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  1. Astralite

    Bots shooting better in Coop?

    The bots don't seem to be able to hit anything at all any more, plus they often ram each other into islands and then just sit there now. My favorite is when 6 of them go up the middle of two brothers for no reason and get stuck there, real dynamic gameplay.
  2. Astralite

    Don't ya love the Mercy Rule?

    Co-op is a bottom feeder torpedo-fest these days, no need to think about anything since the bots can't hit you anyways. Just run a fast cruiser or destroyer and go do 250k damage with impunity. Since it also seems like BB dispersion has increased by 5000% and they can barely hit the water they're floating in, no need to worry about them. Just drop a million torps and everything is good.
  3. I turned pink the other day, put a ton of flags on and went to do an operation and it disconnected me right as the countdown started. Turns out my internet was out, I looked outside and the cable company truck was there doing something or other. Yay. But who cares, I like pink anyways. My name can be pink all the time.
  4. Astralite

    Novorossiysk Service Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I accidentally got mine just now, I didn't even realize this mission was a thing. I had to go looking because I finished a map and got the collectors award for 250 ships and I'm like... how did I get that? Then I looked at the notifications and see the ship and mission completed lol
  5. Astralite

    Amazon Prime free containers lol

    I got Ochakov and WV '41.
  6. Well, torps from this era had a low hit rate. I'll make you a deal, you can have accurate torps that do lots of damage, but the ship will carry the historical number of them. DD's then wouldn't be able to spam torps for 10 minutes like they had a space bag from a fantasy game.
  7. Astralite

    Logging in . . . forever

    Logging in forever and getting kicked to the login screen every 3-5 minutes, yes. Extremely dynamic and engaging.
  8. Astralite

    CO-OP changes

    The bots also don't seem to prioritize DDs anymore either, so now coop is just a crapsandwich of DD players rushing with torp reload boosters and raking in 300k while the rest of the team twiddles their thumbs with nothing to do.
  9. Astralite

    CO-OP changes

    Its always been like that, but now, instead of 1-2 bots following the player movements the whole lot of them pile in. You'll never fix the players that aren't smart enough to stop going there, but at least just make the bots not do it.
  10. Astralite

    CO-OP changes

    They need to make some more changes, this behavior by the bots is so beyond moronic it just ruins what little bit of fun is left in this game.
  11. 181 ships here, and a lot of captains. My login takes 1:15-1:30. World of Tanks is way worse, that can take up to 5 minutes. Running on a Ryzen 7 3700X, 32GB DDR4 3600mhz, Samsung 970 Evo 2TB nvme drive and a 200/20 connection. Its not likely to be my system or internet.
  12. Astralite

    Space Battles - Not a fan You?

    I find it hilarious that a 54% player has this huge of a superiority complex. You might need a Xanax or something if co-op existing stresses you out so much. People play like crap in space battles because they don't have any impact on anything.
  13. Astralite

    Cheating in ranked - WG please take action

    This is ranked season 11, its not like the sync drop rigging by top clans to get to rank 1 as fast as possible started happening yesterday. Nobody is accusing you in particular of anything so you don't need to be so defensive unless you have some reason to be.
  14. Astralite

    Cheating in ranked - WG please take action

    Just because you don't pay attention and have no idea what you're talking about doesn't mean other people do the same. We've been through this sync dropping rigged ranked thing over and over in this game. Its even more fun when the discord channels get leaked and people pop in there and see just who is doing it.
  15. Astralite

    Cheating in ranked - WG please take action

    Don't bother then, nobody cares about you trying to cover your [edited].