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  1. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Worst Played Ships

    For me, there aren't many ships I can play well enough to begin with, so: 1. Omaha, Murmansk-I played them before the changes to MM, so I still saw lots of matches at Tier 4 and 5. However, I was nowhere near as good as I am now (even now I'm only slightly above average), so my overall stats in them suck. 2. Kuma-Same situation as Omaha, Murmansk. 3. King George V, Nelson-They've been lauded as superb ships, but I've never adjusted to the HE slinging / switching back and forth between HE and AP playstyle on a BB. I much prefer a traditional, AP focused BB. 4. Fuso, Nagato-I did well in Kongo but most of that was from pre-MM change days. Fuso, Nagato, I've never really clicked with them because their superstructures are too tall, they get spotted and set on fire easily. Japanese BB AP also seems to work a bit strangely. I aim at the waterline but the shells go over the enemy ship. 5. Scharnhorst-It's a brawler, but I'm not as good at BB brawling as I thought I was. Its guns can't really overmatch many cruisers, the HE is sort of lacking and German dispersion is crap despite a 2.0 sigma. Not an easy ship to play. 6. Japanese cruisers past Aoba-I haven't played Myoko after the buffs, but before I always found Myoko to be too sluggish in its maneuverability and turret traverse. Many say it has good armor but I've found that it gets citadeled easily. Reload's also a bit slow and its AP has worse autobounce angles than the USN AP. 7. British cruisers-Having only AP isn't fun when enemy is damage saturated. Turret firing angles aren't good at all, they take forever to reverse. Maybe I'm just playing them incorrectly, I try to play them like I'd play a USN CL. Ships I've done better in: 1. Helena 2. Cleveland (old) 3. Pensacola (old) 4. New Orleans (post 0.7.5) 5. New Mexico 6. Queen Elizabeth 7. Colorado (post-buff) 8. Furutaka 9. Orion (low tier so things are simpler) 10. Kongo (pre-MM changes) 11. Atlanta You can check my stats on WoWS Numbers.
  2. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Do any of you believe in astrology?

    I see, to be honest I have been struggling with it a lot, and recently I've been trying to get out of it, actually. I'm tired of constantly being pulled back into it, I'm trying to get out of it for good. I've lived in lots of fear after finding out I have some negative aspects with Saturn in my birth chart and my Gemini Venus and Gemini descendant. It's honestly becoming like a drug to me and I realize I'm becoming irrational, but I do tend to have a worrying / slightly obsessive personality by nature so it's easier said than done.
  3. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Do any of you believe in astrology?

    What do you mean?
  4. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Do any of you believe in astrology?

    Do any of you believe in astrology? Not just the sun sign stuff and your daily horoscope in the newspaper, but stuff that's a lot more in-depth such as your planetary positions in signs and houses, your Ascendant / Descendant, other mathematical points and midpoints, and asteroids etc. Took me a while to understand that we're a lot more than just the sign we say we are, because that's just our sun sign. Then there's synastry / composite charts for determining the compatibility between two individuals. I'm a Cancer with Aquarius moon and Sagittarius rising, apparently I have the exact same sun+moon+rising combination as the US of A but I'm not American. As for me, my relationship with astrology is a bit complicated. I like to believe in free will, but I can't help fall into a fatalistic pattern of thinking when parts of my birth chart or when someone's birth chart makes aspects to mine that it's all somehow predetermined. When I'm down I look at my birth chart to psychologically reassure myself that good things will come, but when it says something bad about me that's when I go "don't worry, I can decide things for myself." When things work or don't work out with someone (any kind of relationship), I can't help but think that the planets must / must not have been in aspect with each other correctly. What's also interesting to me is that the modern astrology practiced today differs from traditional astrology as practiced in the Middle Ages and earlier. Modern astrology grew out of humanistic thinking in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Birth charts aren't necessarily viewed as "unequal", "good" or "bad", but rather as indicators of strengths and weaknesses and potential challenges to work with. Due to the discovery of the outer planets, modern astrologers generally use them in chart readings. Aquarius was traditionally assigned to Saturn but now it's assigned to Uranus, Pisces I'm not sure but it's not assigned to Neptune, and Scorpio was traditionally assigned to Mars (a malefic in traditional astrology) but now it's assigned to Pluto. Planets in modern astrology don't have "good" or "bad" labels to them, just different kinds of energy that have both pros and cons depending on how they're handled and the aspects they form. However, some planets such as Mars are considered bad in traditional astrology. What's even more interesting to me is how traditional astrologers didn't really assign personality traits to zodiac signs, instead they represented different aspects of life and human nature rather than individuals. Modern astrology assigns personality traits to signs, and some of the interpretations are quite different from their traditional interpretations. For example, Cancer is a water sign along with Scorpio and Pisces. Modern interpretations of the water element would include words such as "sensitive", "intuitive", "perceptive", even "psychic." However, a traditional interpretation of the water element would focus more on its negative traits such as "volatile", "unstable", and "unpredictable." Houses in contemporary astrology represent an individual's attitude towards that particular aspect of life, but in a traditional reading they represent that aspect of the individual's life but completely separate from the individual him / herself. I'm really young among the playerbase here, I'm only 22. I was born in 1996 with my sun in Cancer but my Venus is in the dual sign of Gemini. My Sagittarius ascending sign means my descending sign is Gemini. This really freaks me out because from what I've read Gemini Venus + Gemini descendant indicates infidelity and more than one marriage and that's not what I want at all. I am utterly scared of breakups and divorce due to my own life experiences. Venus in the summer months of 1996 does a really annoying thing. Just when you think it's about to enter Cancer, it goes into retrograde back into Gemini and it doesn't settle into Cancer until well into Leo, possibly even Virgo. Had I been born at the scheduled date of birth I would have been a Virgo, but I was born prematurely in early July. I'm also getting the tendency to look up people's birth charts, the positions and aspects they have, and the aspects they form with mine. If there are multiple challenging aspects, I get disheartened. If it's someone I've bonded with for a long time, I can't help but look them up and see what aspects point to longevity (usually it's Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn, and midpoints). I'm also getting into generational astrology that looks at the outer planets and how they influence trends of a generation / era. For example, being born in 1996, my Uranus has already entered Aquarius but my Neptune is still in Capricorn albeit a late degree (26.46 degrees). However, kids born in 1998 will have both their Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, so I wonder if they're going to be less traditional and more innovative than the Millennial generation that I belong at the tail end of.
  5. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Who likes tacos?

