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  1. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    New Orleans — American Tier VII cruiser.

    She does poorer up-tiered than light cruisers of the same tier like the Helena, Boise.
  2. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Calling Helena Pros....

    IFHE and CE are a must. CE because you'll be using island cover a lot. IFHE because 152mm HE penetration. At Tier 7 you can still do open water fights in a CL, just make sure not too many are shooting at you and that you can go undetected ASAP. Kite away, cut throttle, try to point stern at enemy, and pray RNGesus doesn't favor the enemy. If given the choice between open water fighting and using island cover, use island cover. Ships like the Helena excel in matches where multiple enemies are pushing a flank. Hope your allies can live long enough to keep you safe so you can safely spam shells from behind island cover. Enjoy, she's awesome.
  3. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Soviet BBs - The ghost fleet that never existed

    I don't care how good this line will be. It'll be one line I won't play because I have a mental block that stops me from playing paper / fictional ships. I have an exclusive preference for playing real ships that were built and served. I wish we would see these lines before the Russian BBs: 1. Italian BBs, DDs, and cruisers 2. French DDs 3. 2nd USN BB line
  4. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    What good/popular ships do you really suck at?

    To name mine: 1. Scharnhorst-It's supposed to be a brawler but I find I just can't seem to make it work. I get lots of penetrations and fires whittling me down, I just don't quite seem to understand what exactly being "German" aggressive means in terms of pace. Its 11-inch guns have difficulty dealing consistent damage to enemy battleships, even enemy cruisers when they're intent on angling. It has 2.0 sigma but with German dispersion. Its HE seems to be lacking also. If I wanted to fire HE I'd rather be in a Atlanta, Helena, Boise or Japanese cruiser. 2. Nagato-It's faster but less maneuverable than the USN BBs, due to its tall, characteristically Japanese superstructure it gets spotted and set on fire easily. I don't like playing at mid-to-long ranges either. Its shells also tend to go under the water, for some reason. 3. Fuso-Same problems I have with the Nagato, except that it has worse pen due to only having 356mm guns. 4. KGV-It gets whittled down by cruiser HE easily while not being very maneuverable. I find it frustrating constantly having to switch between HE and AP, and for some reason the HE doesn't even work that well for me. 5. Myoko-I know it's supposed to be good, but somehow I just haven't had any luck in it so far. I've played 33 battles in it with horrible stats. I find it a bit sluggish with a long citadel. Should I mainly stick to HE for Japanese cruisers Tier 7 and up? 6. Warspite-Funnily enough I'm alright in the QE but just can't seem to do well in the Warspite. She has shorter range than the QE which means I often have to rely on the scout plane, which I just can't seem to figure out. 7. Arizona-I've had my 2nd highest damage BB game in it (143k), and it was in a Tier 8 match on Trap, but overall I haven't done too well with it. Its speed and lack of AA lets it down when up-tiered, and with only 356mm guns it struggles when facing ships that have 15 and 16-inch guns. To name some ships that many "hate", but ones I've personally clicked with: 1. Colorado post-buff (when it had 2.0 sigma) 2. Furutaka WW2 hull (3x2 203mm) 3. Queen Elizabeth 4. Old Pensacola To name some ships that players have a somewhat divided opinion over but ones I've done well in: 1. Atlanta 2. Helena / Boise 3. Cleveland (Tier 6) 4. New Orleans (Tier 7) To name a ship I've done relatively well in and most players enjoy / enjoyed: 1. Kongo (I played the bulk of my matches in it when it regularly saw 4s and 5s, IMO it needs 2.0 sigma even if it means reducing its range, nowadays I feel it's just outclassed) 2. Orion
  5. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    New German battleship

    How about less high tier fictional premiums and more historical premiums, especially ones that actually achieved things?
  6. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Ship of the Week: T7 Cruisers - 18th to 25th

    I've a 161k damage Helena game from last year. Does that count?
  7. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    How's the Exeter? Is it a solid cruiser?

    I've bought the Exeter from the premium shop but I haven't played it yet. I'd like to know whether it's a solid, consistently performing cruiser. Since its closest competitor is the Furutaka, I'd like to know if it differs from its playstyle compared to the Furutaka. Since the Furutaka was the ship I played a lot in my earlier days (after it got its historical 3x2 203mm), is Exeter better / worse / about the same as the Furutaka? How well does it up-tier? (I mean most Tier 5s up-tier vs 7s poorly, except the Kamikaze and the old GC, but I'd still like to know)
  8. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Will IFHE be nerfed? What would it mean for light cruisers?

    Buff to cruisers, IMO. I rarely burn down cruisers using fires, I rely more on alpha damage. For BBs that's when I rely more on fires.
  9. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Will IFHE be nerfed? What would it mean for light cruisers?

    When did they nerf fires? How?
  10. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Will IFHE be nerfed? What would it mean for light cruisers?

    Oh I didn't know, I was just thinking out loud about a concern I've been having. I don't have any ill intent. I apologize and I'll be aware not to make such threads in the future.
  11. I've read a few posts where people have been spreading rumors of a nerf to the IFHE skill. I worry about it because if this skill really gets the nerf bat, I feel it would greatly reduce the effectiveness of light cruisers, some of which are my favorite and best performing ships to date. I wonder what are the chances of this skill seeing a nerf? If it is nerfed, will we likely see some kind of compensation that will allow us to continue the ease of damage output in CLs?
  12. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Boise appreciation thread

    It still baffles me as to why they've given it an unhistorical top speed of only 30 knots. It already has shorter range and a longer reload than the Helena, why not give it its historical 32.5 knot top speed that was standard compared to the Helena and to most USN cruisers starting from the Pensacola class?
  13. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Mountable National Flags?? What do y'a'll think about it?

    Another important thing is some tech trees need to have their historical flags implemented, namely the IJN, Kriegsmarine, Marine Nationale, Pan-Asia (ROC, PRC etc.) and the Commonwealth. Rumor has it the historically accurate IJN flag was not chosen and in is place the modern Japanese flag is used because Chinese and Korean players found the WWII IJN flag, which BTW is still being used today, to be offensive. That's [edited] really because I'm Chinese and I don't feel offended at all, in fact I want that historical accuracy. People these days can be a bit too butt hurt. Same with the PRC and ROC flags. I just find it a bit unbelievable how politics can find its way into a video game that's about ships, with no blood and gore.
  14. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Helena can't set fires on Atlanta now ?

    Nerf IFHE :( I love the Helena...... A nerf to IFHE would be sad....
  15. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Please just remove stats from the game.

    You have better stats than me and I was nowhere near your level, statistically speaking, when I was at your number of battles. I'm not a terrible player, not really good either, just slightly above average. Usually people who stat shame have worse stats than you, at least from what I've noticed.