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  1. :cap_horn:Is a paper ship that got filed in some cabinet decades ago. It would be for me something special to earn the Cruiser. (Puerto Rico is my home). Of the six Alaska-class cruisers that were planned, only three were laid down. The first two, Alaska and Guam, were completed by the New York Shipbuilding Corporation. Construction of Hawaii, the third, was suspended on 16 April 1947 when she was 84% complete. The last three, Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Samoa were delayed since all available materials and slipways were allocated to higher priority ships, such as aircraft carriers, destroyers, and submarines. Construction had still not begun when steel shortages and a realization that these "cruiser-killers" had no more cruisers to hunt—as the fleets of Japanese cruisers had already been defeated by aircraft and submarines—made the ships "white elephants". As a result, construction of the last three members of the class never began, and they were officially canceled on 24 June 1943. USS Philippines (CB-4), Puerto Rico (CB-5), and Samoa (CB-6) were planned as the fourth, fifth, and sixth ships of the class, respectively. All were going to be built at Camden, New Jersey, but they were canceled before construction could begin.



    WOWS CB USS Puerto Rico CB-5.jpg