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  1. EmperorMaxwell

    WOLFC Lone Wolves 15th Clan for solo players

    Up to 12 clans? Congrats to my fellow wolves. As for Wolfs2, we do the occasional CB but its just for fun so no pressure to partake.
  2. EmperorMaxwell

    NOT a Summer Sale: NUEVE and BOISE

    I imagine many know but also know that most cruisers aren’t equipped to do so effectively.
  3. EmperorMaxwell

    Who are you going to fight for?

    Sharks. I was Fire last time and i think the Shark camo looks better.
  4. EmperorMaxwell

    Musashi, coal, and free exp

    FXP is easier to obtain and you can acquire it continuously, so to me if I was considering getting the Musashi, it would be with FXP. I would save coal for things that could not be easily obtain elsewhere.
  5. EmperorMaxwell

    How many times have you "died"?

    Overall Results Battles 7,048 Victories 3,632 (51.53%) Battles survived 1,475 Surviving is overrated.
  6. EmperorMaxwell

    Is Stealth a Double-Edged Sword?

    A "stealthy" Khab makes every non-DD concealment build useless.
  7. EmperorMaxwell

    Can we do something about Cancerqueror

    Can we do something about the Conqueror? Yes, buff it!! Buff it even more!!! Burn the entire sea with its flames!!!!
  8. EmperorMaxwell

    Which tier X battleship should I go for?

    I would suggest Monty as well. I tried both Kurryworst and Repuggbleak in the space event and couldnt get either to work for me.
  9. The rest of the image is nice as well.
  10. Until there is a "text only" option for the computer, if you're coworkers find being on a game forum so strange, you would be better off sticking to mobile. Safari has a nice little button i can click to turn webpages to text only.
  11. EmperorMaxwell

    Premium Ship Review #106: Nueve de Julio

    Same, the gimped speed/range really hurt.
  12. EmperorMaxwell

    Possible Solution to Radar

    You're right, its totally broken that a few cruisers can possibly spot a DD with a few hundred meters of stealth for 1-2 minutes at max while a DD has several KM of buffer to spot them without risk for 18-19 minutes of the rest of the match. /s
  13. EmperorMaxwell

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Oh? Did I create a thread crying about something? Odd, it must've been some other Emperor.
  14. EmperorMaxwell

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Gotta love it when a dd cries about being spotted for 20-40 secs but has no problem spotting any non-dd for as long as it wants.
  15. EmperorMaxwell

    Will tier X secondary builds ever be good?

    Considering how every Tier X is absolutely lethal at sub 10km, i would say no secondary builds aren't worth it.