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  1. AlcatrazNC

    Opinions on the CVs?

    Then please tell me what is the CV weakness ? I dont believe that people have been playing this CV rework for a year now without figuring out a weakness. If this is true then why even the higher competitive clan also rage about CV ? You know those high competitive clan that people praise for being able to work in a team, exploit weaknesses and such. They dont go on the forum or WOWS discord everyday to complain that CV are broken but still. Where is teamwork in a ship that punishes every move that involve leaving the blob of 11 ship ? A picture is worth thousands of words : Before you make any statement regarding DD, pls play them, grind them and try to have consistent good stats in them. Your opinions is worth nothing.
  2. It's been a while since I had a lot of fun in this game. Who would have thought Grand Battle could be this fun ? And who would have thought when rockets get nerfed, the game would become much more enjoyable ?
  3. AlcatrazNC


    Hey it's that OP again, he's back with more entertainement and lack of knowledge.
  4. AlcatrazNC

    The Better CV Always Wins!

    So in the end you're just saying you did nothing got carried whereas the red CV tried to carry but couldnt shoulder the team's burden ? Because that's what I see when I look at the report
  5. AlcatrazNC

    Why not just delete Rocket planes?

    Rocket didnt kept DD 'honest and made them play with their team". If anything it made DD useless by forcing them into staying in a safe zone doing nothing and hard punish them for trying to do their job. The claim that DD have now free reign is just complete [edited]. That is basically saying when there are no BB, cruisers have free reign. When there are no DD, BB have free reign. All of these is just [edited]. DD have to deal with other DD and radar ship.
  6. I've always consider Yamato UU to be one of the best, if not the best UU currently available. Some people made a fuss about the loss of reload bonus but 30 sec reload is fine, especially when you take into account the super accuracy you gets on those guns that overmatch 32mm Personnally I consider UU Yamato > Reload Yamato just for that extra consistency..
  7. AlcatrazNC

    Defensive fire, yay or meh?

    Def AA boost continuous damage a bit and boost flaks a lot. Flaks are easy to dodge and half decent CV player will dodge your flak. Bad CV will eat your flaks and lose planes. The small boost to continuous damage isnt enough to repell a strike and let's say MM gift you with a no CV game, then your Def AA will be useless. That means Def AA will be usefull against good CV for that one time where they will either mess up their strike or RNG will screw with them. Bad CV will just eat flaks and lose their planes so you dont have to worry too much about Def AA. On the other hands, all game have DD or long range torpedo ship. And hydro can also help spot through island for those few time someone hugs an island. I'll let you make your choice.
  8. AlcatrazNC

    My take on the "rocket change".

    I dont think cruisers or BB will suddently become the prime target of CV. The rocket change doesnt change much for USN CV as all the good one are already using DB to hunt DD. TT are maybe dead, that's maybe true, but HVARR remains strong. IJN CV got nerfed in their ability to deal with DD but then again, IJN DD arent supposed to be DD hunter. They have high torps damage and AP DB for a reason. Audacious can still throws enough rocket that something will eventually stick. And MvR.......Why are you playing MvR to hunt DD anyway. What you're implying is that a Hakuryu (for instance) will be more likely to go after capital ship than DD but I dont know any good Haku who constantly focuses DD, when he can be spamming torps and APDB on cruisers or BB. Some people will say that these CV are just farming and not helping the team, but when that Haku will delete all the capital ship, you'll be the first one to move up in your cruiser or BB and hunt DD, because there will be no one except those DD to kill you.
  9. AlcatrazNC

    Why not just delete Rocket planes?

    Your last sentence tells me everything I need to know about you. When you call your lack of skill "WG's fault" I dont need anything else to say. I am not the one complaining that BB can dodge rocket. But I know from experience a half decent CV player can guarantee a hit on BB and therefore can guarantee damage on the BB.
  10. AlcatrazNC

    Why not just delete Rocket planes?

    So you're telling me you're throwing 30 rockets on a BB and you cant even land one. Seems like someone reaally needs to git gud.
  11. So when are you leaving the game for good ?
  12. FDR is strong vs BB and Supercruiser like Stalingrad but the main reason why it is annoying is her perma spotting ability. While in random you usually want to farm as much damage as possible and as fast as possible, in comp a consistent spotting is almost as important as damage. In random I still think Midway > FDR in most situation.
  13. To be fair, all HE focus ship are doing great in that game mode
  14. As a fire starter, no rockets arent that good. But even nerfed, these rockets are still the best weapon a CV has to finish off a target. What a Conqueror or République is gonna do when he sees Midway HVARR coming for his 5k HP ?