    Never tried real Mexican tacos, but if you're talking about Taco Bell and stuff like that, no.
  6. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    New premium ship idea, a really great idea

    I agree RN could have some more premium cruisers: 1. HMS Dido / Sirius 2. HMS York / Exeter 3. HMS Effingham 4. A County class, maybe Norfolk or Dorsetshire
  7. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Perspectives on driving CLs in open water?

    I'd say for USN light cruisers, using islands for cover is basically a must. They don't have the shell arcs to be effective in open water and overall they're fragile. Even when you use islands you better count on your team distracting enemy ships on both flanks so you can spam shells from behind the island. When you have support, you can still get away with fighting in open water in Dallas / Helena / Boise but Cleveland and up I'm not sure because I don't play high tier.
  8. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    Usually those that say I suck have sub-48% win rates or have their stats hidden.
  9. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    New premium RN cruiser?

    If Dido / Sirius were introduced it would basically be a British Atlanta.
  10. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Gutless heavies

    Definitely seems to be an influx of poor players at middle and high tiers across ship types, but especially noticeable with battleships and destroyers. It's not just a "weekend problem" anymore.
  11. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Did they nerf IFHE and US CL accuracy?

    Atlanta, Helena, and Boise were my favorite ships, but I haven't played for about a month and a half (took another break because I was burned out and doing other stuff) and returning to the game I've noticed that it's much harder to get good rounds in them. I tend to get spotted more easily even when using islands, their dispersion and overall accuracy seems to have been nerfed, and IFHE against battleships seems to give me more shatters than before. Have I missed any buffs to the durability of BBs against IFHE, and nerfs to these ships? If so, please let me know. I'm currently traveling in Europe now so ping when playing on the NA server is around 105-140, could that also be contributing to my perception of reduced accuracy?
  12. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Removing the third hulls for Iowa and Izumo

    Replace third hull of Iowa with Iowa 1991. That'll finally get me to play something above Tier 7.
  13. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Go to Ships, OCT 2018 Edition

    Helena, Atlanta, Boise.
  14. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    Green Team vs. Red Team

    Legend has it that when they were testing the French cruisers and battleships and the Italian premiums currently in the game, they were considering giving both nations the ability to switch sides to the (hopefully) winning team as one of their gimmicks. Unfortunately, they had a brain fart at the last moment and decided to not give them the ability after all, so to this day there is no way to switch teams in a random battle, unfortunately.
  15. Grand_Viceroy_Zhou_Ziyu

    I guess I don't know how to play anymore.

    I took a break from the game starting in late July / early August, when things started getting really rough with the summer crowd. So I rode it out, and I started playing again (though not as much as before) starting in mid-September. And what I feel is things have become even worse than before. People don't follow strategies anymore, on Domination mode teams split at the beginning of the match and then run off doing absolutely nothing useful. There's been even less communication than before. People don't play to win anymore. Even mid-tier matches have become lopsided in favor of one team or the other, gone are the days of where I could at least enjoy a tight match or two at Tier 7. West Virginia not being released in its Leyte Gulf configuration was an unpleasant surprise. I strongly feel that the game has reached a point where it's not the team with the better players that wins, but the tea with the least amount of clueless players and makes less mistakes. In other words it's not about being good / better, it's about not sucking. With the introduction of a new DD line, this just screams more fun for those yolo suicide DD players. Of course, at least a few of you will say that yes, yes, yes it's always been this way, but what I mean is it's not getting any better but worse. So, I guess I don't know how to play anymore, not even the ships I once enjoyed (ex: Helena, Atlanta).