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  1. Mogami is a great ship

    I did far worse in the Aoba than the Furutaka, as seen by my abysmal 46.56% solo win rate in the Aoba. Somehow I managed to torture myself and play 451 battles in that ship because I thought I could make it work as a better Furutaka. It's not. Tier for tier Furutaka with C hull is noticeably more powerful. A large number of my Aoba battles were played after changes to matchmaker for Tiers 5 and 6, that made it even worse. Myoko just doesn't click with me. Feels sluggish with the same horrid torpedo angles and the reload's very slow. Abysmal turret traverse. If I want to set the world on fire I'd just play an Atlanta or Helena. If I want to kill cruisers with 203s I'd just go play the USN cruisers that have better auto bounce angles on their AP. If not for my Aoba my overall win rate would easily be 53%+.
  2. HE spam and the reason BB's won't engage

    How is this not a bot?
  3. HE spam and the reason BB's won't engage

    From Page 283 of Neptune's Inferno by James D. Hornfischer: "Astern of the Portland, the Helena was worked up to a servo-mechanical rage with her six-inch main battery, targeting a searchlight just 4200 yards to her west. It must have belonged to the Hiei, it appeared too high and large to belong to a destroyer. The officer in a spotting station high overhead reported that the tracers were perfectly aimed in deflection and that 'practically all of our shots appeared to hit.' One of her turret officers, Lt. Earl A. Luehman observed, 'the tracers from fifteen guns looked like a swarm of bees heading for a target you couldn't see.' Cycling rapidly with the firing keys closed, the ship's broadside was like a gigantic combustion engine with mistimed pistons. Nodding up and down, driven by their director-controlled motors, the guns laid a 'rocking ladder' of fire across a two-hundred-yard-long path centered on the range given by the radar (please?). No ship, no matter how stout its armor, would want to be in the path of what she was sending out: more than two-hundred 130-pound shells per minute, according to Bin Cochran. As the Helena reached the turning point for the left column turn, the light that her gunners were shooting at faded to black. The superstructure of the enemy ship was a "smoky orange bonfire", Chick Morris recalled. "How high into the sky that tower of flame extended, no one can say, but the brightness of it was unbelievable." This scene, especially the part in bold, repeats itself every time I play the ship.
  4. Stat Shaming is overrated but still

    What do you guys think of a player with 52.38% solo win rate?
  5. Weekend spree

    Didn't play this weekend and debating whether I want to play on a Monday because Mondays can also be really bad. Did other things over the weekend, one of which was fighting another IBS flare up.
  6. Is anyone a fan of football / anyone watching the World Cup?

    France has won Hon Hon Hon.
  7. Stat Shaming is overrated but still

    I normally don't stat shame in the game, unless I see someone who acts so full of themselves and accuses me of being a noob, of sucking etc. when I'm playing my ship (ex: USN light cruiser using islands) the way it's meant to be played. When I look them up and see orange or red (which is usually the case), I won't hesitate to go all out on him and his mother and put him in his place. Random guy: "OMG look at that cruiser hiding behind islands, get out there and fight!" Me: "I am in a USN cruiser. I'm meant for islands that I can use to shoot over because I'd die quickly if I charge out in the open. I have the shell velocity (152mm or 127mm). Do you know anything about these ships?" Random guy: "I have one and that's not how I play. You @)$*)@$*)@$*@)$*)@$." Me: "Hmmm.... 45% win rate and 30k average damage in a Des Moines. Your overall win rate is 47.8%. Are you sure you're not the problem? Des Moines is your most played ship." Random guy: "Stop telling me how to play the game I know what I am doing. What have you done?" Me: "Well this is a Tier 7 battle and I'm in the Helena, I've gotten 130k damage and a Confederate, and 3 kills. You?" Random guy: (starts swearing and insulting me) Me: "With your attitude you should just uninstall. I usually don't like to be mean but I really believe people with your level of understanding and comprehension are a waste of precious internet space and a waste of oxygen. Good game." (silence) Usually when I see a flamer it's a below average player that thinks he's the Zeus of the game. There's a reason why he's red / orange but he thinks he knows everything, well, perhaps everything except why he's red / orange. They're the scum of the seas. If you're bad, at least admit it. The minimum you can do is to not cause any trouble and try the best you can.
  8. Seattle's Avg Winrate is Ridongkulusly High

    Helena's is also very high at 55%, but I see it going down and I think it will settle at around 52%, 1% lower than Fiji.
  9. What happened to Furutaka’s 140mm gun layout?

    They gave her the gun configuration she had in World War 2, 3x2 203mm guns. This allows her to play more aggressively because she can still have 2/3 of her firepower without showing the broadside that would be required with her original gun layout.
  10. Resurrecting one of my older threads. I don't think she will end up taking any hit from the nerf bat because stats wise as the number of battles increases and we get a solid statistical picture of her, I don't see her doing better than Fiji or Belfast in terms of numbers. What she does need is a ROF buff to 7.5 seconds. That would be a welcome change. USN light cruisers require a very specific playstyle and don't have the ability to create their own cover unlike the RN and the MK. The stats I expect to see once things settle down: 52-53% win rate 42-43k average damage 1.5-1.6 K/D 0.90-0.95 ship kills Having said this, tier for tier she will still be the best USN cruiser and light cruiser, but she'll be a relative outlier stats wise in terms of the USN cruisers' performance at each tier compared to their contemporaries, because if we look at the other tiers the overall numbers for USN cruisers are middle of the pack for their tiers / slightly below average, but Helena's an exception.
  11. HE spam and the reason BB's won't engage

    I feel the pain of players on the receiving end of HE rain, though personally I love ships like the Atlanta and the new Helena. A guilty pleasure, but a pleasure nonetheless. However, these ships have a big flaw in that they're dependent on the team having their flanks secured. When the enemy makes a concentrated push and manages to sink the allies near the Helena / Atlanta, it's as good as dead. Oh crap, did I just tell you how to deal with these ships? LOL.
  12. Alsace is a beast

    Though I don't like high tier gameplay, even I disagree with nerfing Alsace. She's fine as she is, I see absolutely nothing wrong with her. The reason why she does so well statistically is because she's all-round a good ship, and she has a smaller sample size in number of battles played compared to the other lines, because she's from the newest BB line in the game so far. Like what others have said, why not work on improving the older Tier 9 battleships instead of nerfing the newer one?
  13. RN Cruiser Premium?

    It would still fit at Tier 5, perhaps Emerald-ish but still different.
  14. Looking at the Current Leaderboard for the Helena.....

    Lol I first saw this meme referencing Germany, South Korea, and the World Cup with the woman in red being the World Cup.