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  1. AlcatrazNC

    It's not all about big damage

    Damage is what give you rewards, the rest is just multiplicative bonuses. Do 0 damage but have 2 solo cap, you will barely receive any reward. Then again, most of the time, the team that does 50-60k DD damage usually wins over the one doing 100-120k BB damage. Capping, planes kills and the rest are just the cherry on top.
  2. AlcatrazNC

    Fair and VERY balanced.....yeeah......

    CV doesnt necessarily wins game but more often than not, they win any engagement they take. As a general rule you want to be bow in/[edited]in to incoming rocket, TB or skip bomber and show broadside to DB. That is basically the only thing you can really do to mitigate damage, needless to say speeding up/slowing down will help you mitigate. But that's where your "counterplay" option stops. The rest is up to the CV. I really want to emphasis on mitigate since you can never negate CV damage. If the CV misses it is because RNG screwed with him or he failed to anticipate your move. Their design makes them impossible for actual good player to miss. The torp you took really crippled you against the CV, which is eventually what killed you. And yeah you should have focused the NM first but I am not going to repeat what has been said already. However you were extremely lucky that the Lenin ignored you and the Atago didnt really reacted because you probably would have died there and this post most would most likely never exist.
  3. AlcatrazNC

    Can Fires occurrence please be toned down?

    A bit late to the party but have you considered showing broadside ? 100% of competent player I met instantly switch to AP and I no longer have to deal with HE spam and fire. The most effective way to deal with HE spam I've found so far
  4. AlcatrazNC

    Suiciding CV

    I have what ? 16k battle in total ? I have met a lot of bots or player who just throw they ship away at the beginning of the game. Usually I blacklist these kind of people so I know I shouldnt expect anything from them. Well I can tell you that the player I blacklisted for being bots or throwing ship when I first met them the first time are still playing today. As far as I know there are only 2 people who got banned. One was a temporary ban because of a certain streamer crying that the person rammed into his ship on purpose even though he was trying to evade shots, the other was permanently banned because he threw his ship away and a WG employee saw that with his own eyes. You can still contact the support and send the replay, but I would keep my expectation very low and hope you never meed that player in your team again.
  5. AlcatrazNC

    Become comfortable with the meta

    Being comfortable with the meta will not change the fact the current meta may be complete garbage. Imagine each days you have a report to your superior using your office PC. You've been using the same keyboard for several years already, got used to it and it's working just fine. And then your office manager decides to change the keyboard for a cheaper one that sometime does not register the button when you press it. You are forced to use that new keyboard. Can you adapt to that ? Yes definitely. Are you no longer able to write your daily report ? False you still can. But if you had to pick, I am sure you would be picking your former keyboard. Game is similar except you're not forced to play. That being said, even if you dont play the game, it doesnt make the complain less legit.
  6. AlcatrazNC

    Tier 10 is so popular because....

    Technically WG can let you move commander without retraining. They are already doing it on Legend, they could very well do it on WOWS. I dont think T10 is popular because of that reason however if you dont enjoy T10 nothing prevents you to go back to a ship you enjoy, retrain the commander and leave him on that ship. Alternatively you can level up a brand new commander but it will take time.
  7. AlcatrazNC

    Tier 10 Brawls: Which ship(s) to bring?

    Brawl is the 3 vs 3 gamemode right ? If the answer is yes then Marceau is the best you have out of all of them. Ideally you will want a Kléber though. For cruiser, DM isnt bad, it can pump out a lot of damage in a short windows but it lacks torps and has a vulnerable broadside so it's ok but not the best. Ideally you will want a Hindenburg. For BB Thunderer is probably among the last option I would pick. Ideally there, either GK, Schlieffen or Ohio I guess.
  8. When I read people saying Petro DPM isnt that bad while calling Petro OP, it makes me wonder, if Petro is OP with its DPM, then isnt Des Moines, Salem, Hindenburg....All of these ship should be gamebreaking by that logic. Yet if someone dares call DM or Salem OP they would get roasted. Anyway in random there are much scarier cruiser than Petro so this change doesnt really affect me in the slightest .
  9. I highly doubt Zao will be changed. And if she does change, it will most likely be something like an Ibuki with another turret at the back, and honestly I dont wanna be playing Ibuki at T10. WG said they'll be tweaking Zao so we may just wait and see what they'll do. The change from Moksva-Nevsky is normal since it made no sense to switch from Donskoi to Moksva. The change from GK--Prussen kind of makes sense since the line at T8 are basically 4x2 gun layout. As for Khaba -- Delny well they are just following the trend of Tashkent -- super Tashkent. I hope Delny will be a better Tashkent. If anything we might see République being changed to something like a super Alsace with 4 x 4 380mm guns.
  10. People have been terribly underselling Khaba. It is probably not a meta ship but for random I would argue it can be as much if not more fun than Kléber. The transition from Tash to Khaba can be a bit weird but the real challenge for people is to adapt to Khaba's playstyle. It doesnt turn as well as Tashkent, it doesnt have the long range like Tashkent, you dont have concealment like Tashkent. But in return you have better DPM and also you have the 50mm section that people really underestimate. I stoped counting how many time I have bounced AP or shattered HE thanks to that 50mm section. And now that Khaba no longer eats full BB pen, it is even more better, heck sometime I feel it's too good. While I'm looking forward to Delny, Khaba is certainly not the bad ship people described. It's arguably harder to play because of some restriction but it can give you a lot of fun.
  11. 8.3 million is nothing for me so I wouldnt care about spending that much. But if you're struggling with money then this is basically a gambling you'll be doing. If you get premium time, it wouldnt be such a bad thing, it's easy to do 9 million with premium time so you will more or less balance out the loss. If you get garbage flag like.....I dont know, AA flag or ramming flag well uh....too bad I guess ?
  12. AlcatrazNC

