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  1. We are laid back, no requirements, no clan wars, etc clan. If you want to take advantage of the ship discounts, XP, etc that a clan has but still do what you want, when you want, this is the place for you! All you have to do is submit an app in game and it will be approved!
  2. If you are primarily a solo player and/or have no interest in Clan Wars, training, etc, this is the place for you! -No requirements. You do not need to be logged in to comms, play a certain number of nights, division up, etc. -I will be upgrading clan facilities so we can all enjoy the discounts, etc. -There is Discord for comms if you want to use it, if not, no worries. https://discord.gg/8MbZptJ -Training: No scheduled trainings, if you want some help or have question, I am happy to help. If interested, message me here or in game. GL HF!
  3. After a longgggggggg hiatus, I am back and looking for a very active clan to div up with and do CW, etc. Thank you for your consideration!
  4. Can the Minotaur please get nerfed?

    I have to agree there. Never played the ship, but looking at the stats - 601,600 damage per minute is insane! Granted, AP shells only, no HE and fairly short range.
  5. German or US BB?

    Tier 10 IJN will be purchased or a contest of some sort?
  6. German or US BB?

    HAHAHA, that is a good answer! Especially considering some of the states I have lived in....Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama. I did live in Germany too though....
  7. "XVM" is Back

    No wonder I am getting targeted more as of late....or it may be because I yolo too much?
  8. German or US BB?

    Not a joke. Like I said, leaning towards the German line from what I have researched, just want to see if there is an argument for the American line.
  9. German or US BB?

    At tier 7 on German, tier 5 on US line. Have premium BB's for both to train crews. Trying to figure which to focus on, so far leaning towards German, love the 7km+++ secondaries at tier 8 and up. Just looking for suggestions and why people like them or don't like them. I have been more of a CA/CL player - support/snipe etc, but like the durability of BB's, plus landing citadels in a BB is so satisfying. Thanks for any input and suggestions!
  10. What can we do About Nurnberg?

    This is about how I play it. I will head in, then haul [edited]back and use my rear guns to snipe, hit and move, occasionally swinging my front in enough to use my front guns some too. Pretty much always use HE rounds, unless a cruiser is within 10km of me showing their broadside. I am top 50 in NA in warships today rating and #6 in damage per battle in NA, so I must be doing something right.
  11. Hello from Wyoming!

    I imagine most people could not even point to Wyoming on a regular map. Now, a nighttime satellite image would be easy....just look for the lack of lights.
  12. Stat Padding

    I stat pad. I do a lot of damage, kill ships and win. =Stat Padding
  13. Hello from Wyoming!

    100mb/s internet,thank you very much. That Wind Sock is greatness.....AND highly accurate!