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  1. Wayback Wednesday - Your first T10

    My first T10 was the Hindenburg. It had a reputation as a tank and was quite highly thought of at the time. I use it to warm up every time I log in, just a quick co-op game to get into it.
  2. Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #05 (22-09-2018)

    Good morning! I thank you for the information! I downloaded V2 of the modpack and that is working just fine. Would you like me to put the V1 mods back in to see where the problem was? I simply did a move of the 7.6 folder. Have a good day!
  3. Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #05 (22-09-2018)

    I had two glitches after installing - the drop-down in the upper left did not work correctly. Everything was stacked on top of everything else. And the clan chat link in the lower left was missing. I removed the mods completely and the errors went away. I am using: Side panel by Badobest #2, Nomogram dynamic crosshair, Rangefinder green, Over target markers Badobest HP+Nick, Minimap extended, More visible trained commander perks, Docks: Yokusuka and Night Dragon, Radiolocation Green, and ARP voices to standard English. Any other data that might be helpful?
  4. The two ammunition ships get stuck at the south border.
  5. Two Questions on DD Construction

    My father was on a minesweeper in the 1950's - the USS Exploit. The only ship in the Navy that had the option to run away if they met the enemy. You see, the ship was made of wood to prevent setting off magnetic mines. The engines were aluminum blocks, if I remember him correctly. Their primary armament was a single 40mm, mostly to put holes in mines if they floated to the surface. A couple of 50 cals to help. I am pretty sure they used booms and winches when the sweeps were out.
  6. Two Questions on DD Construction

    Okay, that makes quite a bit of sense, now. I didn't know the hull was actually narrower than the props. The old turrets were open in the back, so I see what they did there. It also explains why those platforms were heavily reinforced on the bottom, not the top. Many thanks!
  7. Two Questions on DD Construction

    Good Afternoon! Just two quick questions that have had me wondering for a while. On most DD's and a few CA/CL's there is a 'cowcatcher' construction near the stern of the ship. It is the rounded/angular (depending on nation) item attached to the sides that looks much the the front of an old steam train. What is the purpose of that? I have come up with several theories, like fending off a dock when leaving, but would like some more information. On some of the interwar DD's like the Gallant, the Leningrad, the American and the German DD's there is a raised platform above the 'A' turret and below the 'B' turret. What is the purpose of that? Is it to shed water from breaking waves? Many thanks!
  8. TIL: I'm a hacker

    When I arrived at WOWs a while back, it was described as the Penance-Cola. Bagged Milk: I worked at a college cafeteria in the 80's and the milk arrived in 5-gallon bags that were put into oversized milk crates. THAT took a bit of lifting! And, yes, once in a while they sprang a leak, which meant a very large mess to clean up.
  9. Hello!

    Hello and Welcome! I would suggest Flamu's Youtube channel. I have found his videos to be quite informative. He uses games that he has played recently and makes commentary on why he is using the tactics he does. At the end of his videos he works through the ship build that he is using and upgrades that he recommends. He also has made videos on the captain skills and his recommendations for each level of captain. Have fun!
  10. 0.5.9 - New Co-Op Mission Feedback

    I have played as a DD in the Strait and in the Assault maps. On the Strait, if you have several DD's and they grab the objective quickly, the game is won. If the team gets distracted and the second wave of enemy hit, it tends to go badly. On the Assault maps I have played several games, but almost all have been with 3 humans and 5 bots. In every game it ends up being 3 humans Vs. 10-12 bots and one flank collapses, with the resultant loss. Honestly I would do a dynamic balancing of forces if the Green team has less than a full complement of human players. I would recommend fewer bots if the Green team has bots on it. Another recommendation would be for the regular Co-Op games add a few bots, again with dynamic balancing if there are bots on the Green team.
  11. I like the smoke circles and for one am glad they are now visible. Once you turn them on, at least! I am also happy with the better description of how smoke works. The actual speed where you outrun your smoke is good to know.
  12. Two Questions

  13. Two Questions

    Good Morning! I have been playing for a couple of weeks and have two quick questions on players. First, I have seen several players' names marked with a small shield and the number 1. What does that signify? Second, there was one player whose name was highlighted in purple. I am curious as to what that means. Many thanks for the info! Grey