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  1. Grey_Paladin

    Ribbons in the Air - 23rd - 29th

    Good Afternoon! A quick Coop with my Z52.
  2. Many thanks! I have tended to do some of this, but having more laid out for perusal is always good.
  3. Grey_Paladin

    WOWS single player mode unlocked

    Happens to me regularly, usually at T10. Sometimes my bots can shoot straight, sometimes not.
  4. Grey_Paladin

    Bot Firing Torps Towards Allies

    I have recently seen the bots send torps off in seemingly random directions. Getting tagged by a 'friendly' bot torp is standard in coop as well. The random torps are new to me.
  5. Grey_Paladin

    Recently found out

    My father was an engineer ( I think - his shoulder patch had a gear on it ) on the USS Exploit, AM-440, in the 1950's. One 40 mm in the bow and 2 machine guns. And they were mostly to sink/destroy any mines that were swept up. Yup, wooden hull with aluminum-block diesel engines to minimize the magnetic signature. We still have a piece of wood from the ship, from when they did some changes. He did mention that they sailed to Havana, Cuba, once just to give all the sailors the 'foreign duty' medal. Apparently that was a routine operation at the time. Have a great weekend!
  6. Grey_Paladin

    Where are you in your UU/LM grinds?

    I do not have any yet, but I am slooooowly getting there. Hindenburg stage 5 Z-52 stage 4 Des Moines stage 2 Minotaur stage 1 Worchester stage 1
  7. Grey_Paladin

    AdmiralThunder's Co-op Carnage 2 (Contest)

    Thanks! This should prove interesting.
  8. A little late, as I was busy. One space-based one that I like is Crest of the Stars/Banner of the Stars. Have a good weekend!
  9. Grey_Paladin

    Air Supply Container Opening

    Good Morning! I have also seen several of these Community Contributor openings since they started giving them a set of containers, and have never been impressed. I will wait and see what happens when they actually get out in the wild. Have fun!
  10. I ran 200 games in my T7 Helena starting in June of last year. Overall, I saw 45% T7 games, 38% T8 games, and 17% T9. I did notice that the % of T8 games rose slowly through the period, rising from 34% to 44%. Just an observation. Edit: I wonder what the tiers will look like now that there are several battlecruisers ( Large Cruisers - yeah right ) that are available.
  11. HMS Campbeltown's wreck rushed into the dry dock with the water flow after the explosion. Aha! I had seen that picture before, but it was captioned to the effect of HMS Campbeltown being wedged in the gates. I always thought it was either a bad cut and paste job ( 1990's, before the event of Photoshop ), or they mis-labeled it somehow. Now it makes perfect sense. Many thanks for this!
  12. Grey_Paladin

    Suggestions on Mini-Map Firing

    Good Afternoon! I have a little over 200 battles in the Helena, so I am familiar with the ship. With 15 guns the Helena is seen as a formidable opponent. I am usually public enemy #1 as well in my games. What I have found useful is to use terrain to your own advantage. Use the island cover to either block enemy shells/torpedoes or to conceal your own ship. If you cannot find cover to lob your shells over, use it to limit the enemy's lines of fire. Sometimes the 'whack a mole' strategy works. In that one, find some cover to hide behind and go to either side. If they saw you come from the eastern side of the island, wait a moment and try the western side if possible. I would suggest being as unpredictable as possible. Your short range is a bit of a drawback, but your shell arcs allow you to fire over much more terrain than some. Watch the mini map - get the mod to increase the size if possible. If you find yourself in the open, wiggle: Speed up, slow down, move randomly side to side. If possible, retreat. A Helena in the open is too easy prey. Have fun!
  13. Grey_Paladin

    I Love This Idea

    I suspect it might not be as easy as we would like to think. I believe the complexity of the programming would grow to a non-economical extent. Mind you, I would like to be able to permanently buy some of the more interesting camos, but I also understand the possibility of going down too far the 'pay to win' road. Just my thoughts. Have a good day!
  14. Grey_Paladin

    What to do with 2,340 florins and 49 crowns.

    Thank you very much for the information!
  15. Grey_Paladin

    What to do with 2,340 florins and 49 crowns.

    I might suggest flags, as my first thought would is that credit flags could give you more credits over time. I do poorly in math, but the idea would be for you to check what you make on average in your games and then add in the % the flags give you to see if they do better than a straight conversion. For myself I went with flags, though the 'fire' flags ( Victor Lima, India Xray ) were the ones I was after. Have a great day! I wish you well!