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  1. My goals is to have Monty, Des Memes, and Hindy in my port by the end of the year. Already have Khab and Senjo. I'm don't enjoy playing bismarck at all so the German BB line will end at her for me while i do enjoy the British and French BBs so far but i'm only at tier 6 so that too could change.
  2. How long before Fiji gets nerfed?

    More the former when im the fiji and the latter when im the bb ironically.
  3. Dev Blog - ST. Massachusetts changes

    As interesting as the tweaked Repair and Damage Control party is, the nerf to the sigma is wholly unnecessary.
  4. Decent Super Container

    Congrats OP, I literally came here to post that i got that exact SC from the TYL option just now. Finally camo worth getting! I hate getting nothing but type 1/2/5s for camo.
  5. Got Cats now...

    Shiitake when?
  6. Space Battles Headaches?

    I haven't felt ill or got a headache from space battles at all so far but I only play 6-10 games a night anyways so that could be it.
  7. cleveland update

    Search this forum for USN cruiser split and get to reading.
  8. USS Columbia CL-56

  9. Jeez, makes me glad that I’m taking my time with my grinds. I’m only 1,000 battles behind you and yet only have one tier 10.
  10. Proposal - Japanese cruiser split

    Ooyodo is the only ship I want from this suggested split but as others have said, she would likely only be a premium as she is so different from other IJN Cruisers. If Molotov can work at tier 6, then a buffed 155 (even only 6) can be made to work there as well.
  11. Azure Lane collab?

    Most likely not, but the fact that its even happening is great news for those who like this sort of collab.
  12. Space battles summary page?

    I wish there was some stat tracking for space because it feels like i am averaging 2-3x my random average damage in space. Sadly getting wins in a galaxy is more painful than pulling teeth.
  13. As long as they don't repeat what they did with the last set of captains, i won't mind dropping duckets into a few AL captains.
  14. I tried getting into the game but failed. I am looking forward to seeing the collab come NA side though.