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  1. They should pop up as in option like how the Arp commanders do. The only thing is that if you set say Thea as the voice option, you will here her in all of your ships.
  2. Lert is half right. Wilhemina is sorely missed.
  3. HSF Question.

    If they're like Thea and Akeno, then they should be fully voiced by the Voice Actress who played the character. For me, that is what makes them worth buying. Exactly and I wouldve bought them already had that been an option.
  4. HSF Question.

    Question Radar, if the ships are available to be purchased without the extra side stuff, why aren't the commanders?
  5. HSF Question.

    The thing is i'm not interested in the rest of that. Buying a full combo for just a soda is wasting money and even premium ships are offered without the bloated extras. I would pay the $5 for just the commander but not $21 x 4 for stuff i don't need/want. EDIT: For what is being offered in the pack, isn't a bad deal but for someone like me who only wants the commander, it is.
  6. HSF Question.

    And $21 per commander is absurd.
  7. HSF Question.

    Unless I'm missing something, you can only get the commanders by purchasing them in the premium shop.
  8. And? Have you forgotten that velocity also bleeds out like a severed jugular vain outside of 10km?
  9. when is HSF mission available?

  10. If water tissue paper for ammo ends up being the Italian Cruisers “national flavor”, then they will be the first cruiser line I won’t go up.
  11. So the only way to obtain the new captains is to buy them? $21 per captain is a bit much especially with Roma being dropped.
  12. I'm only interested in Tiers 8,9, and 10. Actually I'm very interested in the France because of its unique Turret arrangement.
  13. Right there with you. Unlocked all of the Arp ships and only occasionally play Arp Kongou or Hiei because I liked the characters. I don’t think I’ve played a single game in Takao.
  14. That’s not true. I don’t own one and she has been on the tech tree for weeks now.
  15. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    I personally don't expect this because Roma is not facing "average" battleships as its peers, but some of the best in the game. Roma isn't facing duds like New York or Konig, its facing Alabama/Massachusetts and Bismarck. While Cesare may hold up well against tier 7s, Roma is going up against far more dangerous beasts like Conqueror, Yamato and Montana.