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  1. Possible Solution to Radar

    What DD complains about isn't really about radar itself. I mean yes the current mecanics allows you to spot everything through every island possible while you let the rest of the team do all the work. I can understand it's frustrating for some people. Now what bother me (and maybe a lot of other DD player) is about the amount of radar ship present in a team. IMO the reason because we see more radar thread this day is because of the amount of radar ship you can find in a game. Let's count how many T10 radar cruiser we have : -Des Moines -Salem -Moksva -Stalingrad (I think it has radar) -Worcester -Minotaure. Out of 8 T10 CA, 6 have radar. 75% of T10 CA have radar. Only Henri, Zao and Hindenburg doesn't have radar. Also considering we are on NA server, what are the odd of fighting against Des Moines, Salem, Worcester or all 3 of them at the same time ? And I don't include T9 ship even if the chance of fighting them is high. And let's not forget some stupid ship like Worcester that can easily stealth radar. That and also the current MM system. Why sometime you have a team full of radar ship on a side facing a team full of no radar ship on the other ? Playing DD in a team that has no radar ship is just painful. And finally the map. Some cap on some map are just too close that a single Des Moines can park behind an island and spot all DD going into the left or right cap. Yes he can't shoot at you, but the rest of the team can. I agree with what OP said, he's mostly right, but if you want to win sometime you must do dumb thing from a objective point of view like trying to gunboat a low HP Moksva in a Shima because you need to reset a cap and kill him otherwise it's a loss. And that fact + the high chance of fighting radar ship + the no radar team you get + small distance between 2 cap can be quite frustrating. Possible solution ? -Fix a certain amount of radar ship per team depending on the amount of DD in the game. 2 DD fighting against 2 radar ship is manageable. 2 DD fighting against 3 radar ship is manageable. 2 DD fighting against 4-5 radar ship is annoying. And if you're the only DD in game, don't add more than 2 radar ship. But the most important thing for me is definitely having a radar balance between team. It might not save you from potato CA, but even a potato CA that uses his radar randomly can provide useful pieces of information for a DD.
  2. This is no different than Corgi event. Fun fact someone posted a thread about how Corgi event was rigged because they could div with player not involved in Corgi. And I don't know if you're lucky or cursed but so far I never met a single pirate member.
  3. IJN BB are still really good as long as you know how to angle. This is the only line where you can easily get punish if you show broadside, at least at high tier. Montana has low citadel, République also has low citadel, Conqueror has deep underwater citadel so might as well consider she doesn't have one, same for Kurfurst. But a good Yamato will never show his broadside and her guns are powerfull enough to make people think twice before picking a fighter against her. Personnally, I didn't particulary enjoyed Amagi but I really liked Izumo. Amagi guns were inconsistent for me but when angled, this ship can tank a pretty good amount of damage. Izumo gun were really good but her armor is garbage against HE. With Izumo you can just point your nose at a ship and shoot but when you're doing that, your guns seems really weak and tend to easily get knocked out.
  4. Bottom right, click on that icon and disable whatever you want to disable
  5. I will not comment on that speechless drawing skill but I feel like it can easily be a pain to read especially for new player. If I didn't know AA on ship had several different aura I would be like wth are those number ? Same for Maneuverability. 37.8kts (I assume this is with speed flag btw) 3s ? If I'm a new player I would think this ship can reach 37.8kts in 3 sec which is maybe not entirely false for DD but for BB or CA like Henri that can reach 5 sec ruddershift, it might be confusing. Those General Discussion might turn into a place where people will just throw salt. But if someone is appointed as moderator well why not. And for the rest I agree
  6. Just a suggestion. I never really paid attention to recruiter's message and for once I decided to read what they were actually saying. I don't know for you but personnally this isn't really convincing. 1 "We don't insist though" . Just that first sentence feels like whether we join Eagle or team or not, the leader of that team just don't care. 2 "Want to be a shark, stay with the Sharks. Want to be an eagle, stick with the Eagles". This feels already much more convincing and at the same time sounds like a threat. 3 "But remember, a container is a container, while +2 to loyalty is just a mere +2 to loyalty." Aaand no. I lost any motivation to join Eagle. IMO I would replace sentence 1 by something like: "We need you". Sentence 2 is good as it is so no need to change. However for sentence 3 I would put something like: " Join us and you'll receive a container, fight us and you'll meet the similar fate as your previous allies" or something like that. It's just a detail but it would be nice if those simple line could be added to future similar event.
  7. Salem Heal is a SCUM

    Well there is something Salem has over Mino which is armor so duh, she will receive more pen than overpen. Most Des Moines player will make this ship work because it's basically a Des Moines with better heal. But I wouldn't mind if WG decide to give Mino armor to Salem, I would gladly take my Henri and front citadel their bow.
  8. AP bomb works fine against BB but you know something is wrong when even the Def AA of a CA can't stop those squadron from wiping that very CA .
  9. Gimmicks gimmicks Gimmicks

