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  1. AlcatrazNC

    Premium Ship from Free Dubloons

    Depends of your current situation and what you're planning to do next. As far as F2P game are concerned, I have to admit WOWS is pretty kind when it comes to letting the player develop his account: Campaign, event granting premium account, a lot of small flags/camo that are pretty good when you start to realize how much you stacked them. Personnally I only use doubloons to purchase perma camo on T10 ship I like because T10 is pretty much what I mostly play. But I have some T9 I got for basically free thanks to coal to farm a bit of credit if I ever need to resupply my stock. And the rest is all about management and game performance. If you need some money maker ship the higher the tier is, the more credit it will earn (except T10). If you hate high tier ship and prefer to stay mid tier and want a premium right now, then Scharnhorst is a respectable choice. Otherwise just keep saving until you find something you want to spend your dubs on.
  2. AlcatrazNC

    Tanky Cruisers

    Still, having 25mm everywhere makes ship like Fusou, NM, Izmail,Normandie, KGV and pretty much all T5 BB less treatening. While it makes almost no difference vs T7 and T8, for T6 and T5 it's a very huge buff. And balancing should be made around same tier ship not higher or lower tier and for T6, I don't think I would be wrong saying 25mm allows you to tank half of all same tier BB you can face.
  3. AlcatrazNC

    Its all about Dispersion

    Dispersion is a thing yes. You can have good or bad RNG. But if after 10 shot you still miss your target even though that player isn't doing any evasive maneuver, it is not the game but your own aim.
  4. AlcatrazNC

    Tanky Cruisers

    Pensacola is the only CA I know that has old T8 armour. Yes Pensacola has the old T8 armour with 25mm everywhere. As if that ship wasn't strong enough... For reminder, Aoba also has 25mm armour but her nose/stern is 16mm. Pretty sure it's the same for UK CA.
  5. Des Moines has [edited] AP with improved pen angle AND reload every 5.5 sec. It may lacks raw pen against BB but when it comes to destroying cruisers it's one of the best ship (if not the best ship) out there. Worcester is just a better Smolensk. It trades ballistic and smoke for actual DPM, armour, AA and utility. Venezia is Henri, but much better is pretty much everyway. The only thing Henri does better than Venezia is starting fire and sometime, punishing broadside with MBRB. But everyone seems fine with Venezia being a more powerfull beast than Henri while calling Henri OP so.... Hindenburg is a strong farmer and the new legendary commander her made her even better at doing so. Yeah no, I don't think Petra and Nevsky are going to powercreep really hard current ships
  6. AlcatrazNC

    Nevsky looks fun, but...

    She does looks good but personnally I still prefer Petra over this.
  7. AlcatrazNC

    Russian Bias out biasing itself

    ^This I respect Flambass for being a good and overall nice guy but in this vid, his reaction are just exagerated. In that same scenario, a Moksva would have done the same thing. The only thing where Moksva may have died is the brawling part but other than that, citadeling a broadside target at 7km-4km ? Henri and Moksva would have done that extremely easily. Maybe not Goliath because she has garbage AP pen. I'm really looking forward to play Petra, more than the new CL counterpart.
  8. That's a very small price to pay for having the best firepower of all T6 cruiser and one of the most tankiest cruiser at that tier.
  9. Pensacola is now the best T6 CA. Good thing I have a perma camo on her, I can just seal club
  10. AlcatrazNC

    Just becuse you can doesnt mean it right

    If they can stomp roll people in 3 Stalingrad, chances are they can stomp others as well in DM, Worcester, Kreml or pretty much any other ship
  11. AlcatrazNC

    IFHE on French BB secondary build

    Yeah no don't bother. IFHE secondaries on FR BB will allow you to pen cruisers but BB will just laugh at you (and because IFHE now halve your fire chance I'm not sure you want to use a skill that not only can't let you pen 32mm armour AND cut your fire chance in half.) If you want to play a secondary BB, play German period. They no longer need IFHE to HE pen 32mm armour so you can save 4 points somewhere else.
  12. AlcatrazNC

    PLACE YOUR BETS 9.3 Ship cost

    The chance of Hayate costing more than Halland despite being arguably worst than Smalland is low. Halland isn't worth 2 million free XP, Hayate isn't even worth 1 million free XP. Bougogne is what ? 30k steel ? If WG really wants to increase the price I think she would cost around 40k-45k. As for Marceau I don't think she'll cost more than Smolensk. I think maybe around 230k
  13. AlcatrazNC

    New Euro DD's are Garbage

    Spoiler alert, even IJN torps cannot one shot a Fubuki in a specific situation.
  14. AlcatrazNC

    Is Italian Smoke Broken or Something?

    Italian smoke is extremely powerfull on a plateform that sails at 36-37kts and with decent armour. Venezia is such a strong ship, it's insane
  15. AlcatrazNC

    New Euro DD's are Garbage

    Because you can't make them work doesn't mean they're garbage. EU DD torps are strong at sniping other DD and cruisers because of their speed and the non existant torpedo protection of DD and cruisers. They have good AA (as far as DD AA goes), they have decent guns to defend themselve and okayish concealment.