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  1. Faygo_Redpop

    WG enough bending the knee to DD!

    DD's seem pretty strong to me. The issue is the majority of people that play them seem to have no idea how to do anything other than rush to a cap at game start and die. Of course the same can be said for the majority of players in every class.
  2. Faygo_Redpop

    Premium Ship Review #112 - Le Terrible

    Pretty fair review of the ship LWM. I bought it because I like ships that have high ceilings and have not been disappointed, I need a few more points on my captain to really make it work. I was also in a game in my Worcester with you on the team and you managed to pull top exp in a tier 10 battle with I think 2 dd kills in the le Terrible
  3. Faygo_Redpop

    Weekend spree

    The "Weekend" was just like the weekdays, attempting to drag people kicking and screaming to a victory while they do everything imaginable (and unimaginable) to lose. I play WOWS like a free for all, 1v23. But I get in trouble if I shoot the green boats.
  4. When you think 52% is Average SMH
  5. When I die trying to play the objectives, and I see a lone surviving BB (typically) headed for the blue line doing his best to do nothing constructive for the game, I'll say something in chat. Just because you're not dead does not mean you're doing a good job.
  6. I'll get it even if the CC's say it's bad. The Abruzzi was much maligned by the CC's and it's one of my favorite ships at tier 7 and a true beast.
  7. Faygo_Redpop

    Bot torpedo dodging, enough is enough.

    Bots are still stupid easy to kill.
  8. Faygo_Redpop

    am i lucky? got jervis and acasta so far

    Bought 15 crates , got the tier 5/6/7 , used the currency to buy another 20 in game crates and got the lightning.
  9. Faygo_Redpop

    Worcerster a little OP

    2nd best win rate, 4th best average ship kills, 6th in average damage, 3rd best average kills, and these there are still only less than 250k games played in it, it will fall off once the ship is in the hands of more players. just like any new ship the numbers are inflated by people invested in the game enough to 1. be good and 2. pay for free exp. Fortunately WG waits for data to settle and not knee jerk nerf ships.
  10. Faygo_Redpop

    Ever have an unexpected favorite ship?

    Not a tech tree ship, but I bought the Abruzzi , then watched all the dismal reviews on the ship from the Community Contributors. I was quite surprised to find the ship is quite fantastic and a real beast at tier 7.
  11. Typically it's because a carrier or carriers sit in the queue until the 5 min mark, then it just forces a match with no regard to players, or class balancing
  12. Faygo_Redpop

    Flamu's WIP Review of Daring - the Mini-taur

    You'd still need to use HE vs properly angled boats. I know people really really respect Flamu and his opinions, but I was in a match yesterday and our DM was shooting nothing but AP the entire match, even when it was having no effect, when I asked why he did not switch to HE to finish off a Tirpitz that he could have easily killed with it, his answer was "Flamu recommends AP for the DM"
  13. Faygo_Redpop

    The problem with Jervis

    The rear gun firing angle is still better than most DD's on that tier, or any tier.
  14. Faygo_Redpop

    HMS Lightning - Initial Thoughts

    Spot on review, I'm thoroughly enjoying the Lightning. I run RDF, IFHE , CE as my tier 4 skills. Since it has no speed boost and I use premium consumables I dropped superintendent as I only ran out of smoke 1 time in 25 games and with the premium consumable you get 6 charges. I took BFT instead.
  15. I think the RN DD's might have a higher skill floor than some other lines, I can't really comment on that aspect of the game. But for some people a high skill floor makes the ship garbage, because they are still in the basement, figuratively speaking. If you can't make other lines work, this one will seem utter rubbish.