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  1. TomBombay

    Ban the XVM mod!

    yeah, and gives you an ida of whos a shitter and who isnt so you can suck up to the good players while you let the poor players die.. Sorry truth it truth..
  2. TomBombay

    When is the best time to play?

    I'd say 10PM to midnight pacific standard/daylight time.. players seem to be mmore serious, more intellegent and less prone to flaming during that period.. Also like the gentleman said, stay away from weekends..
  3. I never got into Quake.. I played Doom ::LOL:;.. When it effectively became Quake I lost interest and then became addicted to this little game called "Wing Commander". But yeahh, I remember the hardware.. I was working a lot as a desktop support guy/network engineer for quite a few years there, and all the 3DFX cards came across my desk. The CEO of the company i worked for at the time ( Tandem ) had a bloody video wall powered byt the things.. I cant tell you how big it wwas because my jaw, after all these years, is still on the floor..
  4. yeah, sadly your right.. Its the nature of the beast i'm afraid.. I have tons of games on my machine, but frankly cant remember what most of them are because i have WOT and WOWs and everything else is just some knock off of those two in effect..
  5. looking at it right now in fact. tomorrow's payday, but I havent seen any buy in options for Naval Combat yet.. Could you imagine a long battle of maybe an hour or two?? In WWII there was one Korvettenkapitan who snuck inside of an american patrol at night once and effectively parked next to an american cruiser with his type 100.. Took them twenty minutes to notice he was there and he just hit the throttles and was gone ::lol:: I WANT to pull that stunt ::LOL::
  6. I'm looking at WT's naval combat real seriously myself. Its 50 bucks to get in, but if they have historical based combat like they have for tanks, it'll be well worth it, especially as i'm a bit of a PT/MTB/Schnellboot geek..
  7. One thing ive noticed, both on WOT and here, is that winning is linked to your ship rotation. In other words, When you log on, select a premium ship ( any premium ship ) and play it for the doubles. You may lose upwards of 8 or 10 matches with your first choice of the day, but once you win, change premium ships immediately. You may lose two or three matches, but the third or fourth, youll win, And that will continue throughout the day. Works in tanks too, and even more predictably.
  8. Thats why i kept the name.. I've come to miss so many people.. It's like visiting an in game version of "the wall".. Oh, Kitakami. Yes, it needed massive skills. Skills Ive never had.. Nooo, the nightmare was sailing across a map with three or four kitkats unleasing a full set of torpedoes and trying to dodge sixty of the things all at once.. THAT was a nightmare.. Miss the boat though. Glad the Okhotnik kinda sorta loosely fills its shoes..
  9. TomBombay

    Ever worry about becoming 'That Guy'?

    I've never been that guy, but then, i've been on the recieving end of that guy only a few times.. I dont give advice because in game, i'm too stupid to give advice and i've learned to ignore the hotheads in chat who honestly are never talking to me anyway. I found though that hotheads are very much tier oriented. For some reason, higher tiers seem to have more people with serious gaming on their mind and dont have time or interest in acting like puerile idiots..
  10. I also remember the early days. Everyone was passionate about ships and it showed. It was pretty incredible. Awesome game play, great communication and people sharing and encouraging each other instead of flaming them. Remember the uproar we had when WG introduced fire and burning ships?? Steel doesnt burn we said, but they used Tsushima as an example and refused to budge. And then the Kitakami too.. Jesus what a nightmare.. I fear the Halcyon days of WOW's were her first. It's degenerated greatly since then..
  11. The game has so much diversity of intent too it. You have high tension competition where winning is everything and no other outcome is acceptable. You have collector's like myself, who appreciate the various aspects of a ships design. You have Historians able to relate moments of history no one else ever even thought of, and then youve got people like Little White Mouse, without who's critical analysis most of us would never even look at a new ship, or Lert, who created the series of tutorials that so many players used to learn world of tanks and then world of warships too ( since the basic game never really changed ). Diversity of interests is a great thing and it makes this game awesome, but its also at the very core of contention among players. One guy wants to be the champion WOWs player and drives himself like crazy to become that and win every single game, while another guy just likes his boats and like to sail them and blow crapup if he can. Yeah, that creates friction.. You get a game like Blade and Soul though, where your lockstepped into the storyline with no hope of escape, and there is no contention. Everyone gets alone, because we're all stuck in the same place.. With WOWs, your not lock stepped. Everyone can do exactly what they are interested in. Thats what makes the game not only great, but worth keeping around. Important words, "Worth keeping around". It's something to do. Certainly beats staring out a window at a perfectly serene, boring, landscape. My friend ( yup, only one ) used to play, but he's at that age where making money, buying cars and trucks and generally increasing his net worth are more important than old people friends of games.. If i were to meet new people would i recommend the game?? No.. The very nature of having such a diverse set of interests in the community creates a toxic atmosphere that I wouldnt recommend to my worst enemy if i had one. Theres not enough of a community to carry any given group of people whos specialty of interests lends itself to its own offshoot community. Yeah sure, you can download player created skins. I used to have a couple up myself a long time ago, but what about everyone else?? Nope, this game is worth having and keeping around as something to do, but it certainly isnt worth recommending.
  12. TomBombay

    What stat best equates to skill in WoWs

    Agreed. ( nope. never did say i was good )
  13. TomBombay

    What stat best equates to skill in WoWs

    precisely. I think 30 - 90 days is fine. Make it 30 days. Thats more realistic, and for collectors like me, its a bit more honest as i go through premium ships like an addict goes through coffee ( three pots a day ). I also spent two years helping my housemate and their friends rank up, so i was always in tiers i hated and ships i hated, but usually out of at the end of thirty days.. The last thirty days or so, I've mostly been in my York. Had a seventy five percent win rate in it too until last night when it dropped to 55%. I gotta work on that.. Anyway, yeah. Stats should be eliminated after some point and updated to reflect only whats current.
  14. TomBombay


    Gods i wish i could quote all you guys, but then my posts would be just one long quote..
  15. TomBombay

    What stat best equates to skill in WoWs

    Hot Damn but i opened up a can of worms on that one.. All because i expressed an opinion, that didnt conform to the preferred view of this arcade style video game by its more vocal players. Arcade style!.. right.. Real serious game you guys got here.. you should protect it with your lives ::LOL::.. Kill all the tater heads!!! ::LOL:: Down with anyone thats not as good as you... what a bunch of sorry assed losers..