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  1. Shinnidan

    Do you want the old CV RTS system back.

    i was happier pre-rework...than now....was always exited to play CVs and wanting to play more of CVs....now....i'm at the mercy of up-tier matches....like last night ....i was the only T6 in the match and the rest all T8s ....talk about planes splashing left and right...on any target i try to get close to. what fun is that when you do one run...and when that run is done ...the rest of the sqdr already all dead?! no 2nd run... yeah. i admit...i miss doing those Cross patter Atks ....but thats how it really is. you will have multiple sqdr in the air at a time to coordinate that kind of atk. i've been on the receiving end of the cross patter atks a lot too...i never complained, yet, as a CV driver play too...i trained to notice the setups before i get entrapped in to that atk. and no disrespect...those that complained about it...well....you really suck at noticing it. i would be in favor of the old system.
  2. Shinnidan

    Do you pay money for this game?

    1 dollar deal...lol commercial: "I'd Buy that for a dollar!" lol ^_^
  3. Shinnidan

    Do you pay money for this game?

    yes, my best ship is a Cruiser, too. wish there was a DD that would be worth the purchase, tho. sighs... was going to get the Enterprise or Kaga if or when it came out again, but after playing the rework...my CV play has gone all to shet...ti'm totally combat ineffective in CVs now. b4 ....every ship i target was dead meat...now...
  4. Shinnidan

    Do you pay money for this game?

    i buy only ships...the ones that i think would be fun and suit my play style.
  5. Shinnidan

    A question about DD tactics please advise!

    i tell them....my intentions....if i can take my hands of the controls. most of the times id be under fire and trying to survive. (A LOT OF PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT FACT) When ever i get that question....i say...."You can court martial me if I live, Sir!!!"
  6. Shinnidan

    The overpen dilemma

    or more forward or more back. i get a lot of cit hits at the stern hits where the armor is thinner. good when aiming at DDs...lots of times i would knock out their engines and they are dead in the water and easy kill for you or the team.
  7. Shinnidan

    So my stats are horrible.

    @rakmalla forget about your stats and play. if you worry about your stats and make it the center of your play...you will go bonkers and really ruin you game experience. i tend to stay away from Ramdom Matches to avoid trolls that love to criticize you for it every-time you have a bad game or two. wait.... they would even crit you for having a good game too... however, watching others play may give you hits in what you can do...but it don't beat figuring it out for yourself. just know your ships weaknesses and strength and play through it to your advantage.....
  8. Shinnidan

    Post Deleted

    .......i don't have a problem with that, and i play every type from DDs to CVs.........one of my best ships is a slow [edited]BB. it is not impossible nor difficult grind your way in Co-op. 1. the number of kills don't count much for the exp earned. you can steal 5 kills in a match and still be low on the base exp earners. what matters is what you do in that match....ie...damg done, cap def, number of hits, fires started or floods. hint: want to get a better base exp.....Capture a base or two, or learn to Aim better(BBs have range! uses it to make Dmg! ) you can be the top exp earner on the team WITHOUT getting a Kill. 2. Use exp signal flags.....even if your base exp is low, the flags will boost it a bit. having premium time helps a bit too. being in a good clan also helps with exp and credits...and a lot of other things. 3. Operations are good exp earners but be sure you complete the main task...its a lot better exp earner than regular Co-op matches. Try not to feel sorry for yourself or make excuses to quit without have to try completely everything yet nor played enough games to hone your skills.
  9. Shinnidan

    Fighting Ship Friday - Top Battleship

    fishing for that night's dinner...
  10. Shinnidan

    CO-OP players tried Space battles?

    ....tried it...already gave my opinion about it...simply put....its just another random MM....
  11. Shinnidan

    Bot carriers when, please?

    how ironic....Before 8.0....lot of y'all was [edited] and complaining about NOT having CVs in Co-op.... and when people finally get their wish....they want it back?! don't believe me? just go back on forums...you will find them.
  12. Shinnidan

    Atlanta is OP in Co-op. Shhhh!!!

    are you complaining or just surprised/happy?
  13. Shinnidan

    Grind to Des Moines

    well...if you have the coal to burn....why not...its there for you to pick...unless you have better things to get with the coal?
  14. Shinnidan

    Best tier to play casually?

    T7 or T8