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  1. Grey_Paladin

    10m timelapse of Rotterdam to Amsterdam by boat

    Interesting! That explains the high angle on the camera.
  2. Grey_Paladin

    10m timelapse of Rotterdam to Amsterdam by boat

    Had to go look . . . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vlotbrug Looks like we might have it. Edit: Maybe not. Something similar. Can't tell if the bridge is on the water or not.
  3. Grey_Paladin

    10m timelapse of Rotterdam to Amsterdam by boat

    The one I found most interesting was the one at 8:36 where the road slid sideways. That one was unique. Now there is a question of engineering!
  4. Grey_Paladin

    Got a SC today in my regular crates

    Interesting, I got a a supercontainer yesterday as well. 1500 steel, so it was OK. I would have preferred coal, though, as I do not get enough steel normally to make a difference. Be safe!
  5. Grey_Paladin

    PSA: New Code

    Appears to be working as of this moment. Many thanks!
  6. Grey_Paladin

    Forum Funnies

    I certainly have felt like one!
  7. Grey_Paladin

    5 DDs have not seen before.

    Played several Coop matches tonight. Only saw the 5 DD once. Saw 4 another time. Then things settled around 2-3 each match.
  8. Grey_Paladin

    A most curious More Resources container...

    I have never seen that sort before either. I always go with more resources, so I have seen my share.
  9. Grey_Paladin

    5 DDs have not seen before.

    Well, I just saw 5 DDs in my first Coop game, including myself. Could prove interesting if this continues.
  10. Good Morning! The Bots have been doing that for a very long time. Right now they should all be orange and be only allowed into Coop. I have been torped by "friendly" bots many times. That is why when I find myself in a 2-human player Coop game I say it is 2 Vs 16. I have seen some more random behaviors by the Red Bots. One thing that stands out is the number of times I will get shot at while undetected. I do not mean shots in the air just before your smoke covers you. I mean well and truly undetected and I will have random shots fired at me. The behavior is fairly odd, as the bot will be hammering at a friendly then stop and pop off a shot in my general direction, then go back to what they were doing before. Have a great day!
  11. Grey_Paladin

    One of the most frustrating Co-op tasks (PVE Thread)

    Aye, floods are are real pain to get. Still working on the get floods with my Cossack. About as easy as getting caps in a DD in Coop. I have found that it is much easier for me to get caps with my Grosser Kurfurst than it is with my Z-52. Be safe!
  12. Grey_Paladin

    PSA: Special Opt In Missions (Bismarck Web Campaign)

    Missed it the first time myself, then re-read everything and saw it.
  13. Grey_Paladin

    PSA: Special Opt In Missions (Bismarck Web Campaign)

    Good Morning! Just note that you do have to click on the various lion icons on the map to get to the actual mission unlock button. Little different than how they have done it in the past.
  14. Grey_Paladin

    USN heavy or light cruisers

    Good morning! I have played both. My personal preference is the light cruiser line. I tend to move forward a bit and try to nail DDs and other cruisers first before going to work on any BBs that stray into range. As noted above, the range is not that great, being 14-15 km while other nations will usually get 16 or more with the same bore rifles. I prefer the T6 Dallas and T7 Helena for my games. The heavy cruiser line is OK and seems to work best for me doing the outflanking maneuvers. They have the super heavy AP shells that do a number on citadels. I do not play much random with these as they don't fit my style as well. Have fun!