    Subs have super stealth; they do not need super torpedoes

    I also played sub and the only thing I do better in a DD than in a sub is fight other DD and contest cap. A sub survive much much better than DD because they can just ninja vanish without having a single consummable that can spot them when using any surface ship. And it doesnt help that they need to take a lot of focus fire from dept charges to be killed. I havent seen a single class in this game being surrounded by 4 ship standing at 3km next to each other and still be able to survive for more than 3 min. A sub is much better at torping target in the game than DD. Sub dont need to have high damage torps like any other normal DD has because sub has access to something very fun and engaging called ping. And the only thing to mitigate torpedo damage when you're ping is DCP, the thing you already use to stop fires, flooding, repair guns, repair torpedo, repair broken engine or broken steering. If there's a consummable that decide whether you live or die in this game, it's the DCP and WG adds more garbage mecanic that requires the use of DCP to survive. And it's not like you have to be a genius with 5 advanced degree to use ping. You can literaly spam ping every 10 sec or so without any consequences. And I havent even talk about the curving torp, what a fun mecanic. I didnt thought it would be possible to create cross drop alone without using a CV, well turns out I can easily do that in sub. And once again, I dont need to be a genius, just need to casually torps here and there and thing spam ping. Sub as of right now are just improved version of torpedo DD. They can literaly spam torps that are super fast, deal citadel damage, turns invisible to anything that isnt another sub and are not that slow. If WG wants to puts them in random they have to do some serious work on the ping mecanic and possibly the interaction between submarine and surface ship.
  13. I was just highlighting how stupid CV logic is. Only CV player are unable to grasp how broken their class are funny enough. But this isnt the topic for that and my point remains unchanged
  14. The double standart will always makes me laugh. "Dont give unlimited range to ASW because it would break the game for sub but it is totally fine for planes to have unlimited range, ignore terrain and such". A very convincing argument that will rally a lot of people. That being said, I dont see why CV should get a buff when they are the least affected by sub. And your BB buff is just stupid, if anything sub ping should be reworked or remove.
  15. AlcatrazNC

    Debate Challenge: Submarines

    Subs are way too annoying to counter. As a DD the sub can keep you spotted and let the enemi team farm you which forces you to back off. And let's say you somehow manage to reach the sub well too bad he's going to disappear and you'll have to play mouse and cat except the mouse is invisible. I would be fine with that IF having a hydro would allow you to spot the ship, which would make sense as a game mecanic and would make hydro ship more of a threat to sub but nope. I guess sub are allowed to have a free out of jail card like that. Also it is very ironic that Friesland / Ragnar / Halland / Smaland are IMO the worst sub hunter due to how they drop their dept charges. The sub has to be in front of you, you have to perfectly point your nose at them and keep a certain distance. Their activation time is very fast which means you have no room for errors. "Classic dept charges drop" like Shima, Gearing, Marceau (well pretty much all other DD) are better at dealing with sub. Z52 having garbage dept charges is also very ironic. If anything it is the DD I would pick to hunt sub since it has the best hydro. As a CA and BB really the most annoying thing is to DCP the ping. This is the worst possible idea WG could have thought to remove ping. Give all ship a kind of jamming consummable other than DCP or just remove ping. People already have to manage fire and flooding with DCP, ruddershift, engine, guns... They dont need to deal with ping sub. Finally, and this is an issue I have regardless of the ship I play (well if I'm a CV main this doesnt concern me because best DCP in the game lul), the curving torps. Torps should not be curving as sharp as they currently do. At best they should be able to do small changes if the target is doing slight evasive maneuver but they shouldnt be able to curve and go to a complete different direction as if it was launched from a different angle.