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  1. 70,000 on a mobile game..... That's quite new to me lol.
  2. Scharnhorst vs Warspite

    They buffed Warspite's turret traverse a while ago, now it's much more manageable. Unfortunately her sister the QE still has that extremely slow turret traverse which is the standard for British BBs until the KGV.
  3. Scharnhorst vs Warspite

    They're different ships, but both good ships. Unfortunately I haven't done too well with either one, but I've done better with Warspite's sister the tech tree Queen Elizabeth which general opinion holds to be a worse ship overall. Scharnhorst and Warspite are different in the sense that the German's a brawler that offers a mix between a cruiser and battleship playstyle, it is meant for closer range engagements that call for angling and using torpedoes, and it's a good cruiser killer. The Warspite is a standard dreadnought type battleship with much slower speed but very good maneuverability, hard hitting guns, very poor base range for her tier (but she has a spotter plane), and a cruiser damage control with a lower cooldown. Her gun caliber has much greater overmatch capability compared to the 14" guns of most of her tier contemporaries. The German Bayern also has 15" guns but Bayern has lower accuracy and penetration. If you can get both ships then definitely purchase both.
  4. Good point, but I've seen a fair number of people who actually do that...... They'd actually take over someone else's success in a game rather than achieve anything by their own merit. I hate to think this all the time, but there really are a lot of dumb people out there....
  5. This isn't related to the OP's post, but I noticed you're one of the top Pensacola players. I actually like it despite what many think, it can perform well as long as it doesn't get hit or focused down too early. It's basically a CA gun platform with a light cruiser hull and maneuverability, something that I've grown to like by playing the Furutaka in her WW2 configuration and the Aoba. The guns can land beautiful salvos on enemy cruisers, and USN AP has the second best autobounce angles in the game while these treaty cruisers still have HE unlike the British. The HE with a 14% fire chance is not great, but not bad either. Pensacola can certainly brawl enemy cruisers as long as it's not outnumbered, and when I land those nice citadel hits on broadside enemy cruisers, sinking them in a couple of well-placed salvos, sometimes I almost think it's Battleship Pensacola. I'm currently at 165 battles in it, averaging almost a 1.6 K/D, 44177 average damage, 0.97 ship kill and 0.68 (yes, it's low, but blame lack of carriers) plane kills. 1383 WTR and 1967 PR. What do you think? My survival rate is 38% and MBH ratio is 28%. I used to have better stats when starting out, but late night playing with the drunk and the stoned brought these numbers down from over 2.0 K/D, over 50k average damage, 1.2 ship kills and over 1.0 plane kills. It's a pity she'll be back to her pitiful state once she's a Tier 6. Her successors at Tier 7 will be the NO and Indy. I hope to repeat her success in these two. Helena will be a light cruiser, and I'm more anxious about whether I'd be able to do well in her, but let's hope things go well.
  6. 0.7.5 Pensacola First Impressions - Meh (Video)

