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  1. R.I.P. Shiratsuyu

    guess ill sell it just like the rest of the IJN dd line.
  2. take the ship that your really good in. Simply play your best ship and charge .
  3. RN BB "National flavor" leaked

    whats a fidget spinner ????----- I must be too old for this ?
  4. oh well hers popcorn
  5. Destroyer detectibility

    line up you have too look at the line up to see who has radar and know there distance they have !.Umm you have to get good at radar and distance. Otherwise your are toaste
  6. ive had this happen-- it happened as time expired. the screen shows 5 sunk -- but no award. no I don't have replays don't know how im computer illertearate. but ive had this happen before in a game as time expired.
  7. Königsberg

    what ?? its a cl not a dd adrenaline rush better.i don't get steering or engines knocked out. if it hits its usually a cit. ive never run LS in it. Ifhe and demo with flags yes.
  8. WG offline?

    yes same here
  9. Why do CC's lie to us: the French cruisers.

    Im at tier 6 and struggling to get a win . so far ive not decided if its worth the rest of the way to 10.
  10. Kami/Fujin/Kami R

    awesome ships. I have all 3. they are what minekaze used to be a total terror at tier 5. I have no problem up tier to 7 in these ships. Excellent cpt trainers.
  11. Hangout by the Sea

    More Fuchsy pics pls . wow>>>>
  12. First Win!

    awesome .
  13. how do you know if not been there ?? made it to ranked 3 last season.