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  1. No, just updated TST and hope to get in.

    :cap_rambo:"Got the enemy to my front And the ocean to my rear. Wounded dying’s all I hear, In the early morning rain" :cap_rambo:



  3. TorchCad30

    World of Warships Anniversary Bonus Code

    Thank you! Gracias!
  4. TorchCad30

    What's your birthday wish? - 16th - 22nd

    It was in T6 Cleveland long ago we were navigating the map to get into position and without any planning, we started zigzagging crossing each other's ships as we maneuver in same heading/direction and concentrating fire at this 4 ships. Without even paying attention we were the last 2 standing and those 4 at the enemy side were the last ones too. In the end, we fought/earned the "Victory" we both survive the battle in the helm of the old school workhorse. There are many others for sure...this one does for now. my birthday(March, '72) wish would be CV VIII GRAF ZEPPELIN
  5. TorchCad30

    TL:DR - Update

    always is good to read
  6. TorchCad30

    Apply to Beta Test Submarines!

    Looking forward to being part of the Beta Test team.
  7. USS Ranger "engagement approach"

    This video shows how the latest AA sector mechanics works, in this case, I use Operation: “Aegis” which will be different from "Random Battles" mode. Your Squadron starts with 6 planes, in the end, you have only 2 left. In Scenarios/Operations and like Co-op Battles you fight against increasingly difficult waves of computer-controlled opponents which have changed thru the years since the game started. In “Random Battles” mode you go against real players and they adjust their Ships and Commander's AA defense/skills measures to be an effective deterrent against attacking enemy aircraft.…the outcome is completely different.