    Looks like my Pensacola will be a port decoration from now on, unless they undo some of these changes and make Tier 6 MM better. It's sad because Pensacola has been one of the ships that's performed somewhat well for me.
  7. I don't see how the Indianapolis should be played differently than the Pensacola / NO. They're all kiting ships that would ideally prioritize cruisers with the AP, and play a support role by assisting in killing everything else. All three ships can tank cruiser shells relatively well but can't go toe-to-toe against battleships unless with enough support. What's strange is why they gave Indianapolis a slower rudder shift than the Pensacola and New Orleans. The Portland, Pensacola, and New Orleans classes were all treaty cruisers and their hulls weren't that different from each other for all purposes and intent.
  8. Well they'd better do it immediately. If someone on the dev team or a CC comes across this post, count it as a heads-up. We don't need more idiots sailing around in anything past Tier 5. I bet the person who buys that unicum account will likely have a sub 49% win rate and do terribly in pretty much everything he plays if he were to have his own. If he makes it to Tier 10 he'd be that battleship captain who averages 25-30k damage with a 35% win rate. If I knew I was dealing with a total moron, I would charge him over a thousand bucks for an account with Tier 5 ships just for the fun of it.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NA-World-of-Warships-Pro-Unicum-Account-120-Ships-Account-from-CBT/263643118657?hash=item3d625abc41:g:iRYAAOSwRVpa5HvB https://www.ebay.com/itm/World-of-Warship-EU-account-with-New-French-Republic-Missouri-and-Other-Tier-10/173312169674?hash=item285a35d6ca:g:7m4AAOSwheZaozEO And I thought Wargaming prohibits the buying and selling of accounts? I thought people selling WoWS accounts was just a myth, but I decided to find out for myself this morning, and looks like it's not a myth after all. The first one's price tag of $700.00 shocked me, I didn't expect a "virtual" product to command such a high price. Sure it's a unicum account but I can't understand why I'd dish out so much money for stats that are not the result of my own play, if I wanted to do that I'd rather re-roll. Whoever's selling these accounts on one of the largest e-commerce sites is extremely selfish from my point-of-view, because the person who buys it may very well be a moron who has absolutely no knowledge of how to properly play the game. You put a total idiot in a high tier ship, no matter how good the ship is, they'll be a liability for players who actually care and can play at least somewhat decently. This leads me to the suspicion that quite a few of the players in the game "bought" their way to high tier ships by inheriting the accounts of others. For the stability of this game, Wargaming must ban the buying and selling of accounts ASAP. We don't need more morons in mid and high tier ships who only want to look at the ships and sail them around, but contribute nothing positive to gameplay. If I ever wanted to sell my account (which I never will), I'd at least make sure that the person buying my account is equal to me in skill, or greater. That way I won't have any guilt about making the game worse. I also feel much more secure and content in games when I achieve and improve through my own effort, rather than just "steal" someone else's. Even if a friend allowed me to spend some time playing on his account with unicum stats, I'd still feel more satisfied playing my own account with a light blue WTR and walking my own path to become a better player. Sure you have high tier ships and you took someone else's purple signature, but you are not him. I see no reason why WG does not ban the buying and selling of accounts. It's not like the even profit from it. Ebay and the sellers are the ones who profit. Just think about it. Do you think the person who buys this unicum player's account with high-tier ships is more likely to be one who knows the game, and actually takes the time and effort to learn the characteristics of these ships (if not a decent, good, very good, or superb player himself), or is he more likely to be someone who goes: "Wow, these ships look cool. Here's my money."
  10. When the potato sack is just too heavy

    I've seen quite a few threads noting the decreased quality of random battles since the last week or so. Looks like this definitely isn't something only I am going through. Let's see if the situation improves after the end of Ranked. Hate to repeat this again but I want my NO, Indy, and Helena to be off to a good start. The first two should average around, if not more average damage than my Tier 7 Pensacola (currently at 44,177 average damage), and I hope to get at least a light green or dark green rating with the Helena on WoWS Numbers. By the way, what happened to Warships Today?
  11. 0.7.5 Pensacola First Impressions - Meh (Video)

    So basically I can play the Pensacola like I've always played it? How will she do in her nerfed state against her former Tier 7 contemporaries and Tier 8s?
  12. Mouse's Angry Youtuber Reviews: American Cruisers

    Tier 7 New Orleans should be a decent ship. She has one less gun than Pensacola but one more gun forward. She has good gun angles when kiting, good maneuverability, and slightly better concealment. Would Helena be a very high performer on the stats charts?
  13. New Maps Please

    I would welcome the addition of maps that are relatively small and require closer range engagements.
  14. How long did it take you to "get it" in WoWS?

    Guess I'm not that bad then. I'm currently at 3569 matches and I only started "getting" anything about the game at the 1700-1800 mark.
  15. Lemming mentality

    Recently I've seen a lot of players whom I thought were in a lemming train for a push, but then they went forward, clumped together, sat there and started enjoying the scenery instead.