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  1. I've opened 20 and it's not number 21. Tin foil hats out there can put me with the other 22's in their spreadsheets. Is anyone keeping track?
  2. Dude9872

    Carrier Flight Control Question

    Cheating bots it is, then. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. Thanks for the replies
  3. Dude9872

    Carrier Flight Control Question

    Sorry, I corrected my terminology. What I'm referring to is, after an attack run, they were quickly turning their remaining (still armed) planes 180 degrees somehow to quickly set up another pass. The animation showed half of the squadron breaking in each direction, and the squadron reforming in the opposite direction. I haven't seen players do this, I just saw it when spectating Raptor.
  4. Ahoy, Mateys! I've been away from the game for... uh... like 3 years now? To give an idea of how long it's been, I finally spent by 5500 CBT doubloons on the Arizona. I'm pretty good at WoT and great at WoWP, but I never quite got the hang of this game. Anyway, I finally made my way over to the Langley to try out carriers for the first time, and I have mixed feelings so far. While spectating in a game of Raptor Rescue, I noticed that the AI carrier does a 180-degree turn with it's flights squadrons where half of the planes break each direction. This seems way nicer than just holding down A or D to set up my next run, but I can't find what key or key combo does this. Anyone know? Or is it just the bot being a dirty cheater? Any general advice for a "back from the dead" player or a new carrier captain is also welcome. Thanks! Edit: Also, let me know if I posted this in the wrong place. It looked like there were other "newbie" questions in New Player Guides, so I think I did it right. Edit 2: Corrected terminology for clarity.