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  1. Martymart1976

    Super Container Love

    Last one I opened was 100 Detonation flags... yay....
  2. The Battle of Savo Island was a disaster for the American Navy. The Admiral in command failed to understand radar properly and had his radar ships not at the front of his fleet, but in the middle of his formation. US ships fired upon each other, and the USN Admiral lost his life on the bridge of his flagship. The only thing that saved the battle from being a total debacle was air support the next morning which finished off damaged Japanese ships...not my Navy's finest hour...
  3. Martymart1976

    WeeGee posted this on Facebook...

    A girl at work (Navy) had hers made into a blanket! 😂
  4. Martymart1976

    WeeGee posted this on Facebook...

    Two more years for me until DD 214 and PCS to USS porch! 😁👍
  5. Martymart1976

    A Blast from the Past - 5th - 12th

    My best memory in the game was FINALLY saving up enough free xp for the Missouri. When I was stationed in Hawaii I went to visit her. As a Sailor, I felt a connection to her, and when I saw her in WOWS, I was so excited! I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I unlocked her! I sailed her and put her through her paces, she was like a bull in a China shop! Now 2 years later, she's still my go to favorite hands down! My birthday wish would be for the Jean Bart to finish up my French collection! 😌 Martymart76 NA server
  6. Martymart1976

    Navy Reserve Fleet

    It would be nice if the longer you went without playing a ship, the more rusty and unkempt it appears in your port...use it more and it gets cleaner, less rust. Sail it every day and its epic and span immaculate...
  7. Had some extra doubloons around so bought 3 150 doubloons boxes and nothing. Recoeved 4 regular boxes and nothing...amount I will be buying will be nothing. If I get it, I get it. If not, oh well...
  8. Not sure how to get tokens after the first batch drops. I guess you can get the premiums and you get 250 more? The event seems confusing...
  9. Martymart1976

    Aircraft carrier help!

    First, my whole squadron seems to get knocked out of the air with little or no damage caused to the ship. I single out ships isolated alone. I attack ships with little/bad AA fire. Yes I know about dodging the flak bursts, but I can only pull off about one good run before my whole flight is dead. What am I doing wrong or is the AA just that broken? Keeping my CVs in port for a bit...
  10. Martymart1976

    What does it take to make a warship legend???

    Read somewhere that the Russian Navy managed to fire on their own ships in the dark, and on some ships, the Sailors thought the Japanese were boarding them so they ran around waving sabers and pistols and shooting at shadows..and after all that the British Navy escorted them through the English Channel!
  11. The grinds are getting old. One grind in a while, okay, I get it... But its been a string of grind after grind for the recent past that I can remember. We haven't even finished the Savage battles grind and we are already getting ready for the French destroyer grind...can we have a break from the grind and just enjoy what we have? And also tokens...tokens for this and tokens for that...I have three different tokens going now...are we going to have a master token token to convert unused tokens to the current token of the month? I don't play this game for the shiny trinkets and bells and whistles...just put your goods on display and let people get them as they see fit based on their own merits. Off the soapbox...
  12. Martymart1976

    Finishing Directives

    I think they were 54 caliber...think that has to do with the length of the barrel. On shore duty now and haven't been on the sea in about 4 years.
  13. Martymart1976

    Finishing Directives

    Its a fun little gunboat...I don't use the torps that much on it, they seem not to be the greatest...I sit in smoke and light them up with my 5 inchers (served on 2 USN cruisers Princeton/Shiloh and I never recalled 5 inch trajectories such as in game) and then when they get close, Torp them. Also, getting 3 fuel tokens a day just for playing it.
  14. Martymart1976

    Finishing Directives

    Good Morning All, I already have the Hill and the Mad Max camoflauge that goes with it. When I finish up the directives, will I receive doubloons for the ship and camoflauge? That's for the help, I appreciate it!
  15. Martymart1976

    What kind of player community is this?

    I had some arfhole torpedo me in my Missouri awhile back saying it is " an elitist ship and the masses can't have it so I can't play with it" wth some damn little Marxist running around sinking premium ships because he doesn't have them??