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  1. Good afternoon! The only solution I found was to use the Hakabase mod pack. It is very strange, but there might be some small glitch in Aslain's or in the files he was using. I tried uninstalling everything and installing just the game without the Game Center and that did not work. With the Hakabase mod pack I did also just a minimal install. Funnier still is that the Aslain mod packs work on my laptop, which has never seen the Game Center. I suspect a culprit but have no real proof. Try the Hakabase mod pack and let us know. Have a great afternoon!
  2. Grey_Paladin

    Another Code I Found on FaceBook

    That is indeed the code for the Ring Mission - I cannot log in right now so I do not know what it is. I suspect you have to use German ships this time.
  3. Thanks for checking! I will have to look harder then.
  4. Good Afternoon! I have not been able to use the custom side panels since 7.9. I like the Badobest ones, but have tried the Hakabase and Autospy. The Badobest panels simply do not show up. The original side panels are there. For all of the others, the custom panels are there, but the original side panels overlay them, making them impossible to use. Attached the log files. Many thanks! _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log
  5. Just had the weirdest game in my time here. Land of Fire map with 4 caps. Green team: Essex, Izumo, Lyon, and Helena (Me). That's it. Red Team: Essex, Musashi, York, and Shiratsuyu. Most were a bit confused. The Shiratsuyu went capping while we smashed Musashi and York. Shiratsuyu tried carrier snipe - failed. Then he went on a rage in chat. The BB's got the red carrier for the win. What happened to the matchmaker? Did we have a carrier that waited 5 minutes?
  6. Grey_Paladin

    Easter Egg in the game

    I had a similar thing happen not too long ago. A DD came around a corner and I unloaded 15 barrels from my Helena into him at point blank range. The resultant explosion levitated him about 30m up a cliff side. He hung there a moment and then slammed back down to the water.
  7. Grey_Paladin

    Wayback Wednesday - Your first T10

    My first T10 was the Hindenburg. It had a reputation as a tank and was quite highly thought of at the time. I use it to warm up every time I log in, just a quick co-op game to get into it.
  8. Good morning! I thank you for the information! I downloaded V2 of the modpack and that is working just fine. Would you like me to put the V1 mods back in to see where the problem was? I simply did a move of the 7.6 folder. Have a good day!
  9. I had two glitches after installing - the drop-down in the upper left did not work correctly. Everything was stacked on top of everything else. And the clan chat link in the lower left was missing. I removed the mods completely and the errors went away. I am using: Side panel by Badobest #2, Nomogram dynamic crosshair, Rangefinder green, Over target markers Badobest HP+Nick, Minimap extended, More visible trained commander perks, Docks: Yokusuka and Night Dragon, Radiolocation Green, and ARP voices to standard English. Any other data that might be helpful?