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  1. WG, you're doing the right thing here. Thank you.
  2. WG is in the danger zone if they proceed with the GC up-tier. I have been playing for I supposed just over 3 years and I cannot recall a premium ship ever nerfed or modified after the sale period; let alone with such a long period of time after the sale period. I thought, though have not personally read that WG had a policy to never nerf a premium ship and instead utilize a 'vaulting' of the powerful ships, not offering them for sale again. The only exception, or similar situation i can think of is the Graf Zeppelin; but that was slightly different and full refunds were offered and then those original owners had an option to keep her and a special version of her final version as well. WG will be hurting the brand of "premiums" if they do this.
  3. dafusco

    CV's suck so bad now

    AA was made too strong, even normal AA without DF. When torps hit BB's for 3k and even with a flag you get about a 10-20% flood rate, there is not much to fear. I felt this way when test round 3 occured. The previous iterations for AA were too weak, I agree but it went bonkers. To be fair though, so far on live I am seeing a spike in AA centric ships being played and I have a sneaking suspicion that AA was the spec that just about everybody took. unfortunately, it will likely take several weeks to see things settle where they need to be in order for WG to see how the balance really is; tweaks will then be forthcoming. I know on Test I was still seal-clubbing until round 3, but even in round 3 I would routinely pull off 100-200k in the longer matches, low 100's in the shorter ones. I have yet to break 87k on live, and am usually held under 40k in the Midway. I do better in the Kaga, even when uptiered. Rockets seem to be the dps source for midway but they get shredded.
  4. dafusco

    Everything wrong about the CVS

    All I want to say to the OP is "git guud". I was an average CV player until Tier IX US. Then I sucked, too many squadrons to manage well. I am terrible at RTS. I played the crapout of CV's on test, probably about 40-60 games. I started off at 10-20k matched, and then ended up near 120-200k per match. You need to LEARN to play them, they are not intuitive and if you are learning them now, as opposed to learning on test, every player is specc'd for AA right now. You are trying to learn in the worst case scenario. If your looking for that mashable red "win" button, your not going to find it in a CV, or in WoWs altogether.
  5. dafusco

    CV so OP now

    OP is just a trollolol. $2,500 spent, no posts ever. Troll bot baby. I have to say though, CV's are for sure NOT OP. I had about 40 games on test and averaged probably 110k-200k damage per match for tier VIII & X CV.s I think in my 7 games yesterday, I topped out at 87k. Everybody is AA right now and its cruiser & AA-DD centric right now too. It will take some time to see what CV's are really going to be like.
  6. dafusco

    How to play Kutuzov?

    MK is the bane of all BB's and many DD's and some CL's. IFHE & Superattendant are both must-haves. A previous poster is absolutley correct about the smoke detect; if you sit in your smoke in the open, be tightly angled bc your smoke will get torped. BB's will try to FF you down and often coordinate it at the start of a match.
  7. This too has happened to me on two occasions today. I do tend to quickly double tap a squadron launch key quickly upon no longer controlling a previous squadron, sometimes before hitting the "F" key to return to carrier. Both times this happened we're in random battles. Once with Midway and again with Hak.