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  1. Samurai_Mouse

    For the love of god, Montresor, end the ridiculous mercy rule

    I wouldnt know. The only tier 10 I have is the Zao, and it gets beat up by tier 8 ships all the time.. I wouldnt call it powerful..
  2. Samurai_Mouse

    For the love of god, Montresor, end the ridiculous mercy rule

    I agree! Remove the damned mercy rule. No Mercy! Seriously.. As for smart bots?? Ive seen smart bots. It was back in CBT. At Best we managed an 87% win rate. Thats not much higher than the average in PVP if I'm correct. What is it?? 60%?? But people bitched moaned and complained, about the bots, about the fires about the Kitakami and WG ditched the intellegence and the Kitakami and kept the fires even though steel doesnt burn.. Then they started nerfing ships like the Zao, bringing them down to a level of stupidity on par with the bots so that no matter what you did, you were stuck with stupid.. Getting rid of the mercy rule wouldnt be much, but at least it would be a step in the right direction. Up the intellegence on the bots again and youve taken another step.
  3. Samurai_Mouse

    I feel team play isn't a thing in coop.

    Listen! We could point fingers if we wanted, but we'd have to point them everywhere. Co-op never used to be like it is today. The bottom line though, is times and circumstances change. You want to blame DD's for making it impossible for anyone else to get good xp ( which thanks to WG theres damned little of to begin with) I give you a name and lets see if you remember that hell: Kitakami!. wanna blame it all on camping BB's?? crap, they want points too and are pushing as safely as they can for their speed. When the rest of us are dead, its usually a BB hat pulls our butts from the losers circle and caries the game. Or we can blame it on the cruisers with their high speed and pathetic torps and armor, who rush out with the dd's trying to keep them alive long enough for the BBs to get in range and the dd's to make a first strike before they die. Theres still plenty of team play. It's unfortunately just a shadow of what it should be, or once was. If anything is to blame, it's wargaming, for nerfing the red team into stupidity and creating the combat enviroment we now face. Yeah, thats right. The bots used to be smarter. Kitakami would team up and triangulate on you then launch forty torps that met at your position. turn and twenty still get ya. BB's used to fire from max range and had laser sighting of some form, making you dead in a heartbeat. And we STILL managed an 87% win rate!. but they nerfed em. Now the bots are stupid and even a stoned out old berserker like me can rush in and take two or three of them down before biting it. Whats been lost however, is us. We're the baby brigade. The people that dont count, the losers of the game because we dont want to play whiny assed and salt filled pvp games, and we know it. We dont get experience, we dont get awards, we dont get jack crapexcept grief from the whiny assed pvp players who think theyre so damn special they can spit on us all they want. We're here to have fun and thats it. So, in that sense, we still have team play. Only, its become very ugly and has lost a lot of its fun.
  4. Samurai_Mouse

    Which Ship Next? Expanding the Fleet

    avoid Zao at all costs. Three minutes to load torps, thirty seconds to rotate the guns 90* and one of the slowest reload times of any ship in the game. And it can be one shotted by yamato, musashi and georgia from full health. Go for Montana..
  5. Samurai_Mouse

    An Interesting Experiment In Co-Op

    Co=Op is certainly the most fun you can have at wargaming.net, but it hasa its issues. Seems like the whole damned game has lost its glamour. No rewards, no reason to work for anything ( just spend another eighty bucks on our brand new never existed battleship and you'll be the talk of the town ), and when there is, its placed so far beyond what anyone who doesnt play twenty hours a day will ever reach that theres no point in even hoping. I love Co-Op a,d its community, and the fun, but wargaming ruins everything they touch, and co-op is no exception. I just cant get into any of it any more. An hour or so every few days is almost too much..
  6. Samurai_Mouse

    In what bote do have the highest average XP in Co-op

    The Lenin for me, followed by Tirpitz and Alaska
  7. Samurai_Mouse

    I just passed 30,000 battles

    Been playing since closed beta started and am retired as well, but sorry, I've got a life and other things to do than waste my time on wargaming.net .
  8. Samurai_Mouse

    What is your favorite BB for Co-op

    Gneisenau is mine. It fits my berserker style. Its fast, has good armor, decent secondaries, torps and turns on a dime or maybe a quarter. It's great for supporting DD's and cruisers and draws fire away fro m them simply by its presence. Outside of the Massachusetts, its one of the best co-op brawlers I've found..
  9. Samurai_Mouse

    Co-op needs awards and more missions.

    Hey!... I rather resemble that YOLO-ist.. :LOL:: I'm extremely aggressive. I'll charge three to five enemy head on, fire on the center, torp one side and let the secondaries deal with the other side. Its fun, and when i have a good co-op team with me, it's hillarious as they fill in right behind me and take out the bots with little effort. Tonight though... damn.. Tonight we lost twice in a row because the humans stood around in the back with their thumbs up their butt holes doing nothing and the bots picked them off one at a time. Stupid frikkin PVP players. GODS they piss me off.
  10. Samurai_Mouse

    Co-op needs awards and more missions.

