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  1. AlcatrazNC

    DDs and spotting XP : Nonexistent

    Caps and spotting act as a multiplier. Having 3 solo cap with poor damage will barely gives you a small amount of XP. 0*3= 0*100=^0*1 000 000 000=0
  2. AlcatrazNC

    Are all T4 and below premiums worthless now?

    It is sure fun when you help your friends grinding his T3-T4 ship and you always get that Hoshou reroll with a 19pt captain stomping on everyone. Well I say Hoshou reroll but even if it's not a reroll, 2-3 CV/ team isn't fun either
  3. AlcatrazNC

    There may be a problem - AAA (AA)

    Kaga sucks at dealing with DD compared to other T8 CV. Attacking a Halland on top of that isn't really a good idea. Kaga doesn't need a buff, she can handle well in a T10 game. With that said, I have faced Halland in Hakuryu and while I do lose some of my attack planes, the firepower is enough to force the DD to back off for a bit and if you can destroy some of her AA mount in the process well GG. Enterprise, Audacious, Midway hell even Lexington I guess can be a pain for a Halland
  4. AlcatrazNC

    Coal burning a hole in my pocket

    Do you need money ? If the answer is yes, then pick Georgia. Others aren't as great at making money. If the answer is no, then I would rank like this: 1 - Georgia / Thunderer (both are pretty strong and quite OP, Georgia being more OP at T9 than Thunderer at T10) 2- Yoshino. She's good and relatively easy to play 3- Marceau. I consider her stronger than Yoshino but she is definitely not an easy ship to play IMO
  5. AlcatrazNC

    Would AP on all rocket planes be accepted?

    AP rockets would indirectly buff DD and I guess indirectly nerf CA/CL and slightly nerf BB. It would basically move the issue with rockets vs ship interaction from DD to CA/CL
  6. AlcatrazNC


    People when WG announce the first stats of a WIP ship and it appears too strong : REEEE IT IS BROKEN People when WG announce the first stats of a WIP ship and it appears to be fairly balanced or a bit weak: REEEE IT IS GARBAGE And obviously the Soviet Bias argument is added because why not.
  7. Well not really. Taking Alaska vs Azuma debate, it would be stupid to purchase Azuma that is mediocre at best, when you can have Alaska for the same price that's OP. If you want to make a purchase you'll make sure to buy something that is both strong and fun to make it profitable, something OP premium can easily do. I get what you mean but pretty much everyone buy some premium because they are OP. No one will make me believe more than 50% of people who bought ship like Belfast, Enterprise,Atlanta, Gulio Cesare and such bought them for their history.
  8. It "only" took me 37 battles and it was painful. Well part of it is because I was trying to figure out how to aim with Champagne as well as having an idea on how she perform against same tier opponent. But players in ranked are becoming even dumber after each patch. One would think DD would be cautious about CV but instead they try to force player into doing what they want and suicide into caps or alternatively decide to hunt down CV the entire game. And when all your DD are dead and the CV is busy trying to torpedo a DD protected by 1 BB and a cruiser, well it's pretty much game over and a contest about who can have the most damage before the game ends. When you try to flank, you get called by your team for not lemming with them or for letting the DD suicide into the radar Cleveland... Yeah well ranked experience in a nutshell, unless you div with another player, this is pretty much a 1 vs 13
  9. AlcatrazNC

    DD, A pointless class

    DD are so obsolete they can easily win games when there are no CV. Radar and hydro are not an issue
  10. AlcatrazNC

    0.9.6 Venezia Nerf

    WG killed Henri because it was considered OP but then introduces Venezia behind which does everything Henri does but better. The rudder and main guns nerf are irrelevant but the SAP nerf might do something. At least WG didn't killed her like they did with Henri and maybe someday they'll revive Henri
  11. AlcatrazNC

    Slow Down, WG!!!

    People complain when there's no content People complain when there are a lot of content People are never happy I think it's good to remind people that these line are not part of an event. You don't have to complete all of these within a single week. (Dockyard and Odin aside)
  12. It will help DD but at the same time, a good CV player will just use his fighter planes to keep you spotted and even if your AA in strong enough to destroy all fighter planes in 1 second, you'll now have the 20 sec debuff where the CV aim at your ship and strike you. It means the CV will give up his fighter cover for a dead DD. In a 2 DD game, this is doable (focus down the only DD in a team and you have basically free reign) but in a 6-8 DD game, this will already be a bit less effective. On the other hand, it will indirectly make US CV even stronger against DD and IJN CV "even weaker" against DD. Well I'm looking forward to see what will be the result of these changes
  13. AlcatrazNC

    State of tier 10 ships.

    Personnally while the superheal is nice, Conqueror's accuracy is quite bad to take her over Thunderer. Not only Thunderer overmatch 30mm (which Conqueror doesn't) she also has a supercruiser dispersion which makes her the most accurate BB at T10. Also she has a better rudder than Conqueror and because she's still a RN ship, her HE is also monstruous. All of that at the cost of a superheal (and her heal is also better than other BB heal). Trading a superheal for better ruddershift and extremely good gunnery isn't a bad trade at all for me.
  14. AlcatrazNC

    Champagne is here...

    I forgot to mention, Champagne has 200 less HP than the current Odin while having way worst armour than the latter, so it should tells you a lot about how squishy this ship is