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  1. Shinnidan

    Does the Atlanta need to be buffed now?

    Yes, i do have the ATL ....and i share the same sentiments. ATL is a ship you either HATE or LOVE. i love her just for the simple fact that everyone else on the other end Hates her. and most would agree...to try to kill her in the beginning of the game...the moment she is in sight.... i agree she used to be a plane eater pre-CV-Rework. now...she almost a joke, and i think i can hear the pilots laughing at her. Nurfed AA, Paper thin Hull, really bad concealment, range of Main guns that almost laughable to the range of some other ship's SECONDARIES, and shells that couldn't penetrate aluminium(exaggeration).... basically, she become a forgotten premium.... however, once upon a time...she did not have radar and the guns were so fragile that ive ended up having NO guns or torps to shoot...what was the sense of being alive if i cant retreat from the battle? (those were moreridiculous times). my take is .....WG no longer care or love her. so good luck advocating buffs...as i also think it will just fall on deaf ears. However, i still manage to battle it out with her. i will hug that island and camp all i want...regardless of what other say!
  2. Shinnidan


    i do play in T10 matches...but not as CV....with majority are bots...a few time i'm left to fend for myself as my T10 guys didn't contribute much except hang back on the opposite side of the maps, while half the bots played Chicken with each other ....and those that remain i had to kill myself and carry the win. funny how i get 3 T10 humans and i'm in a T8 ...and had to carry the game. funny when i'm playing my T9s ....i get good human and bot players...and the game ends too fast.... in fact over the weekend...i had to carry hard for the wins...it seems that, in the bunch i played with over the weekend, are getting either lazy or don't care much...not that i don't mind...more exp for me.
  3. Shinnidan

    IJN or Russian cruiser line

    sleepers... zzZZzz....
  4. Shinnidan

    IJN or Russian cruiser line

    i stop after Myoko and Bud....haven't continued up that line since.
  5. Shinnidan

    Fleet Tactics Friday - The Cruisers

    to answer that question....that would depend on the mission or situation. Cruisers are valued assets...as well as other ships in the fleet. However given the limitations of information of where my enemies and what there are planning. I would advise caution and send out scouts planes and a few DDs in diff directions to run a screen ahead for Subs and other ships. if the enemy has not located our position...i'd order and air-strike if there is a CV in the fleet. if i have any Subs in the area...order them to harass the enemy fleet and sink if possible(keep them guessing). if my scout DDs run in to trouble or run in to the enemy nest....id send a CA CL to assist, but the bulk of the fleet will defend the Flagship. so i guess i'd hold them back as long as i can to def, and use other assets to atk.
  6. Shinnidan


    yeah....communications in coop is basically know what to expect. if you play enough maps on coop you will eventually know the patter of the bots...they always go a certain way in terms of their movement. as a team...basically if everyone is on the same page...the game would be an easy win. if you are not sure that find out if the other team know what to expect to happen. when i see players i do not recognize or if the tier are low in a high tier match...i'll point out the obvious and inform others what to expect bc thoes players may not know what to expect...and quite a lot...i see them going to the edge of the map when its not necessary...and the game ends before they could contribute...in away thats a good thing...cause they wouldn't not be in my way or trop me from behind (as if it was accidental). Coop...to me...can be at times were really exp players can carry the entire team......like when you have a team with all bots...you have to stay alive or you basically loose. damg farming can be relative to what Tier the match is in....high tiers mean you will have more dmg to farm. i have not been getting the high damg in CVs now unlike before...so i get where it can be discouraging to play almost to the point of depression. but if you are playing a ship that you know may not be a great carry ship...then you can expect a possible loss if other players suck. i used to be able to carry hard in a CV before...now...i'm relatively unsure on how i can get that back...i have to play more games to get used to it to the point where its automatic that id can kill a ship and then go on to the next...in coop if players know what they are doing ....the game can be over in less than 10 min... time zones....can play a part on who will be playing with you...but i think its more have to do with the day of the week....weekends you have more players in your timezone and chances a lot better players. My play nights are Wed and Thur sometimes Sundays. so, who ever plays those days....i'm stuck with them. hating yourself for thinking you didn't pull your weight if the team looses...is relative. unlike Random, Rank, or Operations....more people would be critical of a win/loss and the performance of other teammates in those types of games. if you like coordinated games...then Clan battles or ranked would be right up your ally.
  7. Shinnidan


    don't matter... wither its a CV that don't carry weight or a another ship or player for that matter...period...its Co-op. ....i've played hundreds of games in coop that 1 or more other players are AFK...and STILL win the game! what is better? some one that will give a little or give nothing absolute zero?
  8. Shinnidan


    wot is wrong with having the CV on your side....? the bots don't get any CVs. that should be a good thing! if the bots stop when not behind any cover....they are sitting ducks...thats another good thing! and not too much players play Coop....you can not tell people to play when you are playing or the same rage of Tier as you...thats why they the bots are filling in the blanks or you will not have a full team to play with. basically your arguments are ...meh....
  9. yeah i'm dropping point blank...before the planes get shot down...prob only way i can get a hit...but dep on the tier of the ship im tryin to get at they all die b4 i could drop. so far...my Rockets are the ones hitting mostly...cause there is a distance it can be fired at....but they don't do very much dmg.
  10. Shinnidan

    Best HEAVY CRUISER at Tier V - VII

    Cruisers For me it has to be the IJN(ARP) Myoko class T7.... However, in that Tier id normally play Atlanta any ways....lol
  11. IKR!? you only have that oval get it on there...but its kind like the air time of shell...you need to get the right lead right. i gotta work on that....the guys that was playing the test server...had lots of time to get used to it...i only played a few time since 8.0 released. but my go to will be my fighters w/missiles....90%-95% hit rate...plus with Cmdr skills i get an additional plane.
  12. was in the training room for a while before i went live....worked on aiming and timing ...found out that i'm better at missile atks...while under fire. i have to work on hitting moving targets under fire with torp and bombs.
  13. Shinnidan

    Starting the carrier line!

    both IJN and US....the lines skip Tiers now so you don't have to spend weeks, days, hours grinding up. but IJN torp planes are lethal if you get shots in...but i like rockets so US planes seems better the the IJNs
  14. Shinnidan

    Musashi/Yamato - concealment still worth it?

    that would depends if there is CVs in the game? if no CVs its good...
  15. hahah....you havent seen it....i often had 3 torp bomber and 2 dive bomber in sqd...you havent seen how i use them. 2 torp on each side one on each side...to set you up. immediately followed by the 3 trop drop and a bomb...and last bomb trop to finish if necessary. hard lesson i learned from watching it done to me by another CV driver.