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    CV rework TEST SERVER down or gone?

    me too, wanted to finish the mission for the gold but I guess im F*CKED.
  2. Is the CV rework Test Server just down or gone completely? I can't log in.

    How long to complete burnning wrath, PART II?

    You DO NOT know what you are talking about.

    How long to complete burnning wrath, PART II?

    The Royal Navy Missions called "burning wrath." How many days or what is the final day to complete them? I think they just started and we have 5 or 6 more days, but I am not sure. I have done them all so far. I have 30 G's and 290 Sov's and want to make sure I get the Warspite and Gallant and the Cossack for FREE.

    How long to complete burnning wrath, PART II?

    No, I mean, what day does it end?
  6. How long do we have to complete burning wrath PART II? I think it's new and we have a week, but I don't want to not do the missions on time.
  7. Not to me. My time is precious. These operations should be winnable at least 50% of the time and 5 star them a third of the time or I won't waste my time playing them.
  8. I don't know which one, the first one, this is my first 5 games. I can't win at all let alone with any STARS. I can see it's easy in a platoon, but random players just don't know how to do an ESCORT mission. Last game we had all 7 ships still alive but most lagging behind ship not protecting it. The game before that 3 ships actually stopped to engage the enemy and could never catch back up so we only had 4 playing the game. It's really [edited] on WG's part to have the escort ships so slow they can't catch back up easily. It could be the early morning NOOB situation so I guess I will try back after lunch.
  9. I have played 5 straight games in TRANSYLVANIA and all 5 games were losses. I am done with this [edited] mode. Why keep playing if you never win?
  10. No, it is just STUPID on WG's part to create a HUGE event, but have a LARGE component of it based on sheer LUCK rather than skill or how much you play the game. IT IS STUPID. I did get the Acasta and because of that it unlocked more missions and hence more sov's and loot. IF NK's WHOLE LIFE HAS BEEN THE SOVIET NAVY, HE WASTED HIS LIFE AND HAS NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT.
  11. We will see, but why not give EVERYBODY by now at least the tier 5? You would think somebody at WG has brains.
  12. A-men BRO. I don't understand why WG would create an EVENT like this that just PISSES OFF the player base.
  13. It is just plain STUPID on WG's part to not have a statistical GUARANTEE that EVERYBODY who opens a certain number of crates gets a UK DD. I have been playing EVERY day and completing all the missions in a couple of days and then playing even more, but I still can't get a UK DD. WG is just one of the stupidest companies I have ever seen. They design this fantastic game but then run it like morons.