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  1. AlcatrazNC

    There is something wrong with the Colbert

    Throw more shells. Fire is RNG, even the best fire starter in the game can struggle when RNG decides to mess with you. Even in Smolensk, sometime I start 2 fire on someone, repair, light another 2, then next game I need to land almost 100 shell to start 1 fire.
  2. AlcatrazNC

    French DD's, good for the game?

    They're usable but short range, good vs pushing target. No. They have regular DD armour. But the saturation mecanic helps I mean that works with everyship pretty much it's not something proper to FR DD. I could say the same for Worcester using a friendly Gearing smoke and say it's game breaking. No not really. A full concealment Kléber can only outspot a Khaba because Khaba doesn't really need concealment anyway. Every single T10 DD with full concealment can outspot a Kléber. Even a Harugumo.
  3. AlcatrazNC

    French DD's, good for the game?

    DD with speed as their only tool to survive DD with MBRB as their only tool to pump out great DPM DD without good concealment So far most FR DD player I faced were own by at least good player so I kinda expected that they perform well. They're very strong but they also require quite a high skill to do well in them. You can't just rush ships pop MBRB and think hurr ez kill, I faced several DD player like that, they vanished pretty quickly. And I don't really see how FR DD would be bad for the game when ship like Worcester, Smolensk or Colbert exists
  4. AlcatrazNC

    Smoke..some ideas

    So you're basically saying because your average potato can't counter 1 ship, you need to nerf every single ship carrying smoke ? Hey Kremlin is borderline immune to HE and fire, let's remove HE damage saturation and double the duration of fire to everyone so now Kremlin isn't as tanky vs HE. I'm pretty sure everyone will agree to that statement. Also you lack of game understanding is showing here. A smoke hide vision for friendly behind the smoke, the one inside the smoke AND the red team infront of the smoke. Make your research before making such statement and maybe we'll talk about balancing.
  5. AlcatrazNC

    Kleber the Batchat?

    I personnally enjoyed Le Fantasque a lot and now I'm at Mogador and I enjoy her even more...though me gameplay is different. Le Fantasque can somewhat contest cap without having too much issue however with Mogador you lose a bunch of concealment to gain that extra 3 gun in a 4x2 setup. Personnally my core gameplay didn't changed, I still focus DD and cruiser first when I can however whereas Le Fantasque can kinda contest cap while doing so, Mogador (and most likely Kleber) are better at going on a flank to spot and cripple some cruiser. Personnally I'm running IFHE+DE+BFT+SE so I can either farm cruiser broadsiding with AP or farm them with HE as they angled toward me while showing broadside to my team. The only reason I would take CE honestly is to reduce my air concealment but I don't think CE is that good on a ship in which you want to always keep your guns firing at something. With that said, is there a massive difference between Mogador and Kléber ? Outside of having +1 torps/side and being slightly faster ? I loved playing Kitakaze but Harugumo was a big disappointement for me because she trades so much for that extra turret. When looking at Mogador and Kléber it doesn't looks like WG followed the same path as they did with Kitakaze which I'm happy.
  6. AlcatrazNC

    Smolensk Bias

    BB AP can instantly send a cruiser to port if he makes a mistake, which is fine. However most BB can send any cruiser to port just because the poor sool decided to play cruiser. All it takes is a few pen and some random citadel in some random angle to delete a cruiser or cripple him til the end of the game. HE spam in the current meta doesn't need to be nerfed because HE spam right now is the only counterplay offered to cruiser vs BB. And fire can be 100% healed unlike AP pen / citadel you land on those cruiser.
  7. AlcatrazNC

    Incomplete Results but FUN.

    Well at least OP found someone who wants to play with him. I supposed that worked....kinda
  8. AlcatrazNC

    Kelber - Is something wrong

    Yeah don't waste your time, definitely not worth your time. I play them because I'm idiot but don't be me.
  9. AlcatrazNC

    Which T10 Steel ship to get?

    Stalingrad is a strong ship really. It's basically a big Moksva that punish harder broadside and poor angling, however, PERSONNALLY Moksva gameplay isn't something I really enjoy. If you do enjoy Moksva you might enjoy Stalingrad. Bourgogne on the other hand is a relatively fast BB, if you have experience with JB or Alsace, you'll be comfortable in Bourgogne. I assume you don't since you're asking that question. French 380mm are honestly very strong. At range they may lack pen and being 380mm, ship like Des Moines or Hindy can just bow tank you all day but don't be fooled, you can still switch to HE and damage them but Bourgogne really shine when you find a way to get broadside. If you manage to get on a flank, throwing 12 380mm at a broadside target is very deadly especially with MBRB and that short reload. Bourgogne (and FR BB overall) aren't "tank" like other BB, they lack armour and don't have Conqueror superheal so you always want to keep moving and find a position where you can safely punish target. If you let a Bourgogne push a side, you can be sure he's going to punish every broadside really hard
  10. AlcatrazNC

    Which T10 Steel ship to get?

    Bourgogne is solid and fun. Stalingrad is solid but boring. Personnally I'm waiting for Hayate, it might be a strong pick.
  11. AlcatrazNC

    Thunderer; Money Conquers Morality

    While WG's copy past ship is becoming a trend these days, to say Conqueror 457 is the same as Thunderer 457 is false. The new Thunderer has good 457mm unlike the old version or the Conqueror 457. Now whether Thunderer is better than Conqueror is another debate.
  12. AlcatrazNC

    0.8.8 Supercontainer Rant/Disappointment Thread

    WG is giving you a SC and if you do all directive, a free T6 ship. Honestly, I'm not going to complain
  13. AlcatrazNC

    To Say Carriers Suck Is An Understatement

    Carrier don't suck but it relies on the enemy doing mistakes to do well. And by mistakes. I mean going alone and not even dodging attack. Each time I play CV and watch the minimap, I always see that guy playing a Zao or Yamato pushing into planes and enemy team then complaining I can't strike the Worcester hidding in smoke covered by a Minotaur and Grozovoi. Unlike....pretty much every other ship, if your team is collapsing there's nothing you can do. A CA or BB can still WSAD hack and bait people into shooting them so they can shoot back potentially turning the table or just farming damage, a DD can still cap or launch sneak attack but a CV ? Unless the red team suddently decides to split up and sail in straight line there won't be much things you can do. Yes you can hit that DD with rockets....rockets that will instantly melt because not only you spot them miles away and DD have time to react but they don't have HP to sustain combined AA and the DD can just hide in the middle of the pack and never be detected. Playing CV right now is basically praying you face a team stupid enough to ignore you and just sail alone so you can kill them faster than your team collapsing for doing the exact same thing.
  14. Sub could take the role of a CV so we can keep it 12 vs 12. Not that it bother me to have 15 vs 15 but I would rather have shorter queue time and have consistent 12 vs 12 rather than longer queue time so MM can fit 15 vs 15, ESPECIALLY after the MM rework.