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  1. I watched the mini map closely and (if the graphics are correct the Ibuki is completely behind the musashi, watching the replay they just suddenly appear like the musashi launched them. In fact i could never see the Ibuki ever except on mini map. I really do think there is a problem, maybe when the ships are that close together the program ignores the Mush ? Problem is how could the Mush not take all the torps? Not just one here or there? In fact the 3 that survived to hit me came from dead middle of the Mush, so one hit and 3 magically made it under the mush? Not trying to be a problem here, but i am sure there is a problem in the program. Those two ships were perfectly side by side the mush didn't suddenly turn in front of Ibuki watch the mini map instead of my ship they are side by side going same direction. I just watched it again and the only time the Ibuki even has a tiny bit of its bow ahead of the mush ,,, even if he had a very forward arc the torps would have hit the island not me. If you watch again you will see the last two torps of the 4 come from dead center of the mush and you can see the distance they are apart and there is no physical way two could make it under a bb and to hit a bb. Also pay attention to the trajectory and you can see they had to come through the mush.
  2. Just finished a battle where an enemy CA running right beside a Mush BB launched torps went through the Mush and hit me. If you don't want friendly fire to hurt allies, at least make it where they cannot fire through one ship and hit another please. Here is the replay and pay close attention to the mini map and where the ca and bb are to the left of me. I was not very familiar with the Mush bb and I actually thought at first he might have torps, but when i checked wiki and found out he did not i watched reply to figure out what happened. 20210901_080042_PASB509-Missouri_38_Canada.wowsreplay
  3. I got more info from the guy working with me. He says there was a Georgia 10km away that spotted me after i fired at the smoking Cossack. I understand the mechanics of being spotted by gun fire... But still realistically the Cossacks dispersion firing at me by radio contact from a ship at 10km while i am making evasive maneuvers needs to be addressed . You should not be able to precision shoot from a smoke cloud with only radio input from another ship that accurately, it would be physically impossible. That is what needs to be addressed, if the game is to be as realistic as possible. This is where the flaw is in this situation,, it is just not realistic at all. The way the game works now the Cossack with the help of radio from a ship 10km away is able to fire just like he sees me out in the open and no smoke with precision accuracy,, believe he did not miss. Realistically maybe in real life he might have been able to land 1 out 10 shots from smoke while being given general directions from another ship via radio ,,, if even 10 percent lol. Remember this is supposedly 1949 ish technology.
  4. Ok today while playing a Benson I encountered a Cossack. HIs detect was 5.5 mine 5.8. I was detected, then he fired, I then detected him. I fired and veered away from him. He fired again then smoked, I fired at him as he vanished. Now there was nobody near us that could have spotted me and I asked their team to make sure. If I cannot see him in smoke,,, then for reality purposes he should not have been able to see me either. But under normal circumstances after a ship fires I know that it remains seen for a short duration, unless it keeps firing,,,,,, which I did not because I had nothing visible to fire at. I was way past his 3km hydro range, so that was not a factor. Please re program so that ships in smoke cannot see out of the smoke just like ships cannot see into the smoke, and the game will be much more realistic. If I cannot see him ,, then realistically he should not have seen me either. I understand he might get off one round before my ship would vanish from his sight,,, but not 4 to 5 rounds.
  5. soonerfan62

    Amagi Hack?

    Today i fired 3 AP salvos from the Monarch at 1km broadside into Amagi. Not ONE SINGLE POINT OF DAMAGE! If RNG is responsible then it needs some VERY SERIOUS OVERHAULING! Otherwise i can only believe the player had some kind of hack. This would be 27 total shells into the Amagi and no damage period. Totally unrealistic and honestly makes me want to quit the game. Bug just between the Monarch and Amagi? I am really trying to wrap my mind around what is going on.
  6. soonerfan62

    Tier 8 Mass BB secondaries never fire

    I will check that out, i bet you guys are right. Thanks
  7. I have a tier 8 mass bb, the secondaries never fire. i have logged in and out numerous times and it does not fix the bug.
  8. soonerfan62

    CV's Are Trash Now

    Guess you cannot read.... i admitted i am not a great player.. But the AA of a lone DD to do what it did is not realistic at all.
  9. soonerfan62

    CV's Are Trash Now

    Not realistic at all for any DD of any nationality to take on a whole CV's plane compliment and shoot down all planes. Even BB's in the war could not shoot down even one whole wave of planes much less the whole damn CV's planes. So now i will hear how this game was not meant to be realistic. I get that..... but let's get it just a slight bit more realistic? How bout it WG?
  10. CV's totally suck now,,, i lost every plane on my CV to one lone DD and never got a plane close enough to strike because the damn dd had some much op AA! Only AA from the dd nothing else around. Fix the damn game!
  11. soonerfan62

    CV's Are Trash Now

    Been trying to play CV"S since the rework. Last match i tried to take on a dd , focused on him whole match , no other ships close and the DD shot down every plane before i could make an attack with wave after wave until i had no planes left on the damn CV. Now lets just say i totally suck,,, but even if a player sucks is it even close to realistic that a dd could shoot down with aa a whole CV's planes? Every damn single last plane , not one left on CV to fight with. Basically to play a CV now is just to scout. Bring back the old play style it was much much better!