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  1. Which BB line is currently dominating?

    Thanks. Once I return I will give the BB lines a try again, but hmmm.... the British seem really appealing. I used to have some really good matches in the buffed Colorado. I did not bad in the New Mexico and Kongou.
  2. Which BB line is currently dominating?

    Hmm, looks like my return will be imminent. I'm glad things have gotten a bit better, at least on the weekdays.
  3. Which BB line is currently dominating?

    Guess I will stick to Tier 7 then, but before that, I'll play a few games down at T4 to warm up.
  4. Just scored Orion - questions.

    Orion is the best Tier 4 BB at the moment. Just burn down everything, and hope RNG doesn't troll you with the fire chance and dispersion.
  5. Hi guys, I've been on a medium-long absence from the game due to burnout and the camp fest that had spread to the mid-tiers (not sure if it's gotten any better), and I've returned to playing Atlantica Online and some other games for the past couple of months. Atlantica, by the way, I've played since 2010. Since I've not played for quite a while, I wonder which BB line is dominant, and whether BBs in general are still the most played class of ships. Any particular BBs that you've found 'easy' to get into? My play style is fairly aggressive, often even too aggressive, but my ideal fighting range is 9-15 km. I like something that has decent survivability, maneuverability, and not 'gimmicky'. I enjoyed the USN dreadnoughts at Tier 6 and Tier 7, and the Orion. I did well in the Kongo (before MM changes), but not so much in the Fuso and Nagato due to changes in the MM. Do Tiers 5 to 7 still get up-tiered a lot? Has the meta been less campy?
  6. What's your comfort ship.

    I think it's also about a 'comfort tier', which to me were the mid-tiers (Tiers 4-7). Not sure if it's gotten any better, because before I took this medium-long break, things were looking like Tiers 8-10 even down at the tier range I mentioned above.
  7. What's your comfort ship.

    Orion Colorado New Mexico Furutaka Aoba
  8. Tiers 5-7 are the best for me. However, camping and passive gameplay must be eliminated at all tiers.
  9. Solomon Islands. One of those rare Tier 4-5 matches. Both teams hiding from each other for the entire match. 3 of our BBs flinched and were sunk. I had to fight almost 1/2 the enemy team with only minimal support from the Fujin on my team that was sunk by the enemy Isokaze. I did 108k damage for nothing. I took a long break from the game, expecting better things, but now I'm already becoming fed up again. The mid-tiers have also become cancerous to play.
  10. I simply fail to understand the fun in what more and more players, even mid-tier, seem to be doing. They play this game like cowardly chess or poker players while this game is meant to be played more like RISK, especially at the mid-tiers and low-tiers. If these people want to play a combat-oriented MMO and NOT expect to take much damage or go down in glory, then perhaps they could go for something like Candy Crush Saga or something like that.
  11. Hey guys, I've been back after quite a long break, and I got the new Italian premium BB. She's a decent ship so far, but I'm not getting good games in her due to my teams losing because they just camp and refuse to push. I've played a ton of matches in her already, 15 to be exact, and it's either a steamroll (my team or the enemy) or a camp fest. The camping has infested the mid-tiers too. Is this a new thing? What's causing it?
  12. It's the ship I'm looking forward to. So far I've been having a good time in the Orion, those HE shells are amazing. I wonder if the KGV is a keeper, whether it's worth it. I've heard mixed opinions on it, some seem to be enjoying her while others can't do crap with it. A little about my playstyle: -Close to medium range, tends to get into brawls. (7-15 km) -Prefer to push and be aggressive, but can kite away when necessary. -I like setting fires and dealing fire damage, but pound broadside cruisers and battleships with AP. -Overall, average to slightly above average player. Does KGV have decent maneuverability, survivability, and gun accuracy? Secondaries?
  13. Now that the British battlewagons have been released, I'm wondering when we'll see the French ones. Perhaps later this year? What do you think their traits will be? I'm having a good time in the Orion, but I've yet to progress up the tree. Those damn HE shells. The ship I'm really looking forward to on the British line is the King George V, but I've read that a number of people are having difficult with her. The French BB I'm looking forward to so far is the Lorraine (WW2 upgrade). Will it play like another HE spammer? What about the Italians? What will the Tier 4 be? What will their traits be and when will be see them?
  14. 3 battles in the HMS Nelson.

    I've only played three battles in it, so I'm still getting better at it. I hope the actual British line won't disappoint (e.g. Tiers 3-7). Nelson really seems to struggle when up-tiered.