    The reason I heard regarding MBRB was because French CA weren't popular. Then they decided to extend it to Jean Bart and Bougogne. I can understand WG trying to implement new gimmick, especially nowadays. If WG wants to introduce CA with really good AP pen ---> People will complain there the line will be a better /similar / worse US CA line. If WG wants to introduce CA with really good HE --> People will complain the line will be a better / similar / worse IJN or French CA (On a side note, when WG introduce French CA I saw many people asking why should people play French CA as HE spammer when Zao is a better HE spammer ) If WG introduce CA with high AP velocity --> People will complain the line is similar / worse than Russian CA. When WG first introduced Prinz Eugen, people said it was just a copy paste of Hipper. The ship has no gimmick or whatsoever, people weren't happy. Now they just added heal for this ship and everyone suddently love her ( And I must say she feels really comfortable to play with heal). People will always find something to complain. If you add a broken gimmick, people will complain it's broken (obviously it's game breaking). If you add no gimmick, people will complain there is exactly NO GIMMICK and it is just a copy past of a ship. Also it depends on your definition of gimmick because if I take your example : -GC is a pretty broken BB for her tier but yes she has no gimmick. -Sharnhorst has 283mm guns which is probably her real life setting but remember this is a game, and for a BB, this is a low caliber gun. She also have torps which is once again unusual for a BB. In the end you can consider it as a gimmick. -Fiji is a cruiser with smoke. That alone is a gimmick. -Bismarck have hydro. It's a gimmick. All those ship have their own tools and gimmick but they are balanced which is why no one really complain about them and just enjoy them as they are. And I'll add another one to the list of ship with good gimmick : Graf Spee.
  10. Conqueror player listened really well to Dasha when she said they are cruiser like. And considering a majority of cruiser spam HE without knowing the AP potential I guess you know the rest. RN AP aren't that great against BB but people underestimate the consistency AP get when a target is broadside. While I can understand that with ship like KGV which has potato AP unless you're at medium range against a perfect broadside, Nelson for her tier is really powerfull when you use AP. But no, most RN BB player will just use HE. I think those people are the same that complain about how fire is broken. Fight fire with fire they says. But hey I won't complain. I prefer have a red Conqueror shooting HE at my broadside at 12KM rather than a Conqueror shooting AP
  11. French BB Bourgogne?

    Well quite frankly I think it would be hard to balance this ship. If you put really good sigma to balance the fact their guns are 380mm, it would make the ship kinda OP because 12 380 shells with high sigma can easily end up delete everything. If you let the ship as it is, it would just be a T10 Alsace. If you nerf the ship then why people would play this ship over Jean Bart or Alsace ? It's a WIP so everything is subject to change but as it is right now, I would play République over Bourgogne.
  12. I'll give you an upvote for sharing your research. I don't own Conqueror yet but from my experience as CA and DD player, Conqueror doesn't really do well when it comes to dodging shell, BB in general sucks at that. I had the occasion to try the space République and with speed boost you can actually do some pretty decent dodge as far as BB are concerned but again, this is a BB not a CA so you will evade the first salvo but by the time you try to regain your former position the ennemi will have his gun loaded so one sec to late to react and it's a guarantee heavy damage. Also if you're doing a 1 vs 1 I suppose you can win if you play this way but in a 2 vs 1 you will only dodge 1 salvo not the second. As you mention, Conqueror doesn't have really good armor so it will not help against HE spammer CA, especially CA with high velocity shells. You'll probably handle fairly well Des Moines, Worcester and Henri shells but dealing with Zao, Moksva and Hindenburg shells will most likely be a pain. Also keep in mind that 1 v 1 scenario are rare and there is always a CA or BB waiting behind an island to blap you. IMO, the legendary upgrade is very situationnal. Conqueror main strenght is her concealment allowing her to basically blap someone and go invisible. If you're in a heavy DD game where you'll be spotted anyway, then I can see that module to be actually pretty good but in a BB + CA games, your concealment will saves you from all that HE spam as well as Yamato lolpen.
  13. Post game compliments

    It's hard to give compliment to people when most of the time they are just salty. Well I could just play low tier ship and find people who are actually nice but I'm not a real fan of low tier games...
  14. RN DDs Confirmed for 0.7.9

    Not really sure PAN destroyer are DD hunter. Yes it is a Gearing with radar but her deep water torps makes more a BB hunter than a DD. But it still has Gearing guns so I guess it's 50/50 Well I'm not really that excited with the introduction of RN DD. Another pain to deal with in my Shima, as if this ship didn't had enough treat to face. But I'm looking forward CV rework. On a side note when Harugumo and Kitakaze will make their apparition on live server WG ?
  15. izumo get buffs yet?

    WG already buffed Izumo. I don't know her new concealment value when using concealment build but before the buff it was a must have for me if I wanted to live long enough without being HE spammed to death. The lack of armor made FP both useless and useful. Useless in a sense that you still eat tons of HE damage that fire damage at this point is almost irrelevant but useful at the same time because having 2 fire is still better than having 3 fire burning on this ship. I also heard they buffed her deck armor to something like 56mm. Well considering her poor amount of superstructure I think it's not that bad actually.