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  1. The tier isn’t an issue at all. I’m having quite a bit of fun in the Okt. So if I do get this, it shouldn’t be any different. This issue comes from getting this but then Roma comes out. I only need 1 fun premium per nation.
  2. I never noticed that the Kut was being taken away or I wouldve bought one, have plenty of doubloons just waiting to be spent.
  3. I had that happen twice to me. No idea why it happens or how to fix it.
  4. Ah, was not aware. I hope he is able to get back to normalcy quickly.
  5. Gio hasn't posted here in 2 months, he might be gone.
  6. I saw that a while ago but completely forgot about, which is sad since now that I think about it, when folks were complaining about the Tier X British BB name being Conqueror, I used that artist’s conqueror to point out that the British actually named one of their BBs conqueror so it’s a perfectly fitting name.
  7. If you like the Fate series, Orion is a character there as well. http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2879775 P.S. Orion is the bear.
  8. Because his and other whinefests got the conqueror nerfed prematurely so after conqueror the next most complained about BB is the Yamato.
  9. It’s nice to see someone actually using statistics over feelings to take a stand on the “nerf conqueror” vs “conquer is fine” argument. I personally didn’t believe these or any nerfs were needed yet but WG seems to disagree. Makes me wonder how many average ships (now at least) would’ve been unjustly nerfed if WG has decided to not wait for stats to balance out (ie more less than uniscums playing said ships) before applying nerfs simply because nerfs were being cried for.
  10. So the conq. is OP crowd whined loud enough to get WG to nerf it, just not in the way they wanted.
  11. Chats suggesting going 1 way or to take 2/3 points only for a lone DD/BB/CA to go sailing straight ahead to the point not chosen.
  12. Haven’t had any overall difficulty dealing with the conquerors I’ve faced so far. I will admit that heal is impressive. Actually would like to see that heal become the standard heal for any ships with a heal.
  13. If you dodge a torpedo, you can dodge a battleship.
  14. I can definitely get hyped for some of the upper tiered ships. I love my Dunk so hopefully i'll enjoy some of these.
  15. Yeah, I had little frustration grinding out the E. Bert or even the Emerald with the current MM and I’m average to below average at best. It’s far more of a pain to do the tier 8 grind with tier 10s 6/10 matches than 7s 6/10 matches.