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  1. Grey_Paladin

    Battle of Jutland MM

    Somehow I suspect that poor Fiji captain was not looking forward to that game. Ouch!
  2. Grey_Paladin

    Matchmaking - was this a fair match?

    What I find interesting is that a Helena came in first on the enemy team and second on the allied team. A T7 light cruiser in a T9 match did better than two machine-gun top tier DDs. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Grey_Paladin

    Annoying CO-OP Carriers

    I also have to laugh. I have seen very similar behavior in the bot CVs in Coop. What gets me more laughs is when playing a DD and watching the enemy fleet zero in on you, even though you are not anywhere near spotting range. I use that behavior to my advantage sometimes, leading the red bots around. One time, in the new Okinawa map I was in a DD playing the center objective. I approached from the west and headed toward the split island in the center. Then I parked briefly at the tip of the island to see what the bots would do. Three, count 'em, three red bots beached on the east end and stayed there as long as I was on the other end. So I politely ran up one side and let fly with two spreads of torps at point blank range. Delete.
  4. Grey_Paladin

    Juliet flags aka det flags

    I do have to laugh a bit at this one. My current flag meta is Zulu. I have nearly 900 of those. Santa crates, daily drops, even the super containers ( from a campaign) contained mass quantities of Zulu flags. I do use them all the time, but I think the stocks of red, yellow, blue, and black material must be getting pretty low! Have a great day!
  5. Grey_Paladin

    Biggest premium ship regret!

    I have only 'bought' two - Molotov and Scharnhorst. The rest were either 'earned/free' or 'crate ships'. The Molotov is the one regret. I thought, "T9 guns in a T7, what can go wrong?" Nope. The guns are only OK. But, as many have pointed out, the armour is NOT the usual Stalinium. Methinks somebody in the port made off with the proper Stalinium and substituted whatever cheap steel they could get on the black market. They are now sitting in their dacha sipping imported wine I am sure. Have a good day!
  6. Grey_Paladin

    Good morning all my WOWS friends!

    Hail and well-met this fine morning! Plenty of sugar around this time of year. Maybe we can substitute that for salt?
  7. I have seen a 2X Tirpitz + Bismarck division. They formed a flying wedge with the Bismarck in the center. They then proceeded to go from cap to cap blasting anything that came their way. I do not remember what the DDs were doing that time. That was a while back, so the meta has changed since then.
  8. I would severely doubt it. 4X254 mm, 6X152 mm, and some 57mm and smaller guns are all she had. The Mikasa - T2 BB - had 4X305 mm, 14X152 mm, and 18X80 mm guns. The USS Maine (ACR-1) really would struggle to do much. She did have some good belt armor, but I wonder how much of it she actually had. Mind you, that is my 2 cents worth! Have a good day!
  9. OK, I re-read the question and see what you mean. I have no idea on the FreeXP ships. That has to assume that you have all the ships, mind you. Otherwise the fall-back applies.
  10. According to what I read, the crate will be switched with a supercontainer with a different ship. If you have that ship, then it tries again until it finds a ship that you do not have. If you have all the possible premium ships from the Santa Crates ( Cf the Community Contributor videos like Jingles ) it will give you the price of the ship in doubloons, a port slot, and a 10 point commander.
  11. Grey_Paladin

    Santa Crate Mikhail Kutuzov = No Radar

    Interesting. This is the second thread I have seen in the past couple days about the Kutuzov and her consumables. In both cases radar was assumed. I got mine in the Santa Crates of 2016 and at the time was disappointed. Then I started playing her. It is now my most played ship. I still play it from time to time, even after the Great Smoke Nerf.
  12. Grey_Paladin

    Modifying the Kitakaze and Harugumo

    No problem! The Kutuzov is a ship that pops up quickly when smoke cruisers come to mind, so it is an understandable mistake.
  13. Grey_Paladin

    Modifying the Kitakaze and Harugumo

    The Kutuzov has smoke and either Def AA or sonar. You might be thinking of the Belfast. That has smoke and radar.
  14. Grey_Paladin

    New Code

    Many Thanks!
  15. Grey_Paladin

    Mouse's Little White Christmas Reviews #2: Dreadnought

    Nay, methinks DeLerting would mean a ship would be standing down from an ALert. Alert-delert?