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  1. If what I said before is correct, think of it as a clan reward. Your clan receive additional bonus for basically being good. This additional bonuses can then be distributed among those who actively participated / performed well. So basically: -you receive reward from the game for winning CB -you receive reward from your own clan for doing good. I'm not against such system but I can understand why people are not very enthusiast about that. For instance I could just create a clan, recruite people promising them to give them steel if we rank up and after ranking up, I just decide to keep the steel for me / give it to friend. Yes people would leave my clan but these people invested time in CB, which is basically robbing their free time. There are no guarantee that the clan leader will not just keep everything for himself..
  2. So from what I understands: -You play CB. -You're successful and your clan manage to be be among the top clan -Not only do you still earn steel reward from CB mission but your clan also earn a certain amount of coal / steel in the treasury. This coal/steel can now be shared to all other member but only the Commander and Deputy commander has the right to share the ressources. -If your commander is being fair, your commander will reward you depending on your participation and performance. The amount given is up to the commander tho. -If your commander is a...questionnable commander to say it kindly, he can just keep the steel for himself / give to his friends in his clan. You can still earn steel just by completing mission but treasury add additional steel. At least that's what I understand
  3. AlcatrazNC

    Which side to choose?

    Who cares ? Play the Italian way. Pick a side and see if your side is winning. If not then switch side.
  4. I don't think giving more range to torpedo is the solution. I'm fine with giving DD more counterplay option against CV but increasing the range will just encourage even more passive gameplay. Also landing reliable torps past 12km is more about luck anyway. You could fit a Kurfurst in those torps gap.
  5. AlcatrazNC

    Fix the "Near smoke" penalty

    No the debuff applie the moment a you're near a smoke, it doesn't matter whether you're inside the smoke or outside. -If a BB shoots inside a smoke, he'll get detected by any nearby DD. -If a BB shoot behind a smoke and a DD is within the smoke firing penalty range, he'll get detected. You don't need to be inside the smoke to get the benefit of the smoke.
  6. AlcatrazNC

    Fix the "Near smoke" penalty

    Yes I see nothing wrong here. The smoke firing penalty nerf is working as intended.
  7. AlcatrazNC

    Fix the "Near smoke" penalty

    I see nothing wrong in this video. You shot a DD in your BB at close range , you missed, he smoked up, your fire penalty still apply and got torped.
  8. AlcatrazNC

    Think DDs have too much hp

    Montana accuracy at mid - close range is fine. If you can't make a good prediction it's not that the DD is OP but your lack of experience. My guess is that damage saturation just negate HE damage. if you hit all your shell at the nose that has been saturated since the beginning, you won't do any damage.
  9. AlcatrazNC

    Should WG listen to this type of player.

    Every player has his voice, even the worst potato has the right to express his opinion. Now it's up to WG to decide whether they should or should not implement what the player is asking.
  10. AlcatrazNC

    2 CV's per team is killing the game slowly

    Regarding T10 CV it's fine. I almost never find myself in 4 CV game compared to pre hotfix. However the fact WG is now selling all premium CV, it's fairly common to have double T8 CV in T8 game. The good point is that these game rarely involve T10 so it's pretty much only T9-T8-T7. The bad point....well double CV game. Also because of the premium CV, it's not uncommon to play a T8 CV with a T6 one. Maybe put a cap for T8 too ?
  11. AlcatrazNC

    Any time I play, I leave feeling like I should delete the client.

    For a moment I felt the game was boring and I only played a game or 2 just to give my clan some oil. Then 8.0 came out. At first I wasn't very interested in CV, then I decided to give it a shot and I eventually had fun. Games were tough but for me CV are now much more enjoyable than the old RTS version. After playing quite a lot of CV game ( for someone who usually never play CV), after farming salt from Unicum division for punishing their mistake, after getting insulted so many time, the game is actually becoming a bit boring. I was very hyped for Azuma and WG just....destroyed her. And now I'm just waiting for Yoshino. Honestly if WG managed to destroy Yoshino I think I'll either buy Jean Bart and try to find some fun or just take a break. It's not like I would have something to lose after all.
  12. AlcatrazNC

    Time to get to tier 10?

    Short answer: it will take you a long time Long answer: Take your time, enjoy the game and learn game mecanics. There's no reason to rush a T10 without having any clue about what you can do best and what are your weaknesses. You better learn / figure out things at T6 where mistake aren't as easily punished as in T10. Also even a very bad game at T5-T6 will still gives you some credit, whereas at T8-9-10 you'll lose money for playing bad.
  13. Yes pls, I didn't had the chance to try the flying Shima thing, I was grinding Ryujou for the second time. Let me farm torps hit and liquidator :^)
  14. AlcatrazNC

    Thinking you want to try carriers? Go RN!

    RN CV have very tanky planes but the reserve is very low and planes takes ages to regen if you lose them. And if you're new to CV you WILL definitely lose them. Also I don't know but RN CV seems to be lacking something / doing a less effective job than USN or IJN .
  15. AlcatrazNC

    Creative solution to CV 'problems'

    WG take note this. This would be much more better than the current system