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  1. Martymart1976


    I've been trying to get better at playing CVs lately. Pretty much every Co op player has been really supportive and a few have even offered me pointers or directed me to You Tubers who are good CV drivers. In random you get cussed at, told to "git gud" "learn to play, noob", or "uninstall". Definately less toxic in Co op I am turning into pretty much a Co op only player.
  2. Martymart1976

    Cursed when it comes to containers.......

    I just pulled the "100 Detonation Flags of Doom" Supercontainer...don't think your really THAT cursed, lol!
  3. Martymart1976

    My Idea for a Premium USS Johnston.

    I would love to see the WW2 USS Sullivan's in game to salute my 5 Shipmates who were brothers who lost their lives on the USS Juneau. An awesome way to pay tribute to them is your power gradually builds until you get a Kraken (5 kills for 5 brothers) in match and then a true fitting "Brothers in Arms" skill is unleashed. Something special to honor their memory and sacrifice.
  4. Martymart1976

    25 German Battleship Container Haul

    Took me 55 crates (ungodly amount of money) just to get Brandenburg/Immelmann/ German DD..Now that its over, I am virtually wading in garbage signal flags and camps. For some reason I feel like I didn't get my moneys worth, but oh well, it goes back to the old phrase "Let the buyer beware"...
  5. Martymart1976

    Happy 246th Birthday to the US Navy

    Yet nary a mention in game. But if it was the RUSSIAN NAVY BDAY, we d probably get a mission for a flag or such. My Navy actually did something other than get sunk and Stalin told them not to get underway without his express permission..Russian bias indeed..
  6. Martymart1976

    Winning bids?

    141 million won me enough coal to bring home the Flint!
  7. Martymart1976

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    Civil war ship that sank the CSS ALABAMA off the coast of France. 20 year Navy vet.
  8. Martymart1976

    Supercontainer outlook is normal container

    I got 100 ramming flags...yay!
  9. Martymart1976

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    "The chair is against the door, repeat- the chair is against the door". Lol!
  10. Martymart1976

    Super Container Love

    Last one I opened was 100 Detonation flags... yay....
  11. Martymart1976

    WeeGee posted this on Facebook...

    A girl at work (Navy) had hers made into a blanket! 😂
  12. Martymart1976

    WeeGee posted this on Facebook...

    Two more years for me until DD 214 and PCS to USS porch! 😁👍
  13. Martymart1976

    Navy Reserve Fleet

    It would be nice if the longer you went without playing a ship, the more rusty and unkempt it appears in your port...use it more and it gets cleaner, less rust. Sail it every day and its epic and span immaculate...
  14. Had some extra doubloons around so bought 3 150 doubloons boxes and nothing. Recoeved 4 regular boxes and nothing...amount I will be buying will be nothing. If I get it, I get it. If not, oh well...
  15. Not sure how to get tokens after the first batch drops. I guess you can get the premiums and you get 250 more? The event seems confusing...