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  1. EmperorMaxwell

    WNN 54: Italians!

    I cant blame GC for being cranky, he is likely getting all of the work since the other 3 Italian ships in the game are steaming piles of fecal matter.
  2. EmperorMaxwell

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I dont have any ASW equips either so this could be a pain in the [edited].
  3. EmperorMaxwell

    Blue Wars

    So basically a Kancolle Arcade ripoff? That's cool I guess since Kancolle Arcade looks more fun than OG Kancolle.
  4. EmperorMaxwell

    Nibelung Valesti [Valkyria Profile]

    I was lucky with the bride banners that came out a few months ago. I scored Bride Nel, Bride Rena, Bride Eve and Bride Maria.
  5. EmperorMaxwell

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Best starter.
  6. EmperorMaxwell

    USS Ohio first look

    Outside of South Carolina and New York, the USN BB line is a decently fun line. Maybe Colorado if the stock Hull is still as bad as I remember...
  7. EmperorMaxwell

    Nibelung Valesti [Valkyria Profile]

    You likely saw this already but make sure you log in every day so that you can obtain the 3 free characters being offered. Also the Star Ocean collab started today. Cliff is free, but sadly Myuria and Reimi are not.
  8. EmperorMaxwell

    Nibelung Valesti [Valkyria Profile]

    lol, I did in fact get Maid Clair. I did 2 10 shots and got golds on my first and Maid Clair along with Relia on my second attempt. Wouldve liked to have gotten Nel too but I don't want to throw too many gems at this banner with summer around the corner.
  9. EmperorMaxwell

    Something not NTC related, the latest CV data.

    That's because most don't. As long as their preferred class is the best, that's all that matters.
  10. EmperorMaxwell

    Do the Russian BBs actually get good?

    I don't think we're playing the same line then, tiers 3-5 have been awesome for me so far. Only issue I have so far with Izmail is that 3/4 of its turrets face the wrong direction.
  11. EmperorMaxwell

    Do the Russian BBs actually get good?

    Show any sort of broadside and they're Omaha levels of easy to send back to port.
  12. EmperorMaxwell

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Im just over 15k. I only run to get the x3 points and the 3 daily missions.
  13. EmperorMaxwell

    NTC is Being Reworked

    One can hope.
  14. EmperorMaxwell

    Naval Training Center

    So basically its like a "new game+" mode. Erase what you have to regrind everything with the potential to get better stuff. Im not opposed to the idea as a nice way to give folks who have grinded out all the lines they intend to and are now bored with nothing to really do, but the issue of balancing this out with those who have not been able to achieve the same. Until WG expresses how they intend to balance matches with Yamato+1 vs Yamato+0 then I'll just wait and see.
  15. EmperorMaxwell

    AA is Ridiculously Over Powered

    And that is exactly why this is another "nothing to see here, move along" thread. Next thing you know, OP will complain that fire is too hot because he stuck his hand in the flame and got burned.