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  1. AlcatrazNC

    Ships with the most carry potential

    Radar Minotaur and Des Moines, as far as T10 cruisers are concerned. Or you just play DD / CV.
  2. AlcatrazNC

    Is Survivability Expert Worth It on a DD?

    If you're not convince SE is good for DD then ask yourself on what else you could spend those 3pt. DE ? Decent but not that great. TAE ? If you're a gunbote you won't have much benefit BFT ? If you're torps specc you won't have much benefit EM+ something ? DD guns can get away without running EM even Shima. You'll quickly notice that SE is actually the best out of all remaining option you have
  3. You barely have above 500 battles and you're already complaining through several thread how YOU can't do well. Have you consider....I don't know, git gud ? Have you considered watching vids on YT instead of complaining, and complaining, and complaining again ? You are complaining that CV rockets are "weak", you're complaining that your team mate are bad, but if someone look at these stats, he'll just laugh at you. Instead of complaining that something needs a buff because you can't do well in it, how about you start to do well in something, learn classes mecanics and such.
  4. AlcatrazNC

    A thought for the need of rocket planes.

    -Replace rocket slot by HE/AP DB depending on what kind of DB the CV is currently using -Allow every CV to switch between HE and AP just like normal ship. There you have 2 solutions on how to remove rockets without nerfing CV. And the RNG arguments, while true doesn't always prevent DD from taking damage. You can have the best angle to avoid most bombs, if RNG says no, you'll still get hit by 3/6 bombs dropped by a Midway and then next strike, you don't do anything, the CV has the perfect lineup but RNG says no to the CV and only get away with incapacitation. Rockets can be removed if you decides to give other tool to make up for it.
  5. Not to beat the dead horse but between a range full build Smolensk and a Midway, I would rather face Smolensk HE than Midway HEDB or TT. Both are annoying but at least you can use cover to prevent the Smolensk from hitting you. Midway will just laugh at you for trying....and hit you. And no, HE and fire doesn't need to be reworked. There are skills, flags and modules to reduce fire effectiveness. Use them and git gud.
  6. Rockets are made to counter DD, and they work very well at doing that. But like ships, some CV have better rockets to murder DD than other CV. Kaga rockets for instance are garbage while Enterprise rockets, or Lexingtons one are deadly. OP is complaining about rockets no doing as much damage as He wants, but good CV player will often use HEDB to nuke both DD and capital ship alike and save rockets for fast strike to finish a target. Yes HEDB is overall harder to use than rockets and is more RNG but the damage potential is just disgusting (especially on USN CV).
  7. I faced enough USN CV to know HE DB does a good job at nuking DD. Rocket shouldn't have been added, instead WG should just have given everyone HE DB and AP DB in different slot (or allows you to switch between HEDB and APDB just like other ship switches between HE and AP)
  8. AlcatrazNC

    Moskova - Worth FXPing

    Chappy is a fun bote I wouldn't recommend skipping that ship (you can free XP modules if you want, that's fine). Donskoi is meh. It's not bad but I don't find her great either. It can take a bit more hit than Chappy yes but she's more sluggish and her reload isn't that great (tho you do get 180mm).
  9. And how did you ran your test exactly ? Because GK has more penetration and I'm pretty sure it also has more secondaries than Yamato. Also a player running secondaries Yamato is a dead player. I just checked, Yamato only has 2 more 127mm secondaries and 1 155mm over GK. So trading these few secondaries for much better pen isn't a bad trade in my book
  10. AlcatrazNC

    German DD Buff?

    I'm still waiting for the possibility of equiping 150mm on Z52. While the DPM might not be impressive being able to citadel broadside cruiser in an ambush it still pretty good.
  11. AlcatrazNC

    Smolensk or Jean Bart?

    IFHE changes won't affect player running Smolensk without IFHE, so if you play non IFHE Smolensk, you can straight up ignore those changes. But what is important to note is the armour changes. Smolensk is getting her mid section armour nerfed from 30mm to 16mm so you will no longer bounce 429mm or below shell. As for JB the fact CA (and I think T10 CL) are getting 27mm mid section starting at T8 is a oof. Well it's not a JB issue only, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Gascogne...All 380mm gun BB will suffer from that changes. What it means is that you will have to HE spam those cruisers because there's just no way you can pen them when they're angled. Honestly, just pick Smolensk while you can. JB is strong but not as strong as Smolensk at his own tier.
  12. AlcatrazNC

    Light Cruisers

    There are no "best [insert ship type]" . If you want to farm damage with low-no effort, you play USN CL or Smolensk. If you want to win games, you play RN CL (preferable using radar on T8 and T10 one)
  13. I'm pretty sure Worcester will have its armour increased from 25mm to 27mm. I can't wait to just out trade a Bourgogne or JB in the open.
  14. AlcatrazNC

    Coal ship Gap!

    If you think gap between T7 and T9 or T10 ship for coal is huge, just wait for the gap between T9 freemium and T10 freemium. You're just not ready
  15. You can have the 2 best CV players of WOWS, if your entire team suicide, it doesn't matter at all. 2 vs 22 in a CV isn't fun.