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  1. Sympathy4Th3Devil


    What are in those containers?
  2. You must prove you are the gunji mother supreme to the MM gods. Or as Mr. Miyagi would say "Wax on, wax off"
  3. I generally do a 2 man div with another player I have been diving with for a couple of years. We compliment each other quite well - he is a more strategic/tactical player, I am a balls to the wall, pew pew pew player. We generally bully the red team quite well, especially if we are both in DD's, then their DD's are toast.
  4. Oh I have done quite a few operations. Are you part of the 'Hoperations' channel in game? They do a lot of operations together, so it is a 5 star win 90% of the time.
  5. If losses are too easy to come by, are you diving with other players? I run about 5-6 percentage points higher on WR when I div with at least 1 other player.
  6. Sympathy4Th3Devil

    If you need a Mercenary for Clan Battles tonight, come visit us

    We have cookies...and bacon. And Bourbon.
  7. There will be a couple of us available tonight for Clan Battles if your clan is in need of a Mercenary. You can also post in the Soldier of Fortune chat what your needs are and we will try to fill them. https://discord.gg/fBFHC8j If you are a good player and not in a clan but want to partake in Clan Battles, we would like to talk to you too! Happy hunting!
  8. Sympathy4Th3Devil

    We need better and more consistent RNG and better matchmaking

    A valid point, but not my playstyle I am all about the pew pew pew and guns blazing. If you ain't shooting, you ain't killing would best describe my playstyle. LOL
  9. Sympathy4Th3Devil

    What do your stats say about you?

    I gave up on providing helpful tips for the most part, as generally the player is salty AF and thinks they are Gods gift to the game. LOL. Granted, there are some exceptions.
  10. Sympathy4Th3Devil

    What do your stats say about you?

    Well you definitely do not post enough on the message board. Kick it up a notch!
  11. Sympathy4Th3Devil

    What do your stats say about you?

    About all I look at stats for is if someone starts talking trash like crazy in game and I see they have a <45-48% WR I will tell them to shut their pie hole. (Even if they have a good WR I will still tell them to shut it) That generally results in the standard response of 'WR is just luck!' or something along those lines. Never mind the fact that bad players generally have bad WR's, good players generally have good WR's. Outside of that, if you are a bad player, so what? I could care less. I just hope you are having fun.
  12. Sympathy4Th3Devil

    We need better and more consistent RNG and better matchmaking

    I get that and I would like to think I am better than the average player that is 2 tiers higher than I am. Still though, if I am playing a tier 8 DD that has ~4000-6000 less HP than a tier 10 DD, not to mention is generally heavily outgunned, it can take away the 'fun' aspect of the game in a big way. And don't even get me started playing a tier 8 BB, CA or DD and going against a tier 10 CV. I am sure this game has lost of lot of players in WoWs and even more in WoT bc of the 2 tier difference. They probably could have retained hundreds - if not thousands - of players with a 1 tier difference.
  13. Sympathy4Th3Devil

    Need Mercenaries for Clan Battles? Come see us.

    Stupid me, meant Mercenary. Been a long weekend of moving, must have had World of Tanks on my mind despite not having played it for almost a year!
  14. Sympathy4Th3Devil

    We need better and more consistent RNG and better matchmaking

    I have never understood the 2 tier difference on MM. Why can it not be 1 tier? Even worse in WoT where if you are in a light tank, you cannot penn some heavies even if behind them 20 ft away. At least in WoWs a tier 8 DD can damage a tier 10 BB, but still.