built for... to address preferences like that. I have not tried it yet ( I like the two scales) but I will be checking it out.
  2. BadWolfz

    Nomogram Crosshair is gone?

    Not really. Based on the look I am assuming right now its a fixed version of the standard dynamic crosshair and scales for 30knots. I don't think you can add marks but I THINK you can change the scale somewhere but not sure where. for myself I'd like to chage the scale on the NG Classic to reflect 25 and 35 knots and change the color to a bright green. The white blends in with too many things for my eyes.
  3. BadWolfz

    Nomogram Crosshair is gone?

    Nomogram crosshairs are back in the WG ModStation.
  4. BadWolfz

    Can JB get a fighter/spotter plane?

    most DD's have a ~3km detection by air... what is the patrol radius of a spotter plane? Will a spotter plane pick up a DD before one surface spots it? Questions because I'm curious about the thought. From a DD driver's perspective and experience, if I'm close enough to get picked up by a spotter plane, there are already, angry fish in the water. If the thought is to reduce the risk of getting surprised by close in DDs, one can do this better by paying attention to the mini map and predicting where the DD will be. We are a pretty predicable bunch.
  5. BadWolfz

    Can JB get a fighter/spotter plane?

    JB has a 51% WR.... what is it lacking in capability? It's a a solid ship and a beast in good hands.
  6. Welp... even in an all T8 match... T8 is still bottom tier <snerk> ... and the top... the sides as well
  7. BadWolfz

    Fun camo question for your amusement.

    I would go with the Spring Sky cammo.. 200% ship xp and 777% free xp.
  8. BadWolfz

    My thoughts on Italian Cruisers

    Not boring at all... At least in the Genova I'm enjoying the 'Oh <bleep> Oh <bleep> I'm gonna di.... wait... I didn't DIE!!!!' moments.
  9. BadWolfz

    My thoughts on Italian Cruisers

    I've only played the T5 Genova for 14 games. There is a ton of negative reviews on this line and the Genova in particular. These reviews have merit as the ship, and for sure is 'challenging' to do well in consistently. Their biggest downside IMO will the the lack of DPM due to the slow reload times and the effort it takes to make SAP work. However. I am have having fun in the Genova its fast, and can run down DDs that are over extended. Its nimble, and can dodge a lot of incoming (just don't allow yourself to get focused by more than two) or dance through a tight set of islands at speed to ambush stuff. its nimble, (so nimble I have to say it twice) easily breaking DD and CV hearts by turning their easy kill into torpedo beats. Basically moves like a DD. A big long DD yes, but still has that same feel in it maneuverability The torps are basically sea mines, good for area denial, and the torp angles are such that if you are caught in a position where you can ambush or have to charge a BB, you don't have to show much side to get them off. Bottom line... This line will be tough to have consistent success for most people. Like a DD, it will have the most impact later in a game, finishing off low health ships or covering ground to switch flanks and take back an uncontested cap. Speed and wiggle are going to be life for these ships IMO. Drivers that can consistently combine aggression, patience, and planning will be rewarded by these ships. The rest of us will be frustrated
  10. BadWolfz

    Please explain HE fire chance...

    Basically I see the calculation like this... RFP == (SAFP - SFR) - FM Where RFP == shell's Real Fire Probability SAFP == Shell's Advertised Fire Probability stat SFR == Ship's Fire Resistance (a soft/unadvertised stat) FM == Fire Mitigation/increases selected by the player (flags, capt skills, DCP, etc) Bottom line the RFP is always less than SAFP leading to the in game results you see.
  11. I for one am excited by this. With the 25% off armory coupon for ships, the Blys is 38,250 coal. One can't go wrong at that price! Yeah many consider it a mehboat now but that is the label everything gets that is not borderline OP these days IMO. I feel the Blys is pretty solid to very strong if played to her strengths and avoid forcing her into situations that she doesn't have the tools to deal with. So she will be mine! Yes, she will be mine!
  12. The flip side of that is equally true. The threat environment for a DD is more dangerous and complex than ever thus a DD needs even greater support from CA/CLs and BBs. A DD simply can't rely on that support being there when they go to contest a cap because CA/CL and BBs continue to play passive most times. Also DDs need to team up more. Two DDs working a single cap point or flank are much more effective these days than one, but I don't see that very often either. Bottom line is that this is a more complex problem than simply 'DDs need to get gud and quit sucking'
  13. BadWolfz

    Is the Khabarovsk line still fun?

    For me... In a DD I don't feel I get anything out of PT as I always assume that once spotted, EVERYONE on the opfor is shooting at me. Thus knowing the exact number has no impact on how I move once spotted. PM helps keep the important things on a DD from braking (as often) and I feel adds more to your survivability. DK's take on IFA makes sense so would be worth exploring in lieu of PT as a second 1pt DD skill.
  14. BadWolfz

    Mouse's Super Quick Updated Review of Harekaze

    IMO... simply because it is more flexible and adaptable to any situation in any match. I love the Aki and was very successful in her BUT I love the Harakaze more. It can gunboat like the Aki (at a little loss of DPM but still a beast) it can sneak around and toss torps (more torps and faster) like a kagaro it can out spot everything (IIRC) except the kagaro (IIRC 5.4km detection) It can hunt other DDs and keep them spotted for friendlies or gun them down on her own (depending on the situation) it is MUCH more nimble than the Aki It is Faster than the Aki Its the one jack of all trades DD that doesn't give up much of anything to do it all very well. I've always hate to see a Harekaze on the OPFOR and prioritize killing it over all other DDs. Now that it is back there will be many more of them... let the Karakaze scourge begin!!!! If I had not turned into such a cheap bastard, it would be in my port right now.
  15. BadWolfz

    IFHE for USN 127s?

    IMO IFHE can work on USN DDs... HOWEVER... there are better ways to spend those 4 points. You don't indicate how many points you are working with. 1st 4 point DD skill should be CE (again IMO). If you want to take a second 4pt DD skill, RPF is a better choice.