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  1. Have 3 clans - SBS, SBS-C and SBS-R - that I set up when WG had a special on clan formation. Looking to get recruiters for them, or if you want to run your own clan, you would have free reign with SBS-C and SBS-R. Already have a Discord server set up as well. PM me here or hit me or Ghatazhak up in game. Can jump on Discord too: https://discord.gg/8MbZptJ
  2. Looks like Clan Commander played a battle yesterday, Deputy Commander today, so you should be ok.
  3. LOL, plenty to share ;) Let me know if you need to switch, shame about the clan commander being AFK. Any XO's? They can make changes too.
  4. SBS is a clan for solo players to enjoy the perks such as ship discounts, Free XP, Ship XP and Commander XP boosters, Coal, etc. No requirements for attendance, TS/Discord or anything like that. Just play the game as you would but reap the benefits of being in a clan. This is a no lose, lots to gain if you are a solo player! Apply in game or shoot me a PM.
  5. We are laid back, no requirements, no clan wars, etc clan. If you want to take advantage of the ship discounts, XP, etc that a clan has but still do what you want, when you want, this is the place for you! All you have to do is submit an app in game and it will be approved!