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    Family (spouse and two kiddles), medicine and medical technologies, anime and manga, HAM radio (tech license), writing (mostly fanfic), long walks on the beach with my wife of 23 years, geopolitics and military history and affairs, astronomy, geology, paleontology, religious studies, Byzantine history, reading science fiction...the list goes on and on. I'm eclectic, and my bookshelves show it...


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  1. You can call me Cat...

    1. CatalinaPBY


      It is? Didn't know. Anyway, just as two people can have the same name, can't they have the same nickname? I suspect context will keep us straight since I have nothing to do with WG. I doubt we'll be involved in the same threads, and if we are, people can use Catalina or even PBY. It's no nevermind to me, just trying to make things easy for people.


      And yeah, I like the nickname. ;-)