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  1. I often wonder what the correct pronunciation is to ships that belong to countries other than my native language and was thinking maybe others do too....how about a button in the port screen next to the ship name that would play the name in the correct language/dialect?
  2. _WifeAggro_

    Question of the Week Submissions

    Hi all, love the show. My question is this: I have enough steel for EITHER the Bourgogne or the Stalingrad and am wondering what your choice would be? I'm not a CB player and I find ranked is not worth the time, energy or necessary salt absorption past rank 10-ish. I play 99% of my randoms solo, so I'm thinking for me the Bourgogne is probably better than Stalingrad, but....the Somers kinda' changes that equation too so should I hold off for something in the future? <--I think I know Vanessaira's answer to this one :)
  3. _WifeAggro_

    I would like to nominate a player as a CC

    Agreed, this guy is great....1st post, you're welcome.
  4. _WifeAggro_

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Aslain, I wanted to personally thank you for all you do and even being available to support when these things dont work as expected. Thanks!
  5. _WifeAggro_

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    I have the same issue, however in reverse (normally NA player, using the modpack choose server window to go to EU) and getting this error. I have used this same modpack in previous releases without having to download a separate EU WOWS client and it worked flawlessly prior to