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  1. AlcatrazNC

    Why BBs Camp & Snipe

    HE complain ? check Torpedo complain ? check Lack of map awareness ? Check RNG fault ? Check Yeah nothing new here, you're just trying to find excuses for your lack of consummable management, poor aim and bad map reading. Everything you mentionned here is what counter other ship have against BB. -HE is not a problem for any BB. That is IF you're good enough to not repair a single fire or use your minimap. An Atlanta lobbing shell over and island and spamming you HE is only a problem if you're bad enough to either keep pushing toward him or haven't figured out that something else is keeping you spotted for that Atlanta. -Torpedo is supposed to the counter to BB. You have so many tools to avoid them and a basic rule to avoid being torps is to turn away. GG, no skill required here..., just smart move -BB accuracy is improving as you progress through the line. While I agree a Kawachi will not always land a Dev Strike on a Tenryu at max range, a Yamato crapon any CA if the player knows how to aim. Sure RNG also plays a part in here but it's not as important as in low tier. While we're at it, torp also have a RNG dispersion
  2. AlcatrazNC

    Shimakaze has been heavily buffed

    I didn't really noticed a difference. If a Gearing charges in while I still have a delay on my screen before he pops up so playing with the minimap is still the only option viable. That said, I also tried a game or two with my Shima and if we put aside the pitifull damage because even a broadside BB can avoid my torps the ship is still fine at spotting and sometime gunboating other DD
  3. AlcatrazNC

    Harugumo Verses Other Destroyers Unfair

    Harugumo is overrated. Every ship who want to shoot her will always hit her because of the handling and the size of the ship. It receive AP pen from pretty much every angle and on top of that, it has bad concealment. I bought the ship because I wanted to try but I don't like playing her at all. The amount of survivability you give up for that extra turret is not worth at all.
  4. AlcatrazNC

    Are RN Destroyers worth the grind?

    Only T9 and T10 seems to be powerful almost broken with all those gimmick but the rest of the line is garbage for me. Acasta... Yeah no, torps range is meh and gun are just ok Icarus... I have her but I don't remember playing her Jervis...Well the gun setup is pretty good for T7 but the torps range and reload....ugh
  5. AlcatrazNC

    Yamato's and G.K's citadel problem

    A lot of people already know about how to front citadel Kurfurst, Aeroon (sorry if the spelling is wrong) even made a video showing that. The thing is, against a real target you can't get consistent result so landing 3 citadel after 5 salvo isn't really that great. But nice for figuring out that stupid citadel angle on Yamato. I don't think it happens a lot in gunfight but it's sure weird
  6. AlcatrazNC

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    We've reach a point where everything is encouraging BB to camp. -French line : encourage BB to camp because HE spam -RN CL : encourage BB to camp because smoke + AP spam -Pan Asia DD line : encourage BB to camp because torps are stealthy What new addition to the game that isn't a direct buff to BB will not "encourage BB camping at the back" lol
  7. AlcatrazNC

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    Well now I understand the reason behind all those stupid statement. Thanks for saving me time to explain you how DD works
  8. AlcatrazNC

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    And torps take more than a minute to reload while BB AP takes less than 30 sec. BB AP travel faster than torps Think about that for a second
  9. AlcatrazNC

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    I don't see any problem in your scenario here. You give your target priority and choose who you want to take down first. And frankly, if you're being pushed by a DD 2 CA and a BB while you are alone, then it's your fault for not reading your minimap. Even the current broken BB AP system would not prevent you from dying because you overextended. "AP doesn't work on some things". No that's clearly hyperbole. AP will still deal damage. If you overpen a 17900HP Shima with a Yamato AP, you'll remove 8% of his HP per shell hit (Yamato have 14800AP damage so 1480 overpen damage). Meaning 6 shell hit will remove 48% of his HP. Basically in 1 volley Yamato can remove almost half of Shima HP.
  10. I just bought Warspite today and the ship feels awfull to play. Guns feels not accurate at all and the slow shell velocity + low range makes it worst. AP seems to be lacking penetration which makes plunding shell almost useless against BB. I didn't played a lot yet but so far it doesn't feels rewarding at all, yet it's supposed to be Queen Elizabeth sister ship and I really like her. But regarding MM, T6 face a lot of T8 but I feel like these day you don't get uptiered that much with a T6 ship. And even if MM puts you against T8, those guns works fine against most T8 ship (well at least Queen Elizabeth 381mm guns works fine. Can't really say the same for Warspite right now )
  11. AlcatrazNC

    Why I Find Submarines Disagreable in this Game

    WG never had any plan to buff, change or even touch IJN DD line. When we had that overpopulation of BB player, WG answered it by adding Pan Asia DD line with DWT. They could have removed that garbage IJN detection on torps or change them a bit but they just decided to add a US DD line that can torps everything that isn't a DD better than any other DD nation. Pan Asia DD could have some unique ship, even if they were papership but instead we have a copy paste of some ship that already exist with a DWT tag. For me Pan Asia line is the WG middle finger to IJN DD. But Submarine are...well torpedo plateform. I don't know how they could fight surface ship with gun and I agree this could be a pain to balance. It has nothing to do with IJN DD, they're just running out of special content. They don't really know how they will create the Italian line, what gimmick they will give to Russian BB and on top of that, Halloween serve as a sandbox to test their future addition to the game. I'm looking forward to see what they have in mind for Sub gameplay.
  12. If you want to play BB, I would recommend you try IJN BB. They have ok armor for BB but their citadel is above waterline which forces you to remain angle when sailing. Guns are the bread and butter of this line and it reward good aim. Personnally, I found the T4 and T8 IJN BB garbage but the rest of the line is pretty solid and Yamato is one of the most rewarding BB to play when you know how to angle and position. You may ask why I recommend IJN BB over other line such as German, British or French line. For a single reason : citadel. You can give broadside to ennemi ship in a French or German BB, you won't always get citadeled (mid tier French BB actually get citadeled a lot if they show broadside but not high tier ones). British BB have underwater citadel (aka 99% of the time unreacheable) and US BB are more forgiving when showing broadside. IJN BB dies really fast if you don't angle. If you know how to angle and position according to the minimap (and your team's action) you have mastered around 80% of BB play and you'll have no problem switching from IJN BB to US or French BB because you already know what you must not do. Starting BB by playing German or British will most likely give you bad habbits.
  13. AlcatrazNC

    Harugumo in a nutshell

    Probably around 14-16KM. I realized my engine was knocked out so I turned broadside to let " AP overpen"
  14. AlcatrazNC

    Harugumo in a nutshell

    BB AP is broken anyway. It is supposed to overpen broadside DD but even if it actually overpen, it will deal some random number like 5k overpen or even 7k. That's not what I was referring to. Since the Harugumo appeared on live server, I stopped counting how many player complained about Harugumo being broken. This screenshot is one of the best example of Harugumo weaknesses. How are you supposed to counter Harugumo ? By simply shooting at it and you will hit, even if you're drunk. Even cruiser can get stupid number when shooting AP at him, sometime I don't bother switching to HE as a cruiser, I keep hammering Gumo with AP and it's done. Harugumo is a gudbote but clearly overrated