    But this is always the case you see. They wouldnt be tier ten if they werent desirable. More armow, better armament, the potential for doing more and losing less, all place at a conveniently high cost to keep yjrm from being obtained by everyone, but not quite impossible. This is of course made more attractive by the even more attractive and desirable Ranked battle reward ships which can only be purchased for steel, which is damned near impossible to get. Trust me, its designed to keep you frustrated so you spend more money and focus on mid and lower upper tier combat/competition.
  11. Samurai_Mouse

    Co-Op super bot

    Yeahhh, your right of course. In PVP it can be done, but not in Co-Op: at least not without letting everyone around you die first. And if everyone dies, then Why??? If you have a supership, shouldnt you be part of the team and giving them enough support to keep them alive??? Tgats what i use the Massachusettes for, and the Tirpitz and the Vanguard, and even little Mikasa. You win as a team or you dont.
  12. Samurai_Mouse

    Co-Op super bot

    DD's dont do crapearly. Most DD players I've seen use their heads and they arent thinking about their whale like teammates. And win rates?? It's been known for years that win rates dont mean shite, either here or world of tanks. But its all you epeen swinging people have to base all your arguments on: The very foundation of XVM and all related bullshittery we've somehow managed to keep out of WOWS. Frankly, you all remind me of a bunch of liberals spouting off the same old tired cliche's and ignoring the full body of evidence presented, while at the same time, using overblown and unfair advantage like super ships to support your damned weak arguments.
  13. Samurai_Mouse

    Co-op needs awards and more missions.

    as was the case with World of Tanks, I believe WG has placed all these limitations and poor rewards, to discourage people from moving too high through the tiers. Notice we now have tier 9 ships costing a million experience, Dhips that can be purchased with nothing but steel, and ships costing hundreds of thousands in coak. These are "status" ships. Game oieces designed for only the elite. Treards is you will to the best players, or the players who are on 24 hours a day. WG doesn't want a lot of people to have them because These are "supposed to be" the dream ships. The rewards to work towards is your really good. If your not, join the rest of the potatoes back at tier 5.. I hate this practice, and especially WG's implementation of it. Just remember, with these practices, you can never become an elite in Co-op. You have to play PVP. We are they whom it is encouraged to be discriminated against.
  14. Samurai_Mouse

    Co-Op super bot

    But seee, there ya go with that win rate again. It's not about win rate. It's about xp. Of course the humans are going to win. Thats a given, but, if you start the map too far left right up or down, your most likely going to finish the map with a minimum of XP because you couldnt get to the fight fast enough, and if you start too close left or right of the center, then your going to br the one to face down the enemies main force. unless you hide in the background, so yout chances of becoming aa casualty increase dramatically. Its not about win rate. But the only way to get xp, is to do the damage, and that means youve got to be in the right place to do the damage. or your just out joy riding and youll never see that new module. six kills. I'm glad that was easy for you in your tier ten monster which just happens to be rated as the most powerful ship in the game right now. I guarantee that for most people in here, six kills is a daydream, especially in lower tiered slow as molasses BBs. I've seen some really good DD players though. They may get good scores like that, and on a good day, i can get half that in my Zao. I still dont make high XP or even xp worth counting. And thats where super bots come in because hey, your working your butt off trying to make a point and some bot shoots torps straight ahead of itself or snap fires ninety degrees from the direction its guns are pointing with that laser accuracy bots have and BAM your dead and get to go home with nothing. Co-op isnt about sitting 24 klicks in the back shelling the enemy with 540 mm guns. Its about in your face aggression, aka "The Brawl". And thats where super bots come in. Bot capabilities are so over powered its not funny. They dont need brains. They have your position and they know where you are and how strong you are ( because they always chase the weakest ship ), and thats all they need to put some of those cheats to work and wipe you from the map. Now, to be honest, I've been here since practically day one. I own the Zao, and every cruiser leading up too it. I own Amagi and Kii, Texas, Arizona, Massachusets, Tirpitz, Gneisenau, Tons. I even have the collectors flag and emblem. I'm not here to get rich. I'm here to just have fun, but I watch these guys, both the old gaurd and the new crews, and I see how hard they work to get almost nothing, and yeah, I see the cheats, and I understand how they can think theres super bots. We cant take what we do, and say "Look how easu it is". Saying its easy is stupid because it doesnt help anyone. Wanna be a help?? Become a mentor. Teach people how to get six kills in one match in their tier 7 Scharnhorst. And get rid of this idea that anyone in co-op give a shite about win rates.
  15. Samurai_Mouse

    Co-op needs awards and more missions.

    Well, I for one, dont belong in Randoms. Like others, I too have my disabilities, mostly with my hands, that make me king of the tomatoes. I also have a very hot temper and cant stand salty-ness in chat. So yeah. I'm back where i started this game, in PVE. PVE isnt my main mode, its my only mode, and no, other modes are not possible, becausse of some of those self same disabilities, so yes, i would like to see better rewards, if for no other reason than to see my teammates relax a bit and stop killing each other to get more rwards for themselves.