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  1. SoldatKreg

    Update 0.7.9 Bug Report

    I am experiencing getting booted just before the start of battle, but not every battle, just randomly. And sometimes if I am logged in but not playing a game, just sitting in the harbor, I'll get booted after maybe 15 minutes. I know if I'm idle for an hour or more I'll get booted but this is much much faster. That's annoying, but getting booted at the start of the battle is worse because it takes maybe 2-3 tries to log back in.
  2. SoldatKreg

    Warship Wednesday - First Ship of the Day

    I didn't name my cat after a boat (although maybe I SHOULD have) but I agree that I usually run whatever one I'm currently grinding for my first game of the day. If I'm not in the mood for that, I'll usually run the Arkansas Beta as a first game as I just love that ship.
  3. When the server restarted I was in the queue for a Co-Op game and I got a message saying the servers were re-restarting and that I was disconnected from the queue.  I waited perhaps 30 seconds for something to happen and, when nothing happened, I switched to WoWP.  When I switched back to WoWS, I was pink and had a warning for leaving the game while it was in process.

    This is insulting and I don't appreciate the implication that I did something wrong.  I should not be getting a penalty for a server restart I didn't ask for and could not control.


  4. SoldatKreg

    Rewards for killing Pirate

    I think it's great you are all wanting the pirate flag. I was a Corgi Captain too and I fly the Corgi Flag and am proud to do so. You guys asking about the flag shows me you must have been proud to serve and I think that's the spirit of the game that we want to promote. Either that or you just want a flag. But I hope it's pride in being selected in the first place, pride in serving, and I'm sure you'll fly the flag when it arrives.
  5. Hi:

    I understand that you're the contact for the pirate event and that there's a delay in handing out the pirate flag.  No problem with that on my end as I'm flying a Corgi flag anyway. 

    I wonder if it's easier to hand out a patch than a flag?  Of course it doesn't matter now because if you try to switch from a flag to a patch people will complain but, if in the future, it's easier, I say go the easy route. 

    At any rate, I know I was a pirate and that's enough for me.


  6. SoldatKreg

    Reporting AFK's in Ranked...

    In Random, we need every player to pull together and having one player AFK really screws the rest of the team. I played a game last night where a player appeared to be AFK but was only slow loading. Took him 90 seconds to load which is a long time. But it happens and it's not really his fault and so, people were saying he was AFK and they could have reported him. He joined the team and did his part. I think people here are complaining (and rightly so) about true AFK players and I do think the punishment for them should be so huge that they either stop playing Ranked or play like they're supposed to.
  7. The same thing happened during the July4th event for the Indianapolis. I played maybe 5 or 7 games until I understood that the problem wasn't just a missed game, but was much broader than that. At that point, I went to the WoWS website but there was nothing posted. I went to the forums and found posts from other players stating the same problem, but nothing from anyone at WoWS or WG at all. So, we were left in the dark and had no idea what was happening. Many of us stopped playing as you say, by common sense, telling us we were not getting any credit, something was wrong, and so, just stop. Players who stopped playing then, like me, never received word of the "compensation" until after it was no longer in effect and, therefore, I got nothing in the way of reward, not even an apology. I'm still waiting for that apology. And, so, this time it happened, I knew immediately that it was the same symptom as the Indianapolis event and stopped playing. That "common sense" was earned back in July. Maybe players who didn't experience that earlier July problem had no reference point to know to stop playing this time. Maybe this was their first time seeing this problem and they simply didn't know what to do. I will say that your staff was on the forums fast this time and I think we all appreciate that after being left in the cold in July. I don't know who was in charge then but that was handled so poorly that I vowed I'd not purchase anything in the Premium Shop until I was compensated although I'd settle for an apology at this point as I think you did do a good job of handling this latest problem. You commutated well and have offered compensated to those effected and not randomly as in July.
  8. SoldatKreg

    Anniversary items for sale

    I have to agree with the ZARDOZ. I mean that girl is just plain attractive so why not have her as captain of all your ships. Those who have suggested additional camo and signals are also right. I'm amazed at the players who never use camo or signals. I've seen players post this in chat like it's a badge of honor. It's not. These items are useful tools to help improve your game experience so why not load up on them while they are available to purchase for something other than real $$$. I really appreciate all that WG does to create these events that expand the fun we have. It's something for nothing so just enjoy it.
  9. I think the most frustrating thing for me is that this happened before, during the July 4th event and, in my opinion, the way WG "compensated" people was so thoughtless, so amatuer, so random that I'm still extremely frustrated with WG. That "compensation" was so poorly handled that I'm hoping that WG will reflect on that failure and try to do a better job of compensation. It sounds like they are trying to do that this time. It sounds like they are going to look at who played and compensate us which is the correct way to do it. I appreciate that WG staff. I hope that's what happened as I still feel we're owed an apology for the way the July 4th event was handled.
  10. SoldatKreg

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    This happened during the July 4th event, we all stopped playing cause there was an obvious problem, and then, they "compensated" the players who played later that day, but THAT WASN'T NECESSARILY THE SAME PLAYERS WHO GOT NOTHING!!! And, now, here we are again. Just played a game and nothing. Same problem I vowed that after the July 4th unfairness, I'd spend ZERO $$$ in the Premium Shop until I felt fairly compensated. So, WG, here's your chance to get it right.
  11. SoldatKreg

    Pirate Event Feedback from Pirate_Crew_108

    Thank you for the Premium time which arrived in my account today. Totally unnecessary, and yet very much appreciated.
  12. SoldatKreg

    Pirate Event Feedback from Pirate_Crew_108

    I was #144 I agree with most of what you posted DonKarnage2. In fact, the ONLY thing I don't agree with is the rewards. When we were Corgi's, I played not even knowing or expecting a reward. We did it for the honor of being selected and representing WG. When we got the Corgi flags, that was reward enough. I'd say that my preferred reward would be to be given a special flag for being a pirate (not for sinking a pirate, but for giving your time to others AS a pirate) and to be allowed to fly this as a special flag in ADDITION to any flags you can normally fly. That would be enough for me. OR, they could give us a Premium ship like you mention in your post but with a special permanent camo scheme and built in pirate flag. It could be an Albany in pirate camo that's unique to those who participated. I'm looking for something that says we did this for you, gave back to others, and, in the end, hope it builds a sense of community in the game. Also agree with w4spl3g (love the profile pic) that communication preceding the event somehow is missed by many players. Same thing happened during the Corgi events. If it's part of a splash screen during the game load in, some people will notice it. But otherwise, it's amazing how little attention people pay to things. Also agree about captains vs. crew. We don't need both, make everyone just a pirate. exray0 makes a good point about the notice. I played a game with 5 pirates. We each felt that we were required to post the notice, and we did, and it sure looked a lot like spam.
  13. SoldatKreg

    Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    I think WG owes us big. They have historically been horrible at communication and this is a prime example. Shame on you WG. I will spend ZERO dollars in the Premium Shop until I feel you've made this up to us.
  14. And I've been switched from server to server three times and no credit for any games at all. Very frustrating.
  15. SoldatKreg

    ships staying "In Battle" after battle is done

    Same here for four battles, then the game restarted on its own. I hope WG issues a statement of some kind. In my opinion, they've historically been terrible in their communication.