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  1. ARP Missions - What a joke.

    WG is actually listening to peoples opinions(from last ARP event). Do I agree that the missions could've been a little more varied yes, but it allows people that don't have a lot of time to spare in their lives to finally get a reward. Imagine participating in every event but not having enough time to complete the hard challenge for the reward. This event gives those players a chance to complete a "Quick Challenge" and get a reward. Plus its the Kongo just like last time, so I am inferring that if WG has this event again there will be new ARP ships and they will have a VERY hard challenge. Which would only make sense, I think of it like a ship reward clearance sale lol. Same old ship= clearance, new ship = HARD NO LIFE CHALLENGE MUHAHHA. This is just a guess though, either way I do like how this time there are no fires. Last time my div was like ok U win the battle for us we go behind u and shoot HE in our bbs to get fires; i was like..ok........ Anyway I am guessing that the next event will be a extremely hard and a time consuming 1, anyway GL in the game and Fair Seas, 07.
  2. I personally believe that for a FREE 2 PLAY MMO game, Wargaming puts a ton of work into Wows. The details on the ships themselves alone are amazing, especially because some ships they say they only got blueprints to work off of, no real life photos to work with. Thats like asking someone to read your mind exactly and draw every single detail of what you are thinking 100% accuratlly on paper and then try to make it 3D.
  3. Best ship to carry awful teammates with?

    iwaki alpha, and a ship not a lot people fan of[including me] the myogi (WHY ON EARTH AM I SAYING MYOGI!!!!??? watch this vid to find out , skip to 14min26sec)
  4. is this a bug? Auto-Repair

    tip: think of your car, gas costs money, so do repairs, and if u break speed laws, comparison: gas for ship, damage from enemy ships, fines for dmg to allies, in this battle u had to pay for the gas and bullets u fired in a sense...
  5. IWAKI ALPHA Divison(death pickle)

    it is 9:50 pm EST now, gonna start some battles in my iwaki, if you have an Iwaki and are intrested in joining batwingsix and I PLEASE message me in game or join the Iwaki Alpha Death Pickle channel
  6. IWAKI ALPHA Divison(death pickle)

    also look for the channel labeled "Iwaki Alpha death pickle" in game if i got a div of iwaki's we'll be in that channel.
  7. IWAKI ALPHA Divison(death pickle)

    awesome! also tried your modpack b4 major renegade (for wot) Nice job on it!
  8. IWAKI ALPHA Divison(death pickle)

    I added u too contacts _bruiser_, not sure if the was for division or not though...
  9. Iwaki Alpha

    The IWAKI ALPHA is a DOOM PICKLE AND PICKLES ARE DEADLY!!! pros: its called doom/death pickle, very fast, great torps, nice reload, very fast rudder time, pretty good AA for tier, a blast to drive/sail! cons: low armor, its only tier 4 so cant do ranked with it
  10. IWAKI ALPHA Divison(death pickle)

    WHAT SEAL???? Still looking for third person btw
  11. IWAKI ALPHA Divison(death pickle)

    sounds good, maybe ill get third person as well
  12. IWAKI ALPHA Divison(death pickle)

    im on right now, normally 9:30 pm EST - like 3 am-ish EST
  13. IWAKI ALPHA Divison(death pickle)

    I am looking for two IWAKI ALPHA drivers(or sailors whatever u consider yourself) to possibly division with, I've been using my Iwaki a ton and after like 4 months of using that ship almost exclusively, I have yet to see even ONE more Iwaki.(yes i know it was the Alpha test reward so it isn't common), any Alpha testers that actually use their Iwaki Alpha please message me in game(or on forum or reply to the post) if interested in "death pickling".
  14. Up to Nagato, tier 7 my lucky number!

  15. Up to Nagato, tier 7 my lucky number!