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  1. Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    We aren't getting West Virginia as she appeared during Leyte Gulf? Scandalous.
  2. Warships Today calculations change recently?

    Same for me. Not sure why. It's impossible to only have a 1199 WTR in the Atlanta with 49k average damage and 1.7 K/D.
  3. New Orleans — American Tier VII cruiser.

    She sits quite well at Tier 7. Nothing special, she's just your typical USN heavy with the 8"/55 that has solid AP, hull is agile, and I just think she's solid overall.
  4. Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    I absolutely adore this ship. I have close to 500 battles in it, that's how much I enjoy it. 15 guns makes it a fire starting maniac. With IFHE she's a menace to destroyers, other cruisers wouldn't want to get into close range fights with it, and she chews battleships though the German ones are more difficult because they sit so low in the water. Decent maneuverability, could use a buff to reload. I haven't found a ship I've truly enjoyed in a long time, until this one.
  5. New British DD's plus update

    Meh think I might go for this line as my first DD line if they play like USN light cruisers.
  6. Tips On Coming Back After A Month-Long Vacation?

    At least from my experience Random matches are still "holiday mode." I took a break for almost a month, came back to find that quality of matches is just as bad as it was back in August and late July. I wonder what's happening?
  7. British DD Play Style?

    Since we'll be getting the British destroyers soon, I would like to know what their play style is. From the Notser video I've watched, it seems that they'll play like mini-USN light cruisers: Find islands, abuse them, spam HE shells over islands. If that's their play style I could end up quite liking them because they're different than your typical destroyers that are torpedo boats, knife fighters, open water fire spammers, or a mix of characteristics. What do you think the British DD play style is going to be, and how are they looking so far?
  8. What time of day and week has the best players?

    Did you chuckle? How bad were they? Lol.
  9. What time of day and week has the best players?

    Late evenings on weekdays? I had a pretty bad day today.
  10. Don't really care for this Cruiser HE spam meta

    Unfortunately in USN CLs you do rely a lot on islands because you don't have the shell velocity or armor the fight in open water for extended periods of time. Most of the time you have to be a bit of a coward until mid to late game because if you're the first one spotted you tend to get shot at just as much as if you were in a DD or BB. That's my experience at least. As fun as it is to burn down battleships to the waterline in an Atlanta, Helena, Worcester, Cleveland etc. You're sort of situational and tend to perform poorly in these situations: 1. You don't have your flanks secured by your allies, one or both sides of the island have enemy ships not being distracted / held at bay. 2. You are on a large map, especially one with few islands. 3. The battle ends too quickly, not allowing you to get into position and rack up damage. 4. The enemy is running away instead of pushing into you. 5. Some BB player gets really lucky, or is really skilled with using the scout plane. Having said this when everything lines up, I have a blast in one of these ships. There's a reason why Helena's already my second most played ship.
  11. Weekend spree

    Yesterday night was pretty bad, tonight's also been pretty bad. Are the kids back in school? I hope to get better matches starting tomorrow. Today's not the weekend but had a loss on Fault Line where one guy was calling me an idiot for asking team to focus on A and B when he wanted more ships to go C. I told him C's not a good idea for larger ships because it's DD alley, and it's narrow so larger ships passing through will waste lots of time giving time for enemy to take A and B and position themselves.
  12. You want to get good at being a DD player?

    I'm Chinese and I can tell you I suck at Chinese checkers / weiqi.
  13. Which US cruiser line do you recommend?

    Depends on what you want. I've no interest in anything above Tier 7 because of gameplay reasons but both Des Moines and Worcester I've heard are pretty good ships. If you like guns with good penetration angles that are really good at damaging and killing cruisers and dealing supporting damage to everything else, go with the CA line. If you like hardcore island camping (even more than with the CAs), racking up damage through a thousand cuts, metaphorically speaking, setting fires and being a big annoyance, go with the CLs.
  14. You've been warned

    Hopefully the situation will go back to normal starting next week?
  15. why do US cruisers underperform

    I have to agree about the gun accuracy, the US was pretty much the only nation during the water that widely and effectively used radar-guided fire control at a level above that